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PRLab is a forward-thinking PR agency that believes in using the full marketing mix to achieve results in PR and beyond. That why PRLab provides complimentary marketing services. 

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We believe in the integrated marketing approach

We’re a risk-taking, forward-thinking PR agency that believes in using the full marketing mix to achieve results in PR and beyond. We understand tech, and we understand the start-up world: things are constantly changing and you never know what tomorrow will look like. In that context, traditional PR tactics just won’t work! You need out of the box thinking, to get you the results you’re after and drive leads. You also need a partner that knows how to work in a lean and agile manner. We’re here to help you inspire and create change.

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We are a global PR agency specialized in startups and scaleups and the overall tech industry re-inventing PR for the new era.
Logo that represents PRLab as an integrated PR agency.


We go beyond traditional PR services. We are an integrated PR firm that can develop all aspects of your brand, be it content, SEO or social media marketing.
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Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our PR services go beyond securing media coverage & offer innovative and creative solutions for growing your business.
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Here is why we're NOT a traditional PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional PR Agency. We believe the traditional PR agency model is broken, click here to read all about our approach to PR and how we’re innovating the space. 

Our marketing services

We Improve your online visibility while making you discoverable in the search engine. Want to be discoverable on Google? With PR strategies that are oriented towards increasing your search results rankings, we aim to gain optimum digital visibility for your brand.
We can help you strategize all of your content marketing efforts. Content is the body of any communication material and should be developed with precision to enhance your brand image. Be it educational materials or thought leadership content, our PR efforts are geared towards helping you write lead generating content.
From Ab testing to growing audiences we cover it all. PR assists your business growth in more ways than you think. Attracting venture capitalists and investors, building relationships with media contacts and gaining earned publicity is just some of the areas where a good PR team can help you grow.
We develop SEO-friendly websites for the Core Web Vitals and Google’s latest algorithms. Since most businesses live on the Internet these days, SEO optimisation has become a 24/7 job to make sure you stay visible among competitors. Good PR-led strategies now prioritise discoverability on the web.
Our team of graphic designers bring consistency to your brand efforts. We make sure each point of contact with your target audience positively influences their perception of your brand. Next to compelling content creation, we make sure the 'golden thread' is pulled through into the visual designs.
We develop and improve your brand essence to stick out from the crowd. Brand image creation and maintenance has become highly integrated with public relations management, since both are concerned with managing reputation. Branding is what differentiates you and adds character to your communications.
We create cutting edge content that will make you discoverable in Google and other search engines. SEO copywriting follows formulas and almost mathematically writes content that makes you visible across search engines. SEO copy is essential when it comes to digital PR.
We provide social media services for startups and corporates. Social Media is a well-loved avenue of the integrated communications channels and should not be overlooked in terms of PR potential. Social sharing, or social PR, is highly valued and trusted by consumers. This enhances brand credibility.

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