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Manufacturing is a colossal industry. Most other industries rely on it to bring their visions and designs to life. It’s a rapidly advancing sector, with new developments occurring faster than ever. The industry deserves a manufacturing PR agency that can express its intricacies, importance and impact to the masses.

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We're NOT a traditional manufacturing PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional Industrial PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why choose our Industrial PR company?



Our expert team knows that PR is more than just content and publications. Above all else, we believe in communication and are passionate about helping you evolve your brand, project a trusted image, and reap both the short and long term benefits that come with a top quality PR strategy. Our mission is to place you on the manufacturing map as a key player, elevating you above your competition.


During our years of experience, our team has worked alongside businesses of all sizes, in a huge array of industries including many in the technology sector. We’re intent on creating value through strategic communication, collaboration and storytelling. Working with us ensures that every article, press release and social media post creates value for your business, your customers and the manufacturing industry as a whole.


Our team knows the importance of keeping up to date with industry events, trends and advancements. This ensures that our content, alongside expressing your unique insights and perspectives, connects to whatever's currently happening in the manufacturing world, allowing your business to stay relevant and be presented as a key part of the ever-changing industry landscape.


More than just creating high quality, impactful content, we believe in careful and strategic planning when it comes to releasing it into the world. Our experts create a comprehensive and progressive narrative, communicating your vision, values and unique contributions to the manufacturing world and positioning your business as a leader in the field. Since new industrial manufacturing service deliveries are rapidly advancing, we ensure that your content is updated alongside the current trends and media narratives.

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We combine our deep industry expertise with our talent for delivering groundbreaking PR strategies 

Industrial & Manufacturing PR Capabilities & Expertise

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:


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As a manufacturing PR agency, we offer a vast array of services, tailored to meet your requirements. We always offer customizable PR packages, to ensure our strategy is best suited to help you meet your goals. We implement our tried and tested strategic frameworks and tailor them to fit your business, working closely alongside you to ensure our output suits your needs.

Manufacturing Solutions

Particularly in B2B communications, it’s key to be strategic about when to release our carefully curated content to give your business the best visibility possible. The benefit of working with our manufacturing PR agency is that our expert team is able to obtain optimal impact for you by releasing content with precision, timing it perfectly with the newscycle and industry events and developments.

Media Management

Our manufacturing PR strategies aim to help you generate leads and position yourself as a key player in the industry. We also help foster connection, helping you build relationships with existing and potential customers and investors through engaging content and strategic storytelling.

Startups and Scaleups

More players are entering the manufacturing industry by the day. As a well established agency with a team of experts behind us, our mission is to raise your profile to make you the standout in the manufacturing industry, establishing global and impactful reach. We help you get noticed by lucrative audiences, and establish quality, long lasting relationships, positioning you as a business well worth working with and investing in.

PR Funding

No matter where you are on your journey, we’re here to collaborate, support and help you grow. From seed funding to final rounds of investment, our manufacturing PR strategy is designed with precision, allowing you to gain both the attention and trust of venture capitalists and investors that will help you scale up.

content creation

We have years of experience in communicating a variety of ideas to audiences worldwide. We know that industrial manufacturing as an industry doesn’t come without complications. A constantly evolving environment, with complex terminology, it’s not always immediately understandable for consumers. What sets PRLab apart is our ability to create understanding and meaning across the board. We specialize in storytelling, allowing us to convey industry practices, advancements and ideas into a comprehensible feature; easily accessible without losing value or depth.

Our PR strategy for Industries

Client Lifecycle

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As a PR agency, we know how fundamental communication is. This extends past just our produced content, and all through our working relationships. We ensure to work closely with our clients, so that we can guarantee there’s an alignment between your expectations and our output. Upon meeting you, our experts will discuss extensively with you your goals, needs and exactly how we can help you create the ultimate impact. We always make sure we’re tailoring our PR package to accommodate your manufacturing business,

Media Relations and Placements

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Working with the team at PRLab is about collaboration. The relationships fostered with the media are integral to your journey and reaching your goals, whatever they may be. We’re proud to have built strong relationships over the years with the media, including some industry specific publications, to ensure we share your story with the right audience, creating the impact you deserve.

Value-adding PR

We’re passionate about creating content, conversation and value. In our work across multiple industries in the tech space, we know the importance of communicating complex ideas in a comprehensive and engaging way, positioning your business as a thought leader by sharing not only your business specific updates and identity, but your insights on the manufacturing industry as a whole.

Manufacturing & Industrial PR

The manufacturing industry is a dynamic and exciting industry, in connection with the majority of other industries of today. Manufacturing PR sets out to display this significance and share your unique contributions and insights with your chosen audience, fostering and building connections and trust for you across the board.

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What is Manufacturing PR?

Companies in the manufacturing industry have as their #1 priority to stay ahead of their competition. This global field arguably has the most dynamics as it has existed for centuries. In today’s world, manufacturing PR is the cornerstone of any company’s success. PR agencies in the industry ensure that your company is out there, being talked about, sharing ideas and innovations for the industry, and being wherever it’s needed.

Public relations in this regard takes on the position of sharing different types of content on different topics, all in order to grab the public’s attention, win new customers, and keep the existing ones. It consists of producing videos, stories, guides, etc., and serves purposes, such as educating the audience, building a likable and trustworthy image, increasing awareness, generating interest, and more.

Why trust our Industrial PR agency?

Our PR agency excels at writing a good story. The foundation of any company’s image is a good story, but also the expertise and knowledge of the industry. We specialize in being able to manage your relationships with your audience, as well as relevant media outlets that will publish your brand story. Additionally, our experience with companies in this complex industry has made us knowledgeable of the processes and detailed terminology to the point where we don’t just understand your ideas. We are able to pass them on, retell them, explain them in an engaging story that simultaneously helps the wider audience understand without leaving out a single important detail.

All that is essential in order to be noticed and remembered as a pioneer in your industry. We make sure to do that in every way possible - from press releases, to featured articles, social media campaigns, infographics, and more.

What is PR for Industries?

Industrial PR is a complex and diverse practice. PR agencies specializing in this line of work must provide many and different lines of work, all which aim to boost brand awareness, initiate communications channels, and secure strong relationships with target audiences, relevant media outlets, investors, and experts in the industry.

A good PR campaign must understand the specifics of the industry - extensive knowledge of the process is needed in order to retell the stories for the wider audience, thus generating leads, sales, and connections. The role of PR in the industrial sphere is to be able to communicate the complexities of daily processes to everyone involved, and do so in a comprehensive manner that explains innovative ideas, while simultaneously engaging readers and investors alike.

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