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How do you stand out in a crowded market? With help from PRLab, a top branding agency in Amsterdam, you can foster an identity that your consumers align with and believe in. 

By identifying your core values, our PR experts can craft a unique identity for you, setting you apart from your competition and building your authority in the mind of your target audience. Powerful brand consulting is at the foundation of every successful PR campaign.
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What is branding?

Strategic brand management is all about recognising the importance of having a unique brand, and using methods to communicate the value and identity of this brand.

This involves creating integrative and sustainable policies that develop a brand’s image and strive towards national and global recognition. A good branding agency will understand how to string together your unique selling points and values into a cohesive brand narrative and overall identity.
Brand consulting is a crucial element for any modern business. Given the prominence of digital media, it is easy to get your brand out there and shape its positive perception in the public eye. By enlisting the help of a branding agency, you are making a valuable long-term investment. Brand consulting involves aligning your goals and processes with consistent core values and purpose, so over time it becomes well recognised and is seen as a trustworthy brand with strong buying power.

What can a branding agency do for you?

Enlisting the help of a branding agency can ensure that you communicate the key values of your brand with consistency and conviction.

An integral aspect of branding, and marketing overall, involves utilizing imagery and key messages to create novel brand affirmations. An effective branding agency will understand just how to use these things to differentiate your business and provide greater appeal for your target audience.
Strategic company branding has a myriad of benefits. Your customers can connect with your values and form increased loyalty, becoming brand advocates. Improving public and private perceptions of your brand’s performance reduces your vulnerability to competitive marketing actions while simultaneously increasing the value of your products.

A brand with a clear purpose also benefits the internal workings of your company. Your employees may feel that they can align themselves with your vision, and may be more engaged as they work towards an understood goal. This can lead to increased positive customer interactions that will have a long lasting impact on your brand and its reputation.

While it may not be focused on increasing direct sales, by using a branding agency to strategize on the best methods to give your brand character and communicate its essential qualities and values your business can unlock a myriad of benefits. It can provide differentiation and appeal over other brands and enhance customer loyalty and retention. It increases employee engagement through alignment with your values, improves perception about product performance, decreases vulnerability to competitive marketing actions, accelerates trade cooperation and consumer response, and increases the effectiveness of your marketing communication.

The Process

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In depth audit

To successfully begin the process of developing and managing your brand, you must first understand the status of your current identity and position in your industry in order to see where it stands in relation to the marketplace and its competitors. This is an important part of understanding the needs of your consumers.

During the audit, a branding agency will also gather information on your brand’s values and purpose in order to form a cohesive identity. The audit will help a branding agency to see where your company currently stands and determine its unique advantages for better informed strategy later on.

Develop actionable strategy

After the audit has given a branding agency a clearer picture, they can then move on to developing a hands-on strategy.

This requires carefully considering the elements that represent the brand and crafting these in a way that creates the desired associations.

This means designing logos, slogans, websites and the rest of your content in a way that is unique to your brand and that communicates this unique value effectively. Brand strategy also requires you to be constantly analyzing and optimizing brand performance. It is an ongoing process that ensures all aspects of your brand and company are consistent, from your positioning, to your online marketing materials, to the customer experience.

Develop brand manifesto

Developing a brand manifesto is an important part of a branding agency’s strategy. This is where your company can communicate its value, goals, and mission within concise and powerful messaging. A branding agency such as PRLab will research and discuss many aspects of your company before creating a compelling manifesto that captures your company’s unique brand identity.
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Why trust our brand consulting services?

At PRLab our services help our clients refine their brand’s values and position in the marketplace to determine their target audience and create a message that genuinely resonates with them.

You can trust us because we work closely with you to get to the core of your values, mission, and vision while also identifying your critical unique purpose that builds a community of loyal customers and clients. Check out our case studies and previous clients to see our extensive experience in aligning strategy with the essence of your brand’s message.

Our integrated PR approach means that we can help set you apart from your competition, build authority in the mind of your target audience and craft you a unique position in your industry. This is done not just through strategic brand management, but in close association with our other departments, ensuring all your content and communication plans are consistent with your brand.

Case studies

Logo of FrameWork Studio, client of PRLab and its PR Branding services
Interior Architecture and Design Studio

In 2019, after their recent expansion into France and Ibiza, Framework Studio were facing a disconnect between their current image, and the one they wanted to project. They reached out to PRLab to achieve the right presence in other cities and brand recognition in the design industry.
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Logo of 3D Hubs, client of PRLab and its PR Branding services
Rebranding niche tech for a wider audience

3DHubs, now known as Hubs, 3D prints custom parts for companies around the globe. As a very technical service, it was the job of PRLab to communicate their value. Through thought leadership and specialised media content, we gained them wide coverage and re-told their story to a wider audience.
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Logo of FrameWork Studio, client of PRLab and its PR Branding services
Logo of 3D Hubs, client of PRLab and its PR Branding services

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What is strategic brand management?

The definition of a brand is the way a company, organization or individual is perceived by those who experience it. Brand strategy is a plan to build and shape this perception in the minds of your consumers, creating a lasting impression.

It is not just the design of the logo and illustrations of your brand that you must consider. This strategy considers the values and personality of your brand against the market you exist in. This is so that you can understand the needs of your target audience and communicate with them effectively, sharing the value of your brand and insights into your industry.

Why appeal a brand strategy agency?

Building an identity for a brand is a continuous process and requires that every aspect of your communication be done with consideration and effectiveness. It is not easy for a business to continue developing its product and maintaining its performance while also being focused on managing its brand strategy.

Working with a branding agency such as PRLab will help you in a multitude of ways. Not only can we assist with the creation of logos and other branding assets, but we can also help you with all your content creation across all your relevant media channels, meaning that your brand’s image is consistently communicated to and appreciated by your consumers. With our integrated team of content marketerssocial media strategistsSEO experts and graphic designers building and monitoring your brand awareness and authority, we can provide thorough and strategic brand consulting so that you are free to focus on developing your products and services.

How do startups do branding?

Company branding strategies used by startups are different from those of established corporations. These strategies will be informed by four different pillars: What does your product do and how does it help your customers? What do your customers need and how will you provide it? What are the values that others see in your product?What are the words and images associated with your startup?

Although startups may have fewer resources to invest in branding strategy, by considering these questions you can begin to define the purpose of the brand, giving it a visual identity and a solid voice, and by harnessing social media, carve out your unique position in your market. The advantage of being a startup is that you are free to think outside the box and be creative when establishing yourself.

Why is it important to have a brand strategy?

It is essential for any business, particularly startups, to incorporate brand strategy into their plans. By developing a strong brand you are giving it a reason to exist beyond making money, as people will align themselves with your values and you can position yourself as a leader in your industry who consumers will trust.By defining your brand at the early stages, you can quickly identify your target audience and build your company into an engaging experience that will be enjoyed by all those who consume it, growing loyalty from the very beginning of your journey. This is why you should consider enlisting the help of an effective branding agency early on.

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