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We’re an award-winning PR agency in Stockholm committed to delivering impactful results in the Swedish market and worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to PR that generates results, we go the extra mile to get our client's visibility and traction, making their voices heard.

We consistently land our clients in Sweden top-tier media coverage

Do you want to get featured in any of these?

You need meaningful public relations that resonates with your key audiences.

Breaking into the Swedish market

Our award-winning PR agency offers unparalleled opportunities to enter the Swedish market. With our in-depth insights and experience in this unique but tough market, we mix local insight with global strategies, ensuring your relevance and timeliness in the media landscape.
"PRLab created content that even won a prize for us. Their understanding of our philosophy resulted in great content and top tier coverage. The team delivered on time and was responsive, demonstrating professionalism, and attentiveness. "
Natalie Dzigciot
Communications Director, CoreZero
"PRLab increased our share of voice and helped us become thought leaders in our space, which resulted in many new clients. The number of high-tier media coverage impressed us. "
Frida Fors Wallsbeck
Marketing Manager Nordics, Meltwater

Standing out in a crowd

The Swedish market regularly produces bold and memorable PR campaigns. Creative storytelling can help ensure your brand becomes a recognized name. Our agency gets under the skin of what you do and what your audience is seeking to create messages that resonate.

PR done the modern way

As a modern PR agency, we combine cutting-edge PR techniques with traditional strategies to reach your desired audience and raise brand awareness. Our creative and forward-thinking approach ensures that the brand’s communication matches the market’s tastes and expectations.
"PRLab managed to help us enter the Dutch market via relevant constant media coverage. Their great content got listed frequently in key local outlets. They become part of our team, which was key."
Matthijs Onland
Country Manager, Wayflyer

Why trust us as your Swedish PR agency?

We are a Stockholm PR agency with specialized skills in startup and scale-up public relations. Let us guide you on your venture.
Our market knowledge
Gaining you real traction
We are proactive

Our market knowledge

Our market insights are the cornerstone of our success as a premier agency in Stockholm. We use our knowledge and insights to create campaigns that hit home with Swedish audiences, ensuring your brand gets the airtime it needs to be heard, and paving the way for lasting impact.

Openness and transparency

We see our work as a collaboration. Openness is integral to the process. This builds trust, facilitates communication, and creates a partnership where we can be transparent with each other. Teamwork makes the dream work, and there is no real collaboration without it.

Gaining you real traction

Our approach is straightforward in that we focus on creating genuine connections with your audience. With our understanding of the market, we can help your brand gain traction through engaging content and compelling stories. This fosters real presence and growth.

We are proactive

For real results in the market, we consistently engage with media sources and your audience. We also endeavor to predict trends or issues in the market and prepare to act accordingly. We see our role as being the creators of news, not waiting for it to come by.

How do our Swedish PR services work?

Having gained a thorough understanding of your business and the market, we’ll propose a custom PR plan designed to accomplish your business goals.

Our goals are measurable

You can’t fix what you cannot measure. SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely) goals are how we work. They provide clarity and accountability and let us know what works and what needs improvement. This is how we meet and exceed goals. Our team has delivered high-quality results for various clients in various sectors with our measurable goals framework.

We make you stand out

... for all the right reasons. Our PR strategies are designed to get you seen and noticed. But more than that, we create a distinct identity that hits home with your audience and stays in their minds. We elevate your market presence and set you apart in your game. The advantages of this are many, from brand loyalty, higher customer retention, and a solid industry reputation.

Innovation is key

Our approach is rooted in innovation, creativity, and new ideas. We blend storytelling with the latest digital PR strategies and data insights to propel your brand in the media landscape. We want to spark conversation and drive change in your industry and ours. We’ll create and deliver innovative PR strategies for your brand that stand out from your competitors.

Focus on ROI

We prioritize results, combining data-driven insights with a wealth of market experience. This helps us develop winning strategies and quantifiable results for clients, enhancing their position and meeting objectives, all with a heavy focus on return on investment. From our work with startups, scaleups, and corporates, we’ve had plenty of experience delivering impact for clients.

