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If you’re a leading tech player, then you need to measure all your efforts' ROI. Digital PR strategies provide the best exposure while allowing you to measure many metrics. We’ll show you what digital PR is and how we help companies and startups like yours.
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Some Top-tier media coverage that we constantly achieve thanks to our Digital PR strategies

How we help you grow with digital PR

As a leading digital PR agency we provide custom-made strategies to meet you at the stage of your growth you're at.

Boost your brand with global digital PR

Enhance brand awareness, attract clients, form partnerships, and secure investments through a dynamic digital PR campaign. As a top-tier global PR firm, we strategically position native teams worldwide, spanning key regions and time zones.
"PRLab created content that even won a prize for us. Their understanding of our philosophy resulted in great content and top tier coverage. The team delivered on time and was responsive, demonstrating professionalism, and attentiveness. "
Natalie Dzigciot
Communications Director, CoreZero
"PRLab increased our share of voice and helped us become thought leaders in our space, which resulted in many new clients. The number of high-tier media coverage impressed us. "
Frida Fors Wallsbeck
Marketing Manager Nordics, Meltwater

Establish thought leadership and foster trust in the digital landscape

In the competitive and saturated digital space, relying solely on press releases via wires won't suffice. What you need is a robust thought leadership strategy to carve out your position as an industry leader. This approach is crucial for building trust among key stakeholders, including investors, partners, and clients in the realm of digital PR.

Our digital PR approach seamlessly blends traditional PR and SEO, using engaging storytelling to boost brand visibility and improve search engine presence. Unlike traditional PR, our digital strategy incorporates metrics that go beyond media coverage, providing measurable insights into online impact and audience engagement. This data-driven approach ensures a more precise and accountable strategy tailored to your brand's success.

The digital PR aproach of our firm, combining SEO and PR

Our digital PR strategy

Our model is very straight forward and optimized for results.
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Research and data

We conduct a solid media and competitor analysis to come up with solid data points to understand where to position you and optimize those stories for results such as traffic and increased domain authority. All our efforts will be fueled by measurable KPIs. We don't get you featured in any outlet, we carefully select the ones that wil have the biggest impact on your organization and opitmize the strategy for that.
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Lean brainstorming & strategy ideation

Our team of digital PR experts will come up with a number of different approaches to your specific PR campaign. We explore the stories we need to tell, and provide you with options on the ways to tell these stories, and the journalists and media outlets to share them with. All based on data

You will of course express your preferences and land on the one approach that best suits your company's needs.
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Editorial content & PR calendar

Campaign ideas have different characteristics, with some focusing on the idea or content, while others focus on the spread, reach, values, or steps in your company’s progress. But the best campaign for you will be chosen, with the potential for the highest return on investment for you. We will present those relevant ideas and KPIs based on your business goals and once we get your approval we move onto the next step
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Execution and iteration

Now that your content is up and running, it is time to pass it on to relevant media outlets that will publish it for your target audience to see. Our wide network of connections with media outlets and journalists allows us to pick out the most relevant platforms that are appropriate for your type of content and the industry you operate in.
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Analysis and iteration

Because of the built trust and reliance on journalists, it is important to pick the right ones, since a campaign is a long-term story that will be maintained and followed up on. So the right journalists are essential, and we make sure that we score you the perfect outlet for your needs and industry. Once we have initial results, we study the ones that brought solid impact and iterate the strategy accordingly
Research and data
Lean brainstorming & strategy ideation
Editorial content & PR calendar
Execution and iteration
Analysis and iteration
Logo of Nupay, a client of our digital PR agency

NuPay needed a solid digital PR strategy in place to position the brand as a leading player in their field. Read about how PRLab made that happen in record time.

Success Study

Digital PR is an SEO gamechanger

"Digital PR is a straightforward winner in SEO. It cuts through the noise, securing backlinks from major media sites, a task often unachievable with just traditional SEO. These links are crucial for better search rankings, plain and simple."

