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We’re an award-winning PR agency in Amsterdam. We deliver a range of public relations services, including PR funding, crisis communications, media training, and SEO. We specialize in Tech PR for startups operating in Fintech, SaaS, Financial, Blockchain, and other sectors.

We consistently land our clients in the Netherlands top-tier media coverage

Entrust us with your PR, and see the results

In a competitive digital market, you need a PR strategy to resonate with key audiences.

Increase market presence in the Netherlands

We can help your brand connect meaningfully with Dutch audiences through customized PR solutions and our localized insights. Let us guide you through this complex yet rewarding market. Our track record of attaining coverage in The Netherlands speaks for itself.
"PRLab created content that even won a prize for us. Their understanding of our philosophy resulted in great content and top tier coverage. The team delivered on time and was responsive, demonstrating professionalism, and attentiveness. "
Natalie Dzigciot
Communications Director, CoreZero
"PRLab increased our share of voice and helped us become thought leaders in our space, which resulted in many new clients. The number of high-tier media coverage impressed us. "
Frida Fors Wallsbeck
Marketing Manager Nordics, Meltwater

Boost your thought leadership in the market

Enhance your position with our thought leadership strategies and capabilities. We’ll use your knowledge and expertise to highlight your skills and what you bring to the table and the industry as a whole. This is a great way to amplify your voice in the market.

Market expansion through public relations

Drive new market expansion using our PR expertise. We’ll align your brand’s story and key messaging with the pulse of the Dutch market to create maximum impact, leading to sustained business growth and a genuine presence. Through strategic PR, we facilitate your expansion.
"PRLab managed to help us enter the Dutch market via relevant constant media coverage. Their great content got listed frequently in key local outlets. They become part of our team, which was key."
Matthijs Onland
Country Manager, Wayflyer

Why trust us as your Netherlands PR agency?

We are a PR agency in Amsterdam specialized in startups, scale-ups and corporations on a mission to change the PR industry.
Superior market knowledge
We focus on results
We create value
Successful media outreach

Superior market knowledge

Our tactics are grounded in deep market knowledge. Our physical presence in The Netherlands gives us unparalleled market insights and connections. This enhances our PR campaigns, reach, and general awareness of what will drive high engagement and results.

We focus on results

Our approach is driven by the desire to get you results. This is why you’ve come to us, and we focus on the methods that are most likely to ensure this. We prioritize impact to move you closer to your market goals and to get you results with impactful outcomes.

We create value

Our PR initiatives are designed for real value and can provide great ROI. Our focus on high-impact campaigns not only raises visibility in the local market but also drives measurable ROI, meaning your investment translates into real growth. Great news for market expansion costs.

Successful media outreach

Our experience in media outreach ensures your story gets to where it needs to. With a demonstrable record of securing impactful coverage for clients, we can get your name out there in the media and on the most influential industry platforms, elevating your brand.

How do our Dutch PR services work?

We will sit down with you to understand everything we can about your company and the market, then provide a tailor-made PR plan to achieve your business objectives.

We use measurable KPIs

Our PR strategies are anchored in the belief that measurable KPIs for your PR efforts make success quantifiable and allow for the refinement of tactics to suit, continuously optimizing for impact and attaining your business objectives. This focus on quantifiable outcomes also ensures our accountability to you in the process, helping to deliver tangible results.

An integrated approach

We believe in an integrated approach to all your comms, and what you say about yourself matters. We work to blend your PR efforts with your other marketing channels, presenting a unified message across all platforms. Creating a unified ‘experience will enhance your brand consistency and reach and move your business forward in highly competitive environments.

Startup PR specialists

As startup PR specialists, we understand the obstacles you face in trying to get noticed and picked up on for the first time, as well as the difficulty of maintaining this success. It takes more than just one item of coverage to build a reputation and make an impact. We tailor our strategies to the unique dynamics of emerging businesses. We can help your startup gain real traction in the marketplace.

The competitive edge

Our approach is designed to increase your competitive edge, ensuring you stand out from the competition and resonate with people. By showcasing your distinct advantages and aligning with industry trends, we can create PR campaigns that capture your audience’s attention and drive engagement. We empower your brand to gain traction and build momentum in competitive markets.

