SEO Copywriting 

One of the most important strategies for boosting your visibility is Search Engine Optimization. 

Content that is produced using these SEO tools has a distinct advantage over competitors. Read on to find out what your content is missing out on, and how here at PRLab, we can produce content and copy that will improve your SEO performance.
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What is SEO Copywriting?

You may not know it, but copywriting is all around you. When you see text on a billboard advertisement, a flyer in your mail, published and online adverts, emails you signed up for, job listings, blogs and articles, reports, you are looking at direct and indirect ways of persuasion.

When you view quality content online, you are looking at the work of an SEO copywriting expert.

What these pieces of text have in common is they’re designed to persuade you to take action. Rather than just simple text, copy is written with the purpose of communicating the values and importance of brands and organizations. It is what makes content so effective, and it's integral to our work as an SEO content writing company.
So copywriting is the essential job of producing the text that appears on all your media and forms of advertising. This text is referred to as the copy, and its purpose is to increase the awareness and authority of your brand, ultimately persuading people to take a specific action and buy into your business values. It is our job as an SEO copywriting agency to attract leads to your website by not only providing the content they want and need, but by making sure it’s visible to them.

The Importance of Content

Every business has their own unique marketing strategy suitable to their position in the market and their unique business values. What they have in common, is that all forms of marketing use content to communicate with the brands customer base. This means that content is arguably the most important part of your digital marketing strategy.

Firstly, your content serves to educate your potential customers. SEO content writing companies can produce blogs, SEO friendly articles and reports in order to address common questions asked by your audience, focusing on providing solutions particularly in regard to how your brand can make a difference in their lives.
Content also serves as an opportunity for SEO, search engine optimization. The majority of organic traffic comes from search engines, so implementing the best SEO practices into your content means it performs better, and appears higher up on search results. As a SEO copywriting agency, we are guided by these practices when we produce our content and our content strategies. This means our content is effective at driving traffic and bringing more people to your website.

The main thing is that content is what engages your audience and creates more trust from them in your expertise. By having consistent messaging and offering valuable information that addresses relevant pain points, high quality content will increase your brand awareness and authority.

Our services

SEO Copywriting For Your Tech Startup?

We are a SEO copywriting agency based in Amsterdam that can offer high quality content tailored to your brand. We create content that is in line with your marketing strategy, so will deliver the consistency that is so important in communicating brand values and mission statements.
We are also a content marketing agency, so if you don’t know how content could help or what content to produce, we can work with you to develop a full content marketing strategy, which you can read about here.

By working on a content strategy we can identify the key purposes of the content you need, and with research on your audience we can target content towards their search intent. Depending on the stage of the sales funnel your audience is at, they will be searching for different content.

This is why it’s important to offer a variety of content types aimed towards being informational, navigational, or transactional. These are the different intents of a user when they make a search, and knowing what content your audience is looking for helps guide your conversions down your sales funnel. The best SEO copywriting services are based on extensive research into your unique user base, which is why we are so attentive to your brand’s values and niche.

SEO copywriting services

As a top SEO content writing company, our copywriting is informed by the best SEO practices, meaning that it is produced to directly improve your SEO strategy. High quality content ranks well naturally because of its relevance, engagement and readability, qualities that search engines like Google take into account.
However we also follow a process to make sure that our writing for search engine optimization is fine-tuned to all the demands of search engines and the qualities they care about.

This means a big part of our SEO copywriting services is not just the writing itself, but the keyword research beforehand. Finding the relevant keywords mean your content can be targeted towards the needs and questions that your audience are actively searching for. So not only does this help you to be efficient at writing about the most relevant subjects, this content will improve the SEO ranking of your website, increasing your visibility, your CTR and generate more traffic and conversions.

We also use advanced SEO techniques on our content such as SCHEMA markup, a coding technique that helps Google to understand the meaning of the content more easily, thus showing it higher on search results. There are many other techniques in our SEO writing services, and if you’re interested we can develop a whole SEO strategy for your website. Click here to find out how we can do a complete SEO audit of your website, or even build you an SEO friendly website from scratch.

Copywriting in English

The readability of your content has a huge impact. Content that is difficult to read reduces your SEO performance. It also means that it isn’t as engaging for a reader, a big mistake if you are trying to persuade them to perform an action.
When writing for search engine optimization, we refer to the Flesch reading ease score to make sure the content we produce is of a suitable readability. This metric allows us to produce SEO friendly content that is easy to read and appropriate for your audience, reducing bounce rate and contributing to higher rankings.

