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We provide custom PR services in Amsterdam for your company.


Public Relations Agency in Amsterdam

Herengracht 252, 1016 BV, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00

PR Agency in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Located just a 15 minute walk from Amsterdam Central station, our office is situated in the heart of the city - making us very accessible by foot, tram or car. Surrounded by cafés, boutique stores and iconic Dutch landmarks, we also get to experience the charm of Amsterdam through our office windows everyday.

Our PR agency in Amsterdam gets to enjoy the hustle and bustle of this historic city's business centre, as well as the peacefulness that a stroll along the canals bring. With Dam Square and Rokin just a stone's throw away, there's always fresh inspiration to be drawn from the lively environment surrounding our Amsterdam office.

Amsterdam is one of Europe's major innovation hubs, making the city extremely lucrative among tech startups, corporates, entrepreneurs and investors. This is why we, as a global PR agency in the Netherlands, chose to serve our Dutch and international clients from this prime business location.


Logo of Unifonic, client of PRLab, our PR Agency in Amsterdam

“I was highly impressed by their responsiveness, willingness to help, and their agility in handling shifting deadlines."

Ahmed Motaal
Marketing Director, Unifonic
Logo of Paazl, client of PRLab, client of our PR Agency in Amsterdam

“PRLab offered an excellent extension to our marketing team. They provided a creative and innovative approach to managing the media outreach for our company updates, as well as creating content including social media posts, articles and reports. We were pleased to see our stories covered in tier 1 publications that were strategically relevant to our industry and target audience. Additionally, PRLab helped us in bringing the inaugural Paazl Delivery Index to life, which has since become a major sales and marketing asset. I look forward to working with the PRLab team on future projects."

Jan-Willem Roest
CEO, Paazl
Logo of Channel Engine, client of our PR Firm in Amsterdam

"We were very impressed with how quickly PRLab moved to secure coverage in multiple different markets. They really went the extra mile to deliver results, delivering content beyond our brief to make gains for us in key markets."

Niels Floors
Head of Partnerships & Sales, Channel Engine

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Why trust our PR agency in Amsterdam?

PRLab is a leading global PR agency. Since our founding days, PRLab has grown into a reputable PR company in Amsterdam and we're continuously making progress in redefining the traditional workings of PR, so to best serve our clients.

Our commitment to offering you unmatched PR support is reflected in the first-rate work we deliver. With a sustainable growth mindset, we're geared towards delivering result-based solutions to help you solve public relations and communications related issues.

The media relations and coverage that we're able to secure our clients is testimony to the promise that we uphold of creating cutting edge PR strategies for each of our clients.

Our PR consultancy in Amsterdam is rooted in the belief that transparent partnerships with our clients is the only way to establish a trustworthy and sustainable relationship. Not only does this build trust amongst us and you as the client, but it also creates an environment where open discussions can take place, so that we can optimally work together in planning and creating your PR strategy. Next to this, our well-respected PR consultants work in close contact with their clients, so that we prevent any uncertainties that could harm the trust we set in our partnerships.

With a diverse client portfolio, our PR consultants are well versed in working with dynamic startups, scaleups and corporates in the technology industry. The range of knowledge we've built stretches across multiple tech sectors, making us greatly resourced to take care of your PR needs.

What are the specifities while doing PR in Amsterdam?

The first thing you need to keep in mind, when considering how to do PR in Amsterdam, is that you'll need a relevant Public Relations or Communications degree. Next, you'll need an open mindset that adapts well to cross-cultural and international ways of conducting business.

As a global PR firm in The Netherlands, we're well aware of the forward thinking approach the market takes when considering modern communication methods. This highly influences how we conduct our public relations practises. The PR scene in Amsterdam is fast-paced and next-gen technologies greatly impact on how modern PR strategies are developed, as well as how quickly we're able to set an action plan in motion.

Here, since Amsterdam is one of Europes leading innovation hubs, the PR scene is greatly influenced by tempo against which technologies evolve and what it means for communication practices. For PR, in order to survive the ever-evolving innovation landscape, it means greater integration with the holistic marketing and communication process.

At PRLab we adhere to the best practice of developing strong PR, while following a modern PR approach and adapting with the latest trends in communication. As a global PR consultancy, we're highly aware of the trends influencing how PR is done effectively.

Speaking from an Amsterdam point of view, traditional PR practices have shifted towards a more integrated system. This means that the PR division no longer functions separately from internal and external communication channels. Rather, modern PR follows a more open and inclusive structure across the communications spectrum.

Is PRLab an Amsterdam-based PR Agency?

Founded in 2018, PRLab is a PR firm based in Amsterdam. After establishing our presence in the Dutch market, PRLab embarked on the journey of expanding our public relations services internationally.

Amsterdam's spirit of commerce and open-mindedness makes the city wildly lucrative in terms of talent acquisition for startups, scale-ups and corporates. The city proudly boasts as a magnet for local and international companies to establish their headquarters here. Due to the city's quality of infrastructure and transportation, all relevant business partners, clients, customers and stakeholders can be comfortably reached from the city's business district.

The PRLab tam consists of diverse backgrounds, all coming from different corners of the globe - attracted by the charm of Amsterdam. With a wide network of internationally orientated service providers, it comes at no surprise that Amsterdam is a hub for both locals and internationals looking to foster their career here.

For PRLab, Amsterdam means greater accessibility to a network of renowned companies in the tech industry and its respected sectors. Due to the city's love for innovation and technology, fresh startups, entrepreneurs and more corporates are shifting towards Amsterdam. From here, the European and extended global markets are within easy reach and can be efficiently served. From out Amsterdam, our PR consultants are able to serve our clients who are based in and around the Benelux countries.

Between the thriving cultural scene, easy access to European and extended markets and growing business sector, there's little reason why not to choose Amsterdam as our host.

What experiences do we have doing PR in Amsterdam or the Netherlands?

As a top PR company in the Netherlands, we've worked with respected companies across the technology industry. Our PR consultancy in Amsterdam specialises in Tech PR for startups, scale-ups and corporations - operating in Fintech, HighTech, HealthTech, B2B Tech, SaaS, Corporates, Global, Telecom, Retail, Biotech and MedTech.

Our diverse portfolio of clients mean that we continuously expand our industry knowledge, as well as staying informed about important indusrty shifts. By diversifying our portfolio, we avoid the risk of being exposed to only a single sector. The benefit of working across sectors means that we gain new, fresh insights from multiple corners in the tech industry. This helps us to stay agile and proactively plan cutting edge PR strategies that are guaranteed to land you some spotlight publications, not to mention interest from investors and customers.

We've worked with many startups in the Netherlands who've needed to grow their market presence, scale-ups who went international and global corporates who've needed entry into the Dutch market. Our experiences come from both local and international clients who show interest in developing their market position in the Netherlands. With the power of PR, we're able to create local and international publicity and media awareness for our clients.

Our team of expert PR managers are also experienced in working with Dutch media agents, so we understand the ins-and-outs of pitching to and working with journalists, bloggers, news agents in Amsterdam and across the Netherlands. Not to mention, our experiences also enable us to craft newsworthy stories for the local and international market.

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