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Public Relations Agency in Sweden

Birger Jarlsgatan 57 C, 113 56 Stockholm, Sweden
Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00

PR Agency in Stockholm, Sweden

With a well-balanced relationship between history, urbanised neighbourhoods and nature, our PR agency in Stockholm gets to enjoy the dreamlike scenery of Stockholm.

Located inside Norrsken House, our team of Swedish PR experts are exposed to the vibrant, innovative and fresh energies that young entrepreneurs and innovators bring with them to the office. Just what we need to keep our dynamic business culture up-to-date.

From our PR firm's prime location in Stockholm, we're able to maintain a balance between working in a highly effective office space and unwinding in a social neighbourhood. Not to mention, our Swedish and international clients can easily access our office for corporate meetings or a talk over coffee.

Our office in Sweden is characterised by our agile team Swedish PR experts who aim to serve the Nordic countries with solution-based PR strategies. This way our PR agency in Sweden helps to grow your business.


Logo of Unifonic, client of PRLab, our PR Agency in Sweden

“I was highly impressed by their responsiveness, willingness to help, and their agility in handling shifting deadlines."

Ahmed Motaal
Marketing Director, Unifonic
Logo of Paazl, client of PRLab, client of our PR Agency in Stockholm

“PRLab offered an excellent extension to our marketing team. They provided a creative and innovative approach to managing the media outreach for our company updates, as well as creating content including social media posts, articles and reports. We were pleased to see our stories covered in tier 1 publications that were strategically relevant to our industry and target audience. Additionally, PRLab helped us in bringing the inaugural Paazl Delivery Index to life, which has since become a major sales and marketing asset. I look forward to working with the PRLab team on future projects."

Jan-Willem Roest
CEO, Paazl
Logo of Channel Engine, client of our PR Firm in Stockholm

"We were very impressed with how quickly PRLab moved to secure coverage in multiple different markets. They really went the extra mile to deliver results, delivering content beyond our brief to make gains for us in key markets."

Niels Floors
Head of Partnerships & Sales, Channel Engine

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Why trust our PR agency in Stockholm?

PRLab is a leading global PR agency. Since our founding days, PRLab has grown into a reputable PR company - first in Amsterdam and now in Stockholm as well. Our international business growth and client acquisition is only a single indicator of why we’re a trusted PR agency in Stockholm.

Our commitment to offering you unmatched PR support is reflected in the first-rate work we deliver. With a sustainable growth mindset, we're geared towards delivering result-based solutions to help you solve public relations and communications related issues.

The media relations and coverage that we're able to secure our clients is testimony to the promise that we uphold of creating cutting edge PR strategies for each of our clients.

Our PR consultancy in Stockholm is rooted in the belief that transparent partnerships with our clients is the only way to establish a trustworthy and sustainable relationship. Not only does this build trust amongst us and you as the client, but it also creates an environment where open discussions can take place, so that we can optimally work together in planning and creating your PR strategy. Next to this, our well-respected PR consultants work in close contact with their clients, so that we prevent any uncertainties that could harm the trust we set in our partnerships.

With a diverse client portfolio, our PR consultants are well versed in working with dynamic startups, scaleups and corporates in the technology industry. The range of knowledge we've built stretches across multiple tech sectors, making us greatly resourced to take care of your PR needs.

What are the specifities while doing PR in Sweden?

The centre of the Nordic region has become one of the most dynamic PR markets. In recent years, the Swedish PR industry has come of age - along with the adverting and digital industries. One reason for this is that companies in Sweden value a well-thought-of brand reputation. Stockholm-based companies especially understand the importance of a positive public image when it comes to securing PR funding and interest from investors.

Mass media is undergoing great changes, with a shift towards earned and digitalised media well underway in Stockholm. The city's urban mindset also greatly contributes to the move away from newspaper and magazine.

For PR firms in Stockholm, this means a greater focus is being placed on building relationships with digital media agents and online news distributors. With increased Social Media usage and mobile traffic, traditional PR methods are quickly becoming outdated in Sweden.

In terms of PR and the role of building media relations, the Swedish media market consists of a few, large media groups and some smaller groups. Next to the traditional news broadcasters, social media platforms play an important role in news distribution. This greatly impacts the future of PR companies in Sweden, as communication practices need to adopt a strong digitally-led mindset.

Public relations is a particularly well-developed component of the communications mix in the Swedish market, with the industry being led by innovators of communication. However, the PR in Sweden is a highly competitive industry, so employers tend to hire individuals with an interest in learning and who have some experience in the field.

Is PRLab an Stokcholm-based PR Agency?

PRLab is a PR firm in Stockholm. Since being found in 2018, we have grown into a leading a global PR agency - with the opening of our PR agency in Sweden being our latest expansion. From here, we are able to better serve our Nordic clients, as well as those who are looking to scale across borders.

Our central location in Stockholm makes it incredibly convenient for our clients and partners to reach us for meetings, consultation session or just a coffee break. Not to mention, Stockholm's strong business culture, diverse language skills and innovation drive makes this city the perfect setting from where to grow our international PR network.

Stockholm is also home to multiple startups and entrepreneur communities, with a strong foot in technology and innovation. As PRLab works with many B2B companies from the technology industry, the Swedish market presented the opportunity for us to increase our interaction with leading tech companies in Sweden.

The benefit of working from Stockholm is that the city's culture promotes a healthy work-life balance, even across the business district. Since we encourage a balanced lifestyle and flexibility, Stockholm's healthy attitude toward work has been greatly refreshing.

What experience do we have doing PR in Stockholm or Sweden?

As a top PR company in Sweden, we've worked with respected companies across the technology industry. Our PR consultancy in Stockholm specialises in Tech PR for startups, scale-ups and corporations - operating in Fintech, HighTech, HealthTech, B2B Tech, SaaS, Corporates, Global, Telecom, Retail, Biotech and MedTech.

Our diverse portfolio of clients mean that we continuously expand our industry knowledge, as well as staying informed about important indusrty shifts. By diversifying our portfolio, we avoid the risk of being exposed to only a single sector. The benefit of working across sectors means that we gain new, fresh insights from multiple corners in the tech industry. This helps us to stay agile and proactively plan cutting edge PR strategies that are guaranteed to land you some spotlight publications, not to mention interest from investors and customers.

One important benefit of having a diverse portfolio is that we're experienced in working across borders and cultures. When you're operating in the communications industry, being able to effectively interact with different nationalities is crucial when conducting solutions-based work. Our experience, that stemmed from working with global clients, has enabled us to scale our own agency internationally and equipped us with the knowledge to better assist our clients who want to achieve the same level of expansion.

We've worked with many startups across Europe, of which some have specifically wanted to grow their market presence. Our experiences come from both local and international clients who show interest in developing their market position in the Sweden. With the power of PR, we're able to create local and international publicity and media awareness for our clients.

Our team of expert PR managers are also experienced in working with Swedish media agents, so we understand the ins-and-outs of pitching to and working with journalists, bloggers, news agents in Stockholm and across Sweden. Not to mention, our experiences also enable us to craft newsworthy stories for the local and international market.

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