Our SEO writing experts are not just fluent in English, they have a complete understanding of the language, meaning they can adjust their writing style to suit the voice and needs of your brand. Whether you need informal content for your social media or website, or require a more informative style for a white paper or report, our team of content writers will work with you to understand your needs and the tone necessary to produce SEO friendly content that effectively communicates with your customers.

Copywriting for Tech Companies

We are a SEO copywriting agency that specializes in content and PR for tech startups. This means we are predominantly working with tech companies from a variety of different industries.

No two clients of ours are the same, and we have worked with companies in the MedTech, FinTech, HR Tech, EdTech and High Tech spaces.

Each of these industries has a different audience, with different expectations and needs for the content you produce. Because we work with such a variety of startups, we are very experienced at moving fast to understand your key business goals and values, and incorporate them into our work.

As an agile SEO content writing company, we are well suited to working with such companies as technology advances at a rapid speed. The world of tech startups is fast paced and competitive, so content needs to be a very high quality to stand out in the heavily saturated and constantly changing media landscape.
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Why your brand needs copywriting?

With digital marketing so essential to standing out from your competitors, having high quality copy for your content is key to remain competitive.

By having content produced by an SEO copywriting agency that is thoroughly researched to the needs and interests of your target audience, you will increase the important metrics that ultimately drive conversions.

You can read in more details about the relevant metrics here, but in short content can improve your backlinks, increase engagement rate and improve the domain authority of your website, a score that is reflective of your brand’s authority within your niche. By increasing these metrics, you are more likely to appear higher on search results, therefore getting more attention.

Today, people want to purchase from brands that align with their own values. When done well, SEO content writing is the most effective way to communicate these values consistently. Brands that are online take on their own digital persona, especially with social media platforms providing direct ways to interact with your audience. How do you create a visible personality for your brand? With SEO content writing services.

Why you can trust our services?

Our copywriting is informed by the best SEO practices, which mean we are a white label copywriting agency. Offering white label copywriting services means that we create content in line with the terms and conditions of major search engines.

It means we create your website in a way that will have high SEO performance while still maintaining its integrity. This is opposed to black hat SEO tactics, which are techniques that are considered harmful or deceptive to users. Using white hat services is the best way to create a sustainably successful website and avoid penalization from search engines.

Examples of white hat SEO include offering quality and content and services, ensuring fast loading times and mobile-friendliness, using descriptive, keyword-rich meta-tags, and making sure your website is easy to navigate. Examples of black hat tactics are keyword stuffing, link manipulation and duplicate content. The use of black hat SEO can get your site penalized or even banned from search engines, so this is the only way to increase organic traffic and maintain credibility.

Because we’re an SEO copywriting agency, our SEO copywriting experts are specialized at working with tech startups, and have a lot of experience copywriting for tech companies. We pride ourselves on adapting to the niche industries our clients work in, so whether you need an SaaS copywriter or b2b technology copywriter, we can work with you to produce content that will boost your visibility.

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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the essential job of producing the text that appears on all your media and forms of advertising. This text is referred to as the copy, and its purpose is to increase the awareness and authority of your brand, ultimately persuading people to take a specific action and buy into your business values.

What is SEO copywriting?

An SEO content copywriter is someone who is in the business of copywriting but is informed by the best SEO practices. This means the content they produce helps with your search engine optimization, so websites like Google have an easier time understanding its value and the relevant target audience. By writing content that is informed by keyword research and competitor analysis, it will appear higher up on search results and outperform your competitors.

What does a copywriter do?

The work of a SEO content copywriter is understated, as although they themselves are not in the spotlight, their work is seen everywhere and is responsible for the success of many brands and organizations. They are responsible for producing error free content for social media, websites and advertisements. Adapting their work to their client’s style and voice is an essential skill of a copywriter, as their content is designed to convey their values and persuade a reader to buy into the company and lead them towards making a purchase.

More than just writing, SEO copywriters write for search engine optimization. This means the content they create is informed by the practices that put your website on the front page of Google when people are searching for various keywords and queries. SEO friendly articles and writing product description for SEO are some of the jobs involved in SEO optimized content writing.

Are copywriters in demand?

With the digital media landscape as saturated as it is, highly skilled SEO content copywriters will always be in demand to produce content that stands out from the crowd. With most communication now being done online, copywriters who know how to implement SEO techniques give their work a big advantage over others. Having high quality copy written for your website, your social media and your branding taglines and assets means that you are more likely to close leads sooner, as the power of the words themselves can convince people that they are aligned with your brand, and that your services or product are something they need.

SEO friendly copywriting is particularly in demand, as this is what gives content an edge over your competitors. This is because the content is informed by an SEO audit and techniques that ensure the content is relevant and visible to its target audience.

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