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If you are a startup or scaleup business, you’ve probably reached the point of needing a PR campaign. And in today’s world, there is no better way to get exposure than by using Digital PR strategies with global reach

Well, you’re in the right place. In this page, you will come to know what Digital PR is and how our Digital PR agency can help companies and startups like yours.
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What is Digital PR?

Digital PR differs from traditional PR as we know it in quite a few different aspects. However, the main takeaway from Digital PR is the global reach. Apart from that, there is a much wider range of opportunities when conducting a digital PR campaign, such as different platforms (social media, journalists, blogs, online celebrities, etc.), type of content (video, audio, text, graphics, etc.). Prices also fluctuate from option to option, depending on your specific needs.

But in a nutshell, Digital PR is the act of applying core principles of PR (such as crisis communication and lead generation) to a digital context or environment. The practice assists the process of brand awareness, website traffic, online sales, and overall brand image and audience engagement, all of which on a global scale thanks to the outreach potential.

Why Hire Our Digital PR Agency

Our experience in PR for tech companies has taught us the tips and tricks of maintaining a good digital presence. Especially in the era of information, it is essential to have an experienced team that can put you in the spotlight by placing your ideas and innovations in front of the eyes of the audience. We understand what makes people click on a story, and how to make it both engaging and informative, and that can make all the difference.
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Traditional PR Agencies vs Digital PR Agencies

The difference between traditional and digital PR lies in the form your content is released in.

Traditional PR makes use of sources like the newspaper and print media, as well as live events. While these methods are impactful, in today’s world digital PR has a much wider reach. Digital PR consists of any online campaign activity - from online blogs and journals, to social media platforms, and audio and graphic content that can be uploaded on the online space.

Our Digital PR Services

Digital PR Strategies

Here at PRLab we handle your brand with the uniqueness it needs and deserves. We plan out a personalized and specific PR strategy that best suits your company’s goals. That way, we get more familiar with your brand and its work ethic and preferences. When we’re done, you’ll have a clear and structured idea of what exactly to expect, which will elaborate on how we secure the links and coverage in top tier media outlets.

Content Creation

Our team of expert copywriters will plan, structure, draft, and finalize the perfect content for your announcement - whether it’s an achievement, funding round, expansion, product or service. At PRLab, we offer you flawless content that not only puts you in the spotlight, but creates a conversation around you and your area of expertise, which will engage your audience with your ideas and innovations. All this done in an easy-to-read way, but at the same time comprehensive and equipped with in-depth industry knowledge.

Digital PR and SEO

The joint benefits that Digital PR and SEO both gain from each other are perfect for a successful outreach. In essence, Digital PR aims to produce content that is specific for your company, and ultimately reach the right audience and as much of it. SEO, on the other hand, plays a role in securing that reach. They both have commonalities and differences, but SEO is all about your content’s performance in search engines, and the organic traffic your website secures.

Our team of SEO professionals work on a daily basis to monitor and maintain our web performance, as well as the content made for you. Our SEO services include creating content that is SEO-friendly, and making sure that we get backlinks and improve your website’s Domain Authority.

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Digital PR Training

Here at PRLab our team of PR experts will help you gather an idea of how to develop an appropriate and successful PR campaign. Typically based on audience understanding, Digital PR training entails the research and in-depth knowledge of your target users’ behaviors, likes and dislikes, and data patterns that are accessible. What is more, we help you with having the best approach when it comes to reaching out to media outlets and journalists.

Your business, as we mentioned earlier, has unique needs that need to be addressed and adapted to, and with our training service, we provide you with the expertise necessary to know your way around SEO techniques and media monitoring tools. With this, you’ll be able to gather detailed insights on your audience and content performance, and learn how and where to make changes in order to make the most successful PR strategy for your business.

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Lightspeed Content

We work like a well oiled machine. Our team’s work ethic allows us to produce the most successful and appropriate PR campaign with great speed in order to meet your deadlines, as well as the deadlines of your industry.
One of our services includes a content piece at the end of each week. We work to divide our tasks clearly and fluently, giving us the ability to brainstorm ideas, research the industry, write your story, double check it, provide the final version, and present it to you for approval. And we are able to do that fast and with the transparency you deserve.

Crisis Communications

It is always possible that your business has had the misfortune of having negative publicity, or negative PR. In these cases, we are fully equipped to mitigate the damage to the utmost extent.
We are fluent in what is referred to as Crisis Communication. This includes providing you with risk assessment and additional media training. The purpose of this reactive process is to be able to have a crisis communication plan, know which journalists to contact, and how to craft your story in a way that clearly presents your side of the story too. After all, you deserve to be heard, and we make sure that happens.

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Social Media Campaigns

If a more dynamic approach is what you need, social media campaigns are perfect for that. With the vast shareability and time spent on social media, target audiences are much more likely to reshare the content we release, and steam up discussion - all in the same place.

