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Have a social media marketing plan is an incredibly valuable business tool. Not only can you reach your audience, but discover who they are and gain insights into their interests and habits. 

At PRLab we are specialized in reaching customers through influential social media marketing services across all the necessary platforms, growing your community of brand advocates.
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What is social media marketing?

In last twenty years, social media has evolved and matured into much more than just a medium to publish content. These platforms are now utilized as veritable business tools that require tailored strategies to use them to their full potential.

PRLab is an agency that understands the necessity for these strategies, and our services can help you develop your content, increase your online reach, grow your website traffic and consequently boost your sales.

More than just creating content, we will use social media to help you understand your target audience and use this knowledge to create truly engaging media that is catered to the needs and desires of your consumers. This enables you to have a personality that reflects the core values of your brand.

Why is it important

Social media marketing is important because it allows you to take advantage of the most accessible way of reaching your audience. It is one thing to reach customers through social media, but at PRLab we can take it a step further by helping you to understand them. By monitoring your audience’s likes, dislikes and the reasons behind them, you can develop a strategy to build lasting relationships with your customers.

If you understand your audience you can develop an online personality that makes you more relatable and can help you communicate your values in a manner consistent with your brand’s image. A strong online presence gives you the opportunity to demonstrate honest communication with customers and make their experience with your company more engaging and rewarding, which will build brand loyalty and improve your company’s reputation.

Why trust our social media marketing?

At PRLab we are public relations specialists with extensive experience with social media marketing. Our experts work as an extension of your team to help you achieve the results you want. We are well suited to help you understand the digital landscape of your industry, and to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategy.

Our social media marketing plans work because they are integrated into our other strategies. Understanding your audience through social media gives us insights that can be implemented in developing content that your customers want to engage with. We help you to develop an online personality consistent with your brand that will give you an edge over your competitors.

It is all part of our broader goals of positioning you as a thought leader in your industry, as an effective social media campaign will build trust among your customers, and will give them opportunities to engage with you and each other.

How does it work?

Social media marketing recognises the true value of online platforms, and how they have become a valuable extension of your business’s overall PR strategy. It works because it is absolutely the best way for your startup to communicate with its audience. It is an opportunity to not only share your content, but allow customers to respond to it. Forming a dialogue between you and your customers makes you more relatable and encourages a connection with the brand.

At PRLab we help you develop this communication by mapping out which platforms you should use and why your business should use them. Consumers have different needs and habits when using Facebook compared to Twitter for example, and that is why we assist you in developing social media strategies crafted for each platform that remain consistent with your brand’s overall image.

Why create a social media plan?

You need a social media plan because you cannot afford to be silent, too many of your competitors will be engaging with their audience and catering to their needs. You need a plan to schedule your posts, and to maintain a consistent flow of content and information that will keep your customers entertained and engaged.

The consistency of your posts is decisive as it lends itself to your brand’s image and what it represents, increasing its recognition. It may seem like a tedious process but social media marketing has incredible payoffs when executed properly, and can leave your customers happy and excited about your content. It requires management across different platforms but when a concerted effort is made, your business will reap the rewards of constant media awareness.

How do we achieve this?

With our extensive experience of running social media campaigns for startups, we know the work required for success. We begin by developing a strategy, which is informed by an analysis of your competition and the trends developing in your industry. Based on the relevant developments we identify in your industry, we personalize a social media plan that will help your business effectively communicate its value and stand out in the marketplace.

The opportunity to develop a community around your brand is a great benefit of social media, and we focus on this by developing and programming editorial calendars for your content. Sponsored posts are a great way to gain traffic and observing the ROI we ensure your social media ads are unbeatable. By gathering more followers, we help you to engage with them in a way that accompanies your overall marketing strategy, and turns them into advocates of your brand.

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What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing refers to marketing techniques that target your key audience on social networks and social applications. It is the use of social media websites and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin to market a company's products and services. Also known as "digital marketing" and "e-marketing," social media marketing has purpose-built data analytics tools that allow marketers to track how successful their efforts are.

