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With PRLab, you get an experienced public relations agency in the German market. Partner with us to reach your brand’s full potential and discover the opportunities that await. We provide a range of services so you can meet head-on the challenges faced in the German market.

We consistently land our clients in Germany top-tier media coverage

Drive impact and growth with our customized Tech PR solutions

We offer growth strategies tailored to the German market and German audiences.

Experience within the German market

You can’t put a price on experience and know-how. But thats exactly what you get when you partner with our PR firm. An agency that understands this territory is a huge plus when looking to increase brand presence in the market or enter it for the first time.
"PRLab managed to help us enter the Dutch market via relevant constant media coverage. Their great content got listed frequently in key local outlets. They become part of our team, which was key."
Matthijs Onland
Country Manager, Wayflyer
"PRLab increased our share of voice and helped us become thought leaders in our space, which resulted in many new clients. The number of high-tier media coverage impressed us. "
Frida Fors Wallsbeck
Marketing Manager Nordics, Meltwater

Tech and startup PR specialists

You need an experienced partner who understands the nuances and peculiarities of the German tech and startup market. We come armed with market experience, data-powered insights, and PR expertise. Tech and Startup PR have unique requirements that need consideration.

We are growth strategy experts

When it comes to growth, planning and preparation are key. From sitting down with you to discuss your goals to researching your market and competitors, we commit ourselves wholly to your expansion. We'll create measurable KPIs geared for sustained growth.
"Thanks to PRLab Several stories got published and doors were opened towards interesting players. We were impressed with their efficiency, good tools, keeping us informed, and the ability to measure every effort. We had a dialogue with 3 different providers and found PRLab to be the best."
Morten Kvam
CEO, Skogluft AS

Why trust us as your German PR agency?

We are a PR agency in Munich with the skills and knowledge to get you seen and heard in the German market.
Reliable PR services
Effective brand messaging
We collaborate with clients
Honesty and transparency

Reliable PR services

We go straight to the core of our clients' communication, sharing narratives via impactful stories and messaging. We combine digital PR with analytical insights, branding services with traditional PR, and strategic thinking with a passion for PR and succeeding for our clients.

Effective brand messaging

When it comes down to it, you need to speak to your audience and address their pain points. Not doing so leaves a bad taste. You must also select the right channel to reach them. We’re an experienced agency that has been crafting compelling messaging for clients for a while now.

We collaborate with clients

We see ourselves as an extension of your team, just in a different office. We treat our clients as equal partners with valuable contributions to offer to the process. We thrive on partners who are enthusiastic and positive about the goals and the success we're aiming for.

Honesty and transparency

We know you have high expectations from our collaboration and want us to be honest and transparent. To that end, we won't waste your budget with activities we don't feel will benefit you. We treat our clients with respect, recognizing the impact this has on the collaboration.

How do our German PR services work?

Effective strategizing is the key. When we work together, we don’t have set aims and goals. We listen to what you want.

Our purposeful KPIs

KIPs are important—in fact, they are the rule. We don’t begin our journey together without a clear roadmap. You cannot do successful public relations without knowing where you want to go. Trust us. It’s futile. Whatever your objective, whether building brand awareness in a new territory or increasing your engagement, we can help you achieve it. But, like most good things, it all starts with a plan.

We share stories

And we’re rather good at it. As a PR agency in Germany, we tell our clients' stories through several different mediums and techniques. We love to talk about our clients. We share your news, ideas, and stories that engage your target audiences, inserting you into the spaces and conversations that matter to them and adding value for you in the process.

We change perceptions

How you are perceived counts—a lot. Through our storytelling, we can alter how people see, hear, and experience your brand. We've been changing perceptions for a while now, so we know a thing or two about it. We consider ourselves agents of change, and once the ideas flow, they can't stop. If change isn't happening as fast as you want, or you're stuck in a rut and not achieving your growth targets, we can be the change agents you're looking for.

Industry thought leadership

We will focus on enhancing your reputation within your industry in the German market. To achieve this, we will use thought leadership to position you as an authority in your industry and provide useful insights. Besides strengthening your reputation, this will facilitate industry discussion and establish you as a valuable resource for your industry.

We grow revenue streams

The goal of any business. We can rescue you if you're struggling to penetrate new markets, losing ground to rivals, or just plateauing. Reach out to us to reach new audiences or strengthen the ones you have. Our PR tactics are geared toward genuine growth, not short bursts of profit that fade out or come and go. As a full-service B2B and B2C PR agency in Munich, we'll find creative solutions and do what it takes to help you grow.
Our purposeful KPIs
We share stories
We change perceptions
Industry thought leadership
We grow revenue streams

Bleenco is a Munich-based company that specializes in developing AI software for processing sensor data streams

Success Study

Still have questions?

We recognize the uncertainty startups operate in. Our expertise and experience in the German market set us apart from our competitors. We value transparent partnerships, which is our objective. We believe long-term PR partnerships are based on transparency and depend on open discussion, frequent reports, and reviews.

We have a profound understanding of the German media market and its exclusive nature. While social platforms are becoming increasingly popular in other countries, traditional news broadcasters are still dominant in the German media market. As a result of our experience in the market, we are well-positioned to help companies gain a competitive advantage and support innovation and progress.

We have an office in Munich. We strive to be available to answer questions and clear up confusion. Our team of professionals has experience working in the German media field and understands the industry's nuances. Especially for beginner companies, we understand the struggles and obstacles surrounding their first steps.

Our PR firm in Munich specializes in tech PR for startups, scale-ups, and corporations in Fintech, HighTech, HealthTech, B2B Tech, SaaS, Corporate, Global, Telecom, Retail, Biotech, MedTech, and more. Our wide and diverse portfolio contributes to our 360-degree perspective on PR and brand journalism. Our goal is to provide companies with key media coverage, allowing them to expand their reach beyond the local market and achieve global visibility. Having extensive experience with German companies and recognizing their needs, our PR team addresses the demands of the German market.

Bleenco, a no-code platform that delivers AI for real-world solutions in industrial settings, approached us with the need to increase brand awareness, establish media relations, and attract investors. Our response exceeded these needs, positioning Bleenco as an industry leader in the European and American AI services markets. We sent over 300 pitches throughout a six-month collaboration, raised brand awareness, and reached multiple media coverages. We gave selected journalists a demonstration of Bleenco's SaaS platform and granted them access. Additionally, we offered them the chance to speak with the founder to understand the platform's features and functionality comprehensively.

Attending PR conferences and events in the region is part of our research. As part of our commitment to staying up-to-date, we take part in a variety of training and PR initiatives. We don't miss an opportunity to expand our knowledge and frequently organize events inviting partners and experts. Also, we work in an open office environment where news, changes, and questions are openly discussed.

We offer exceptional media training at PRLab since we understand the importance of brand consistency and how media training can reduce communication crisis risks. We create press releases and media pitches to get your product or service noticed. Further, we can establish a solid brand image that will secure you a strong position in the industry and against your competition, all with the purpose of highlighting your position in the market as a thought leader. Being seen as a thought leader elevates your reputation, sales, and opinion of your organization. Having established your brand image, we will ensure your company website ranks higher in the Google search engine results, increasing organic traffic.

Due to the specificity of the German PR ecosystem, experience and competency go a long way. Hence, cutting costs from PR by assembling a PR team within a startup or small company is not a promising idea. The traditional German public relations landscape still has dynamic digital traces, and an experienced PR agency can successfully guide your company's efforts.

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