Building reputation brick by brick

We understand that reputation is your number one priority and your most valuable asset. Reputation can make or break any company. Thats why we focus on stakeholder and public perceptions of your brand, setting a long-term plan for how others perceive you over time. If worse comes to worse, and yours becomes tarnished, we can help you repair your reputation.
Our goals are measurable
We make you stand out
Innovation is key
Focus on ROI
Building reputation brick by brick

Happeo approached PRLab with the goal to launch funding news on a global scale.

Success Study

Still have questions?

As a result of our rich experience in the Swedish market, we provide our clients with an adaptable approach that meets their needs. Due to our extensive knowledge of the Swedish PR landscape, we secure high-quality press coverage and deliver results above our client's expectations. Success and results require time, and a key factor that makes our practices exceptional is that we address our client's questions and concerns through our reporting. Transparency in our plans, efforts, and practices contributes to a trustworthy partnership. We invest in trust continuously because trust is a continuous process and not a one-time achievement.

The Nordic region has a dynamic public relations and marketing sector, and the Swedish PR industry has achieved great success and international visibility. There is a reason for this: Swedish businesses place a high value on a well-considered brand reputation with regional appeal. Stockholm has embraced digital PR. As traditional PR approaches fade, digital PR has taken over the PR stage, including social media and online news.

We have an office in Stockholm that helps us remain focused on the Swedish market and achieve client coverage in many different spheres. We’ve made a firm dent in many markets with Swedish or Swedish-serving clients. With experience in the Swedish environment, we can help your company launch or expand in the market.

PRLab was approached by Happeo, the social intranet and collaboration platform, to launch funding news on a global level. Our efforts were coordinated according to the appropriate time to ensure everything was prepared in detail around the launch. To achieve the target goal on a global scale, our team researched competitors, media, and journalists in-depth. From four different perspectives, we composed four contrasting pitches. To provide the best coverage for Happeo, we selected only journalists and media companies that would provide the right and most beneficial coverage. Our efforts resulted in over 60 pieces of coverage landing in markets worldwide, with an online readership of over 279 million and a coverage view rate of over 300,000.

PRLab heavily relies on community and communication in terms of PR and marketing. We research and attend marketing and PR events, host gatherings with colleagues from the field, and discuss upcoming changes and trends openly. In addition, we monitor social media to make our observations and conclusions in advance with the possibility of predicting upcoming ruptures. Due to the industry's dynamic nature, we recognize the importance of staying up-to-date with trends, ruptures, and changes in the event flow.

Through our understanding of the digital dynamics within the Swedish PR industry, we enable our clients to stay on top of social media trends and changes. As a result of our PR services, our clients secure exceptional positions in the markets where they operate and become well-known thought leaders in their fields. We directly help our clients' by informing investors about the latest product and service launches and capturing their attention through well-timed media pitches and compelling press releases. Search engine optimization is another area in which we specialize so that our clients can discover their websites on the first Google results page.

Brand representation should be a priority since it introduces the company prior to its services and products. In light of the high cost of the consequences, relying on experimental PR approaches should not be an option. As well as guiding the company through the PR chaos, a PR agency can also monitor the progress of the efforts. In short, a PR agency can enable businesses to focus on their operations while professionally handling their brand representations.

PRLab has already built a name within the Swedish PR market, and we have worked with recognizable companies within the tech industry. Our agency specializes in Tech PR for startups, scale-ups, and corporations - operating in Fintech, HighTech, HealthTech, B2B Tech, SaaS, Corporates, Global, Telecom, Retail, Biotech, and MedTech. Providing professional PR support to companies we work with is possible thanks to our diverse portfolio, which expands our knowledge, methods, and client reach. As a result of our extensive experience and a strong network of Swedish media newsagents and journalists, we can provide our clients with valuable press coverage.

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