With our social media services, you will be able to create content that is more specific and tailored to your customers’ needs, and do so in a way that engages them in a two-way communication channel. With a social media campaign, your business will have the opportunity to develop a personality, attaching to it core values and beliefs that your brand supports and continues to support through its work and actions.

Graphic Design

We talked about writing stories and press releases, but if you want a more dynamic type of content, we can provide that too! With our Graphic Design services you can have a more dynamic and engaging campaign, which mainly consists of visual communication.

Our team of graphic designers can add a creative touch to your strategy and provide you with anything you need - from typographies, iconographies, to simple but powerful illustrations. In the process, we first arm ourselves with understanding your brand and the values that come with it. Then we fully develop a personalized design that can send the message you have for the audience.

Strategic Branding

In case you are still in the process of figuring yourself out as a brand, we’re here to guide you. The service of Strategic Branding helps you stand out in a dynamic and competitive market. We work together to identify your core values and beliefs, and attach them to your brand image in order to create a unique identity that will start building your authority and credibility in your industry and among your target audience.

With us you can be sure that you will not only have your core values, but also communicate them in the most appropriate way. We take your key messages and transform them into consistent stories that back up what you stand for and how you work towards enriching the environment revolving around your company.

Our Digital PR Strategy

At PRLab, we value your uniqueness. Which is why our years of experience have taught us that you deserve a personalized strategy. As every business is different, and has a different approach, work ethic, preferences and needs, we have adapted to be able to meet those requirements.
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The first step of our joint work is brainstorming. Our team of PR experts will come up with a number of different approaches to your specific PR campaign. We explore the stories we need to tell, and provide you with options on the ways to tell these stories, and the journalists and media outlets to share them with.
You will of course express your preferences and land on the one approach that best suits your company needs. Campaign ideas have different characteristics, with some focusing on the idea or content, while others focus on the spread, reach, values, or step in your company’s progress. But the best campaign for you will be chosen, with the potential for the highest return on investment for you.
Icon for Digital PR Stratefy, Industry Research

Industry Research

After we have a clear and structured plan of what we’ll be doing, we will conduct industry research. This entails research on the industry trends, competition, audience and audience preferences, media outlets in the specific area, etc. This research will give us deep insight into the most relevant channels to release your story.
Additionally, we use media monitoring tools to gain even deeper insights into the behavior and likes of your target audience, as well as get feedback on the visibility of existing content - which parts are more entertaining, where people click, where people stay, etc. We then ensure that nothing has been missed in our process to release your campaign.
Icon for Digital PR Stratefy, Creating Your Campaign

Creating Your Campaign

Our team of PR experts are ready to start crafting your campaign. Depending on what we have agreed upon with you, we will create the exact and specific type of content that you need. 
The team knows how to apply unique and creative angles to your stories, which has been derived from experience, coupled with the industry knowledge and gathered data. We additionally take into account journalists and their preferences and demands for content. The combination of these aspects will bring you a campaign from start to finish that will bring your vision to life.
Icon for Digital PR Stratefy, Media Outreach

Media Outreach

Now that your content is up and running, it is time to pass it on to relevant media outlets that will publish it for your target audience to see. 
Our wide network of connections with media outlets and journalists allows us to pick out the most relevant platforms that are appropriate for your type of content and the industry you operate in.
Because of the built trust and reliance with journalists, it is important to pick the right ones, since a campaign is a long term story that will be maintained and followed up on. So the right journalists are essential, and we make sure that we score you the perfect outlet for your needs and industry.

Types of Digital PR Campaigns

As any type of process, digital PR campaigns have some formats that have proven their unique effect.

Click on the numbers to see each one of the types

Thought Leadership

The first type of campaign is thought leadership. It specializes in taking a name and a face (e.g. the founder or CEO of the company) and attaching it to the brand. The process involves that person providing expert knowledge and opinions on hot trends in the industry. The goal is to generate influence and credibility, putting you as an assistant to the market, and your brand as an authority with expertise and trustworthiness. We help you in creating the identity and maintain it throughout time.

PR Quiz

Quizzes are a great and interactive way to engage your audience. It attracts media attention and creates the opportunity to gather in-depth data on how to proceed with future campaigns. We not only engage the audience in a fun way, but also create a hook for them to also learn about the content your brand has to spread.

PR Stunts

These types of campaigns have one of the wider ranges of opportunity in the industry. Alongside the notion of a “fake” product (adding comic relief to product), creating scenarios for the perfect job, Chrome plugins and apps, campaign comparisons, etc., all fall in the category of PR Stunts. We help you come up with the most unique and effective way to draw media attention and user engagement.

Creative and Interactive Content

Creative and interactive content usually comes with a somewhat larger investment, due to its nature to engage the audience in some form of interactivity. Because of that, however, there is a larger reward expectation, which makes this type of campaign prominent in the field. The point is to find a creative angle that will draw the attention of the audience by engaging them with an activity aiming to be entertaining and informative at the same time. This activity engagement also draws the attention of media outlets eager to reflect it.

