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We are a corporate communication and public relations firm blending derivation with originality to ensure your corporation is positioned at the forefront of your market.
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Internal and external communications

Our services extend across the entire sphere of your communication needs, both external and internal communications, we provide the expertise to capture and share your corporation's value across all mediums necessary to stay ahead of the pack.

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This includes:
Research & strategy - Market research, brand strategy, go-to-market strategy, and more.
Content creation - Ghostwriting, press releases, newsletters, whitepapers, and more.
Execution and maintenance - SEO, advertising, media relations, social media, and more.
Consultancy - Reputation management, advising, crisis & issue management, and more.

Innovative solutions

With a team full of diverse and modern skill sets, we integrate seamlessly into your organization, helping you adapt and stay relevant. We are an agile corporate communications consultancy merging the flexibility and ingenuity of startup communications into the corporate realm, making sure our solutions are innovative and accurate.

We work with the leaders of tomorrow

PRLab has created a vibrant community of over 1,200 members in The Netherlands by culling the insights, experiences, and expertise of some of the biggest thought leaders in the marketing and communications industry. The chief principle of the community is to innovate and always improve. Working with PRLab X gives your corporation unparalleled access to this community and events, while also affording your organization the opportunity to be a contributor.




Imagine us as an extension of your team to deliver the results essential to your corporation’s goals.
PR works quickly, so we do too. We understand the corporate marketplace, working quickly to adapt and evolve while helping corporations create the news and control the conversation.
We understand the value of speed and our ability to react fast can make the difference between our clients or their competitors gaining the right exposure. 
That’s why within our first month together…

tension of your team

PRLab X is not another corporate PR agency, it’s a partnership. Imagine us as an extension of your team to deliver the corporate communication best practices and results essential to your goals.

tra fast service

PR works quickly, so we do too. The agile approach of PRLab X is predicated on delivering results fast. We understand the value of speed and our ability to react fast can make the difference between our clients or their competitors gaining the right exposure.
Our Xperts hit the ground running, applying effective corporate communication strategies and onboarding themselves to their clients USPs, industry trends, and salient media developments and topics, through an intensive phase of research reports accomplished in the first week of collaboration.
By the second week, PRLab X is pitching stories and articles to test what resonates with the media to find which avenues and methods are successful, and which are not. This phase of experimentation makes use of all our integrated marketing capabilities, taking elements from growth-hacking to the wider marketing paradigm.
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By analyzing results on the fly, rather than waiting for the results to come in, PRLab X brings fresh flexibility to corporate PR efforts. That means, scrapping what does not work and doubling down on what does. Results are what matter most, and PRLab X ensures that the results dictate the action.
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The PRLab X team offers its expertise across a wide array of industries from niche startups to established players.

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