Photo of Genaro Palma, SEO expert giving quote about Digital PR.
Genaro Palma
Head SEO at PRLab

What our customers have to say

Logo of Nupay, client of PRLab
"We received over 50 featured articles and publications in the press. PRLab helped raise awareness for our project and provided many high-quality backlinks. PRLab also acquired multiple comment slots for our CEO and CTO."
Photo of Joshua Bell, SVP of Nupay
Joshua Bell
SVP of Marketing, NuPay
Logo of Splashtop, client of PRLab
"PRLab was able to get several stories published, bringing Splashtop closer to our goals. The organized team led regular meetings and utilized various tools to keep track of the results and ongoing tasks. Their efficiency, excellent follow-through, and structured approach definitely stood out."
Photo of Daniela Itro, Head of PR at Splashtop
Daniela Itro
Head of PR, Splashtop
Logo of Recruitee, client of PRLab
"I really appreciated that throughout our collaboration, the PRLab team really felt like part of our own team. That is not something common when working with external agencies. They were always available for us, friendly and professional."
Monica Ciovică
Community Marketer, Recruitee

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Still have questions?

You need a marketing team that understands your goals to create a comprehensive digital PR strategy. PRLab has the skills to navigate the complex media landscape. We have a proven track record of success in gaining brand exposure for clients in various industries. Our experienced team's vast knowledge and passion for digital marketing allows us to create compelling stories, achieve media coverage, and establish strong relationships with editors at the outlets most relevant to you. Our aim is to drive growth for your business. You are in good hands. Our methods work.

Companies and consumers go online to buy what they need. Your online PR efforts have, therefore, never been more important. An effective digital PR campaign can drive traffic to a website and turn those visitors into actual customers. Online PR is important to brands for several other reasons, including earning new links that take users to your website, which boosts SEO performance and increases organic traffic (see above). It is also important to communicate expert knowledge to the general public and search engines, which is made possible through the relevant placements of your thoughts and opinions in journalists’ articles. It also helps build a community through thought-out and planned on-site assets and engagement.

One wonderful thing about digital PR (there are many of course) is that it shines a powerful light on your ROI. This is because it presents the best opportunities and clarity when it comes to tracking your leads, where sales come from, and how long people spend on your website and its pages. There are different tools for measuring different platforms. Put simply, it is better for measuring results, thus making it easier to tailor strategies or make adjustments. We’ll work with you to determine the key success metrics you’re looking for, what you want to achieve and when.

This depends on the nature of your organization, where you’re up to so far, and what you want to achieve. For example, if you are aiming for more website traffic, content marketing and link-building might be a priority. Launching a new product? Then, press release coverage in certain outlets may be your goal. Looking to attract investment? Then, thought leadership, perhaps, or maybe all of the above. It also depends on where your target audience is and how you hope to reach them. There are a handful of tactics we may employ. We’ll have a chat about these.

To make the first step, click ‘contact us’ to send us a message using our contact form, or drop us a call if you’re based in The Netherlands. Tell us what you want to achieve with your digital PR campaign. Every business has unique challenges and specific needs. We want you to tell us about yours. This will give us the best chance of understanding what you want to achieve and how we’ll go about this.

We cover the full spectrum of digital PR, from SEO, crisis management, internal communications, media training, and PR funding. Our highly specialized and talented team is focused on delivering you the results you need. We can track influence and digital mentions, creating engaging and tailored content to enhance your brand’s visibility. We focus on leveraging the power of PR to build and maintain a strong, positive public perception of your business.

Before we begin, we sit down to work with you to develop SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) and what KPIs we will use. At PRLab, we take a different approach and don't sit around waiting for our clients to send us news. We ensure our clients' visibility by constantly creating news and placing them in well-known outlets within their field. Our goal is to become an extension of your team functions.

We’ll assess your needs and assemble a team of experts based on your goals and market. You’ll get a team member who you can reach out to as a point of contact. Plus, our other experts depending on your needs. We’re always open and transparent about what we’re doing, when, and why.

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We've helped +100 clients achieve their business goals with the power of Strategic PR across key markets. All our PR strategies are custom-made to fit your needs and meet you at the stage of growth you're at. Tell us about yourself and how we can help you.
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