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The oil and gas industries are crucial in shaping our day-to-day consumption. Working with our expert oil and gas PR agency ensures that you’re able to focus on providing this essential service, while we share your story and communicate your impactful and innovative breakthroughs surrounding the delicate practice of providing energy resources.
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We're NOT a traditional Oil & Gas PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional Oil & Gas PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why choose our Oil & Gas communications agency?


Research and Preparation

We always establish a relationship with our clients before working together. We place high importance on understanding your company, goals and your perspective on the oil/gas industry, so that we’re able to provide a bespoke service and best communicate your visions and insights.

Adaptability and Delivery

Each individual client we work with is unique, and so should their PR be. We pride ourselves on our adaptability. Once our team has got to know you, we outline our approach to ensure it best fits your needs. We have experts in every field and every content type that can embody your tone and share your perspectives, achievements and milestones with the world.

The focus of the Campaigns

Our PR strategy will always focus on delivering whatever you need. Are you aiming to spread awareness about a pressing issue in the oil and gas industry? Do you want to increase brand recognition? Announce a new development? Whatever it is you’d like to share with your audience, we’re passionate about ensuring we put your business in the spotlight.

Experience and Success

PRLab has years of experience working with a huge array of industries- from Oil & Gas to Fintech, SaaS to Aviation. We know the value of the work we do, and have been proud to see the reflection of our work in the success of our clients. In working with our team of PR experts, you can be confident we will create and curate perfect content for you and ensure it reaches the audience that will best help you grow and develop your brand.
We combine our deep industry expertise with our talent for delivering groundbreaking PR strategies 

Expertise & Capabilities in Oil & Gas and EdTech

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:

Industry Knowledge and Research

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We understand the importance of the oil and gas industry, and the necessity for dynamic strategies in order to keep all of your relevant stakeholders engaged. Our years of research and experience allows us to position you as an exciting industry player and ensure you’re elevated above your competition.

PR Strategy and Campaign

PR is more than just content creation. We strategically release your content, always considering the timing and positioning of your story. No matter what we’re sharing with the public, our strategic approach means we will put your business on the map at the optimum time. We work by connecting industry events with your campaign, and aligning them in the most impactful way to benefit your brand.

Content Creation

Our team consists of dedicated PR specialists who specialize in content creation across the board. We can provide you with whatever you’re looking for. Whether you’d like to share your story on social media, announce a company milestone, write a thought-piece on the Oil & Gas industry, or advertise your brand in an industry publication, we can help ensure it’s done with maximum impact.

Joint Collaboration

As a PR firm, we know the impact communication has. We always keep our communication channels up and running, from the moment we start working with you. Our team will always reach out for your approval, get your input and ensure you know what we’re working on at any given time. Over the years, we’ve seen the trust and great relationship this builds with our clients.

Media Outreach

We have quality working relationships with a multitude of media outlets, allowing us to pitch your content with ease to the most relevant and exciting publications in the game. Our network includes journals specific to the Oil/Gas industry, so we can get your story seen by the most applicable audiences.

Industry Report

We’ve found that an impactful way to see the effects of our collaboration is to provide you with an industry report. This is a great way to review our work together, and will collate all of the pieces of content we’ve produced, number of people reached, and give you further insight into how our PR strategies have helped new consumers engage with your business. Over the years, this has proven extremely beneficial for gaining insight into what works best for your brand, setting both you and us up for future improvements.

Our Oil & Gas and PR Strategy

Meet & Greet

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We always want to get to know our clients prior to working together. Our team ensures to have an in depth meeting with you to begin our collaboration where we talk about the current situation your business is in, your expectations, target audience and the current climate in the Oil & Gas industry. This allows for us to get a good feel for your company, so that we can keep all of your specific wants and needs in mind when putting together our campaign proposal for you.

Research and Brainstorm

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Following our initial meeting, we always conduct further research to give us detailed insight into the latest advancements in the Oil/Gas industry, with focus on the newscycle, trends and the competition. Following this, we collate a list of the best ways we can spread your message based on our years of experience and extensive toolkit of PR strategies. We will then pitch our carefully curated proposal to you.

Execute PR Campaign

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Once we have the green light from you, we begin by delegating tasks throughout our team, pinning down specific elements of the content, from structure to timing. As always, we’ll be in contact with you during this process, open to your input and suggestions.

Content Creation

Oil and gas are multi-layered, complex industries, not always fully understood by the average media consumer. That’s where we come in. We have extensive experience in taking industry jargon and communicating it simply and clearly to your audience, engaging them in the conversation and ensuring your content is easily digestible without losing its depth and impact.

Media Relations

Once we have curated content that’s been approved by you for release, we will choose the best outlets that we’ve carefully selected for your brand. Our industry connections are built on loyalty, and our contacts know we deliver high quality content from our years of collaboration. This gives us the upper hand when it comes to swiftly finalizing our pitches and means that we can get you visibility in oil & gas industry publications, expanding your reach.

Harvest The Results

Post-campaign reflection has taught us a lot over the years. We always collate and communicate back the results of our collaboration, so that you can feel the effects of the entire process. Our industry report is a great compilation of the results of our campaign and our clients have found it an insightful way to see just how and why working with us elevated their brand. It’s also always proved a useful tool in seeing where future advancement and improvement can take place.

The benefits of PR in Oil & Gas & EdTech

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Staying up to date with regulations

The oil and gas industries affect people’s lives worldwide. Whether you work in the industry, or are just a consumer of the services, it’s an undeniably impactful business, and should be appreciated and understood by people across the board. This is why we’re passionate about oil and gas PR. It allows us to keep the public up to date with any breakthroughs and new practices and be aware of the delicate process that’s required to power our world. In addition to increasing brand awareness, working with PRLab helps your brand lead industry conversations, widening your reach and positioning you as a trusted industry player.

Establishing trust, authority, and expertise

Sharing your business’ brand, work and insights via our PR work can help bring clarity to consumers, position you as a dynamic brand worth investing in, and help you beat your competition. We believe good PR is the most powerful communication tool. We can reach your desired audience, tell your story and bring clarity surrounding your industry, business and practices. Establishing this trust in your brand is key to your market growth.

Building a public community

PR in the Oil & Gas fields is key. Without proper communication strategy in place, these industries can be confusing, divisive and seem overwhelming to those without industry knowledge. At PRLab, we know that content is the key to changing this. We use our array of skills and strategies to position you as a trusted industry source; one that is transparent, innovative and impactful. Whatever your desired audience; consumers, investors or other businesses, we help you build these bridges, creating community through conversation.

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