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We provide custom PR services in Munich for your company.


Public Relations Agency in Munich

Schellingstraße 109a, 80798 Munich, Germany
Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00

PR Agency in Munich, Germany

Originating from the neighbouring Netherlands, and well-versed in cultural expansion and understanding, PRLab is equipped to dive into the heart of Bavaria - the German city of Munich.

With our offices located in a central location, we’re able to experience the rich atmosphere and even richer culture of the third biggest city in Germany. This also enables us to adapt our work to fit the local German PR market - to tell stories that are to the likes of the public.

Our team of German PR experts excel at balancing a highly effective working environment with the social neighbourhoods that provide a context for taking the edge off the day. Visiting Munich? Take a moment to visit our office and share a coffee with us!

We aim to make it as convenient as possible for our PR team to provide solution-based PR strategies for the German market, which is why we expanded our offices across borders. We also aim to best serve your unique PR needs. With us, your business can thrive internationally and expand, while easily localising your news to match the market you strive to enter.

When in Munich:

We’re all about maintaining the balance between work and play. When visiting our PR agency in Munich, also take a moment to discover what leisure activities the city has to offer:

  • Visit the 17th century garden, Hofgarten - built in the style of an Italian Renaissance garden
  • Behold the beautiful artwork of St. Peter’s Church
  • Watch the surfers at Eisbach Wave
  • Take in the atmosphere of Odeonsplatz: The historical plaza is a major
    landmark in Munich
  • Witness the glory of Munich Residenz: One of the finest palace museums in Europe


Logo of Unifonic, client of PRLab, our PR Agency in Amsterdam

“I was highly impressed by their responsiveness, willingness to help, and their agility in handling shifting deadlines."

Ahmed Motaal
Marketing Director, Unifonic
Logo of Paazl, client of PRLab, client of our PR Agency in Amsterdam

“PRLab offered an excellent extension to our marketing team. They provided a creative and innovative approach to managing the media outreach for our company updates, as well as creating content including social media posts, articles and reports. We were pleased to see our stories covered in tier 1 publications that were strategically relevant to our industry and target audience. Additionally, PRLab helped us in bringing the inaugural Paazl Delivery Index to life, which has since become a major sales and marketing asset. I look forward to working with the PRLab team on future projects."

Jan-Willem Roest
CEO, Paazl
Logo of Channel Engine, client of our PR Firm in Amsterdam

"We were very impressed with how quickly PRLab moved to secure coverage in multiple different markets. They really went the extra mile to deliver results, delivering content beyond our brief to make gains for us in key markets."

Niels Floors
Head of Partnerships & Sales, Channel Engine

Check our FAQ

Why trust our PR agency in Munich?

PRLab has grown to be a company of great reputation that continues to expand - first in Amsterdam, then Stockholm, and now expanding into Munich, Germany! Our international business growth and client acquisition is one of the many factors why we’re a trusted PR agency in Munich.

Our PR consultancy in Munich is rooted in the belief that transparent partnerships with our clients is the key to establish a trustworthy and sustainable relationship. We’re in it for the long run with our clients, building trust is the only way towards cultivating an environment where open discussions are not only welcome but encouraged in order to optimally work together in planning PR strategies. Next to this, our esteemed team of PR consultants work in close contact with each client, this way we prevent any uncertainties that could harm the trust we set in our partnerships.

With a diverse client portfolio, our PR consultants are well versed in working with dynamic startups, scaleups and corporates from across the tech industry. The expertise we offer stretches over multiple tech sectors, making us greatly resourced to take care of your PR needs.

What are the specifities while doing PR in Munich?

The heart of Bavaria accommodates a diverse and dynamic PR environment. A cornerstone of any successful PR strategy is the localisation of news and press announcements. The German PR landscape is no exception to this. Who doesn’t love a relatable story? The aim of a PR story is to provide value and insights for its readers or listeners, one way of adding meaning is by taking into consideration the local events and circulating news of the moment and delivering your audience with an impactful PR report or update about the current and trending topics.

The German industry has a work ethic that supports innovation and progress. Munich-based companies especially understand the importance of a positive public image when it comes to securing PR funding and interest from investors.

It’s no secret that digital PR is taking over and a shift towards earned and digitised media is well underway in Munich. This inevitably places the focus on building strong relationships with digital media agents, online news journalists, and other online media outlets.

In terms of PR and the role of building media relations, the German media market consists of a few, large media groups and some smaller groups. Among them exists a mix of traditional news broadcasters and more social media savvy groups. Social platforms have begun to play a much larger role in news distribution. This greatly impacts the future of PR companies in Germany, as communication practices need to adopt a strong mindset that puts emphasis on the digital world.

Public relations is a particularly well-developed component of the communications mix in the German market, with the industry being led by innovators of communication. However, PR in Germany should not be taken as a given, as it is a highly competitive industry.

Is PRLab an Munich-based PR Agency?

Yes, we’re based in Munich, Germany! Our offices in Germany recently opened as the latest addition to the PRLab family. With boots on the ground, we’re able to better serve our German clients, as well
as those who are looking to scale across borders to the lucrative German markets. Our dynamic and innovative approach makes it possible for you as our clients to enter the German market with ease and understanding of the environment set in the Bavarian capital.

Munich's punctual culture, diverse language skills and drive for innovation makes this city the perfect setting from where to grow our international PR network. We encourage you to visit our PR consultancy in Munich to talk strategy and to share a coffee!

With a strong sense for technology and innovation, Munich is the perfect city for tech startups to flourish in. As PRLab works with many B2B companies from the tech industry, the German market makes it ideal for us to increase our interaction with leading tech companies in Germany and across Europe.
Munich’s business culture promotes a healthy work-life balance, with exceptional time management and punctuality. PRLab strongly supports this balance at each of our offices!

What experiences do we have doing PR in Munich or Germany?

As a leader in PR in Germany, we've worked with renowned companies across the technology industry. Our PR consultancy in Munich specialises in Tech PR for startups, scale-ups and corporations - operating in Fintech, HighTech, HealthTech, B2B Tech, SaaS, Corporates, Global, Telecom, Retail, Biotech and MedTech.

Our team of dedicated German PR consultants sets out to gain new and fresh insights from multiple corners of the tech industry, so that we can best serve your unique PR needs. Staying in the loop for local news also helps us to stay agile when proactively planning cutting-edge PR strategies that are guaranteed to land you some spotlight publications, not to mention increase the interest from investors and customers.

One important benefit of having a diverse portfolio is that we're experienced in working across borders and cultures. When you're operating in the communications industry, being able to effectively interact with different nationalities is crucial when conducting solutions-based work. Our experience, stemming from working with global clients, has enabled us to scale our own agency internationally, which has equipped us with the knowledge to better assist our clients who want to achieve the same level of expansion.

We've worked with many startups across Europe, some of which have specifically wanted to grow their market presence. Our experiences come from both local and international clients who show interest in developing their market position in Germany. With the power of PR, we're able to create local and international publicity and media awareness for our clients.

Our team of expert PR executives are also experienced in working with German media agents, so we understand the in-and-outs of pitching to and working with journalists, bloggers, newsagents in Munich and across Germany. What is more, our experiences also enable us to craft newsworthy stories for the local and international market, each personalised and adapted to your needs.

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