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If you’re a startup or scaleup, then you’ve probably reached the point of needing a PR campaign. Digital PR strategies provide the best exposure. We’ll show you what digital PR is and how we help companies and startups like yours.
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What is digital PR?

Digital PR differs from traditional PR as we know it in quite a few different aspects. But in a nutshell, Digital PR is the act of applying core principles of PR (such as crisis communication and lead generation) to a digital context or environment. The practice assists the process of brand awareness, website traffic, online sales, and overall brand image and audience engagement, all of which are on a global scale thanks to the outreach potential.
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Benefits of digital PR

Apart from that, there is a much wider range of opportunities when conducting a digital PR campaign, such as different platforms (social media, journalists, blogs, online celebrities, etc.) and types of content (video, audio, text, graphics, etc.). Prices also fluctuate from option to option, depending on your specific needs. However, the main takeaway from Digital PR is the global reach.

Why hire our digital PR agency

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Our experience in PR for tech companies has taught us the tips and tricks of maintaining a good digital presence
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Especially in the era of information, it is essential to have an experienced team that can put you in the spotlight by placing your ideas and innovations in front of the eyes of the audience
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We understand what makes people click on a story and how to make it both engaging and informative, and that can make all the difference

Our digital PR services

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Types of digital PR campaigns

As any type of process, digital PR campaigns have some formats that have proven their unique effect
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Thought leadership

The first type of campaign is thought leadership. It specializes in taking a name and a face (e.g. the founder or CEO of the company) and attaching it to the brand.

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The process involves that person providing expert knowledge and opinions on hot trends in the industry. The goal is to generate influence and credibility, putting you as an assistant to the market, and your brand as an authority with expertise and trustworthiness. We help you in creating the identity and maintain it throughout time.

PR quiz

Quizzes are a great and interactive way to engage your audience. It attracts media attention and creates the opportunity to gather in-depth data on how to proceed with future campaigns.

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We not only engage the audience in a fun way, but also create a hook for them to also learn about the content your brand has to spread.

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PR stunts icon

PR stunts

These types of campaigns have one of the wider ranges of opportunity in the industry.

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Alongside the notion of a “fake” product (adding comic relief to product), creating scenarios for the perfect job, Chrome plugins and apps, campaign comparisons, etc., all fall in the category of PR Stunts. We help you come up with the most unique and effective way to draw media attention and user engagement.

Creative and interactive content

Creative and interactive content usually comes with a somewhat larger investment, due to its nature to engage the audience in some form of interactivity.

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Because of that, however, there is a larger reward expectation, which makes this type of campaign prominent in the field. The point is to find a creative angle that will draw the attention of the audience by engaging them with an activity aiming to be entertaining and informative at the same time. This activity engagement also draws the attention of media outlets eager to reflect it.

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Data-driven campaigns and graphic content icon

Data-driven campaigns and graphic content

Last but not least, a data-driven campaign is a great way to communicate the expert knowledge you have of the industry.

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Because of its nature of taking into consideration past information and insights, we are able to generate unexpected news that gets you coverage and media attention. In addition to that, your brand visibility is likely to increase, leading the target audience to the certainty that you know what you talk about when you speak.

Our digital PR strategy

As every business is different, and has a different approach, work ethic, preferences and needs, we have adapted to be able to meet those requirements
Creating campaign
Media outreach


The first step of our joint work is brainstorming. Our team of PR experts will come up with a number of different approaches to your specific PR campaign. We explore the stories we need to tell, and provide you with options on the ways to tell these stories, and the journalists and media outlets to share them with.

You will of course express your preferences and land on the one approach that best suits your company needs. Campaign ideas have different characteristics, with some focusing on the idea or content, while others focus on the spread, reach, values, or step in your company’s progress. But the best campaign for you will be chosen, with the potential for the highest return on investment for you.

Industry research

After we have a clear and structured plan of what we’ll be doing, we will conduct industry research. This entails research on the industry trends, competition, audience and audience preferences, media outlets in the specific area, etc. This research will give us deep insight into the most relevant channels to release your story.

Additionally, we use media monitoring tools to gain even deeper insights into the behavior and likes of your target audience, as well as get feedback on the visibility of existing content - which parts are more entertaining, where people click, where people stay, etc. We then ensure that nothing has been missed in our process to release your campaign.

Creating your campaign

Our team of PR experts are ready to start crafting your campaign. Depending on what we have agreed upon with you, we will create the exact and specific type of content that you need. The team knows how to apply unique and creative angles to your stories, which has been derived from experience, coupled with the industry knowledge and gathered data. We additionally take into account journalists and their preferences and demands for content. The combination of these aspects will bring you a campaign from start to finish that will bring your vision to life.