Distinct thought leadership

One of our focuses will be increasing your reputation within your industry in the Dutch landscape. We do this through thought leadership. This works to position you as a brand with authority in your playing field, promoting the betterment of your industry and offering useful insights. It also leads to a stronger reputation, facilitates meaningful industry discussions, and establishes you as a ‘go-to’ source.
We use measurable KPIs
An integrated approach
Startup PR specialists
The competitive edge
Distinct thought leadership

PRLab had 5 days to assemble a coalition of partners in these markets, analyze the data once more to find the unique angles for each...

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Still have questions?

Our PR consultancy in Amsterdam is rooted in the belief that transparent partnerships with our clients are the only way to establish a trustworthy and sustainable relationship. Next to this, our well-respected PR consultants work in close contact with their clients so that we prevent any uncertainties that could harm the trust we set in our partnerships. This builds trust between us and creates an environment where open discussions can take place so that we can optimally work together in planning and creating your PR strategy.

As a global PR firm in The Netherlands, we know the market's forward-thinking approach. You must adapt to cross-cultural and international business practices. The PR scene in Amsterdam is fast-paced and next-gen technologies significantly impact how modern PR strategies are developed and how quickly a plan is set in motion. As a leading innovation hub, the PR scene is influenced by these technologies. We know how trends influence PR. We follow a modern approach and adapt. In Amsterdam, traditional PR practices have shifted towards a more integrated system. PR follows a more open and inclusive structure across the communications spectrum.

We regularly attend industry events and conferences in Amsterdam to gain insight into the latest PR trends and developments. In addition to participating in training and development programs, we network with other PR professionals in Amsterdam to stay current on the latest industry trends. To gain insights into the latest developments in PR, we monitor social media channels and hashtags in Amsterdam and follow thought leaders in the industry.

Founded in 2018, we have a site in Amsterdam. After establishing our presence in the Dutch market, PRLab expanded its public relations services internationally. Amsterdam's spirit of commerce and open-mindedness makes the city appealing in talent acquisition for startups, scaleups, and corporates. The team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds, attracted by the charm of Amsterdam. For PRLab, Amsterdam means greater accessibility to a network of renowned companies in the tech industry. Due to the city's love for innovation and technology, fresh startups, entrepreneurs, and corporates are making Amsterdam their base.

As a PR company in the Netherlands, we've worked with companies across many industries. We specialize in Tech PR for startups and scaleups. Our experiences come from local and international clients. We've worked with startups who have needed to grow their market presence, scale-ups who went international and global corporates who need to enter the market. With the power of PR, we can create local and international publicity and media awareness for clients. Our team has experience working with Dutch media agents. We understand the ins and outs of pitching to outlets in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

We are a pioneer in providing SEO services that can improve your SERP (search engine ranking position) within Google. This service enhances visibility, resulting in higher engagement rates and more customers in general.

Furthermore, we realize that your company may encounter unexpected difficulties and obstacles when branding, so we offer branding services to set you apart from your competitors.

The media training we provide can benefit your business directly since it results in a cohesive representation of your brand and teaches your team how to communicate the brand message effectively.

Our digital PR services ensure clients receive the necessary PR coverage.

A leader in financial management solutions, Moss, reached out to us before opening a branch in the Netherlands. In addition to creating media buzz around the launch, PRLab helped increase brand awareness, build trust, and increase company visibility. We ensured Moss' message resonated with the Dutch audience professionally. Additionally, our press relations team generated substantial coverage of the company's key activities. In addition to increasing brand awareness, we used leadership tactics to position Moss as a well-established Dutch competitor. Several pieces of coverage, over 450,000 online readerships, and other results followed soon after our efforts.

In-house PR can be a huge mistake costing the whole business's reputation. You only get one shot to make a good first impression. Reputation management is a delicate process that requires experience, special care, and effort to yield positive results for the company. PR agency expertize is more than necessary to minimize public relations threats to which every company is exposed.

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