The aim of social media marketing is to create brand awareness by communicating effectively with your target audience, and in turn giving them the opportunity to engage with you and other brand advocates. It is relevant at the top of the marketing funnel, and is effective by creating shareable content that is consistent throughout all of your networks.

Why social media marketing is important for your business?

It is important because it creates awareness for your business. The unique aspect of social media is that it allows for immediate interaction and customer feedback, so is a fantastic way to engage with your audience and use this communication to improve your product or service. This also means you can develop a stronger bond with your existing customers as well as find and connect with new ones.

It is important for any business to be involved in social networking as if you aren’t, your competitor certainly is. By understanding your audience you can create content tailored to their needs which will help you communicate your brand’s values and stand out in the marketplace.

Is there a special social media strategy for startups?

Because social media is a tool to create your brand’s narrative, there is no one perfect social media strategy that will work for all startups in different industries. You have to develop an online presence that reflects your brand, and implement a strategy that best suited to your business’s needs and goals.

Finding out who your audience consists of, what they like and their social media habits will inform the decision making for your strategy. You’ll need to know what platforms to use and develop a voice that your customers will be reassured by and relate to. By studying your audience you can create content that they enjoy, and make sure it appears in the right places at the right time. Investing time in understanding your customers means you can focus your efforts to meet their needs, and produce good results at a low cost.

Social media marketing for startups: is it useful?

Social media marketing is very useful for startups, as it is an effective yet affordable way to advertise yourself and begin growing awareness of your brand. You don’t need to be a well-established company to produce content that is effective at informing people about your industry. From your inception, you can begin to foster an online presence that reflects your brand’s values and produces relevant and engaging content. By being active on different platforms, you can attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

Social media gives you the opportunity to be creative in the ways you educate your audience about what to expect from your brand and what you represent. From day one you can use these tools to move them through the sales funnel and accelerate growth, building loyalty in existing customers and help new ones find the value in your business.

How to measure ROI on social media?

One of the most frequently asked questions in regards to social media, the truth is that it has both a direct and indirect effect that is impossible to measure perfectly. However the same can be said about much of PR strategy, for that is because the aim of PR is not to increase short term impulse buys, to form long-lasting relationships with consumers who hold your business in great standing, which in turn increases sales.

When it does come to measuring a business’s ROI it begins with setting conversion goals and then tracking them. You have to be strict and consistent to reach them and stay on target. It is possible to assign monetary value to each conversion and then compare these to incoming traffic and conversion numbers.

Keeping in mind the difficulty of tracking ROI of social media, a proper and consistent social media strategy must reflect the unique objectives and goals of your business.

What are the main advantages of engaging in a social media marketing campaign?

The advantages of a social media marketing campaign is that you are using an essential tool to get an edge over your competition. Not only is this a critical asset, it also has relatively low costs and requires few resources to do.

With it you can establish your presence across social platforms, build brand awareness, attract potential customers and solidify relationships with existing ones. You can also create backlinks to your website which improves its conversion rate.

By having a consistent and engaging online presence you can build trust in your website, drive more traffic to it and boost your search engine rankings. It helps to deliver your overall PR efforts quickly and with ease, as your strategy can also be adjusted when the unpredictable happens.

Is the social media marketing plan for my business customized?

At PRLab, we always deliver a completely customized social media marketing plan for your business that is tailored to your business specifications. There isn’t one single method that works for all companies, and your audience, your values, your brand’s message and your goals will all go into calculating the most effective strategy for you.

At the start of each campaign, we will get together with you and mark down your goals and what it is you want to achieve. We then draft a proposal to see if it fits with your style of communication, and if so we execute the plan by providing strategic messages across all the platforms necessary to reach your target audience.

By working with PRLab to implement a social media marketing strategy, you will expand your brand awareness, elevate interest towards your products and services, and generally build your trust, reputation and authority in your industry.

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