Media outreach

Now that your content is up and running, it is time to pass it on to relevant media outlets that will publish it for your target audience to see. Our wide network of connections with media outlets and journalists allows us to pick out the most relevant platforms that are appropriate for your type of content and the industry you operate in.

Because of the built trust and reliance with journalists, it is important to pick the right ones, since a campaign is a long term story that will be maintained and followed up on. So the right journalists are essential, and we make sure that we score you the perfect outlet for your needs and industry.

Traditional PR Agencies vs Digital PR Agencies

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Digital PR

Digital PR consists of any online campaign activity - from blogs and journals to social media platforms and audio and graphic content that can be uploaded online. The difference between traditional and digital PR lies in how your content is released
Icon for Traditional PR

Traditional PR

Traditional PR uses sources like the newspaper, print media, and live events. While these methods are impactful, digital PR has a much wider reach in today’s world

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Some answers for the most common digital PR questions

What is digital PR?

In digital PR, organizations and brands create and keep positive relationships with the public, stakeholders, and target audiences by leveraging digital platforms and online channels. Digital PR serves to introduce tactics for link building, simultaneously involving interactions with the press. Digital PR specialists are here to help brands earn backlinks for their websites, which is done by creating and placing newsworthy content in relevant publications, often within the news sphere.

Is PRLab a digital PR agency?

Yes. We excel at generating creative content in different formats that can be accommodated anywhere online. We help you customize your content for specific online blogs, online journals and articles, social media platforms, and more. Additionally, our network of journalists with whom we have built and secured strong relationships is here to ensure your content is released on the most relevant platforms specific to your industry of interest.

Is it necessary to hire a digital PR firm that specializes in my industry?

Hiring a PR agency that has experience in your industry is a must yes. PR firms with an in-depth understanding of the industry landscape and knowledge of the competitors and trends within it have much greater chances of achieving outstanding results for their clients. Especially for startups and beginner companies, relying on industry expert PR agency is a must.

Why should I use PRLab as my digital PR agency?

PRLab has the skills to navigate the complex media landscape. We have a proven track record of dealing with media outlets and gaining client brand exposure. With our experienced and knowledgeable team, brands can create compelling stories, obtain media coverage, and establish strong relationships with journalists and editors at the most relevant outlets. Combine this traditional PR foundation with a Digital PR mindset, and you have a winning focus.

Why is digital PR important?

PR is important to brands for several reasons, including earning new links that take users to your website, which increases organic traffic and boosts SEO performance. It is also important for communicating expert knowledge to the general public and search engines, which is possible due to relevant placements of your thoughts and opinions on journalists’ research articles. It also helps build a community through thought-out and planned on-site assets and engagement.

How does digital PR impact SEO?

Digital PR impacts SEO by earning new links to a brand’s website. Links serve as a proxy for ‘votes.’ The websites with the most votes will appear highest up the search results. But, not all votes are equal, so savvy digital PR will seek to earn links from high-quality, highly relevant websites.

Why should I hire a digital PR agency?

Using online channels and platforms helps us maximize brand exposure and engagement. In the digital space, digital PR agencies can help you develop and implement strategies tailored to your audience's preferences, such as content creation and distribution, online reputation management, and SEO. You can use social media platforms, online communities, and influencer partnerships to build brand loyalty, foster productive interactions, and increase conversions. Digital PR agencies ensure that negative mentions or feedback about your brand are dealt with promptly and effectively by monitoring and managing its online reputation. Engaging with your customers, stakeholders, and target audience can also help you build and maintain a positive online reputation.

How much involvement does PRLab require from my business?

We at PRLab take a different approach and don't sit around waiting for our clients to send us news. We constantly ensure our clients' visibility by continuously creating news for them and placing them in well-known newsletters and outlets in their fields. We work with you to develop SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) and worthwhile KPIs for these.

What is the expected timeframe for seeing results from the PR campaign?

The timeframe varies depending on the nature and complexity of the campaign. In any case, we always provide our clients with reports during and after every campaign so they are not left in the dark. Our team places a high value on transparency in efforts, updates, and results.

How can I know whether PRLab is a good match for my company?

We have a rich portfolio of clients and the industries we operate in. We have a number of study cases for you to browse and learn about the clients we have worked with, the industries we have touched, and how we proceed according to our client's needs. Whether it be through our chatbot, e-mail, or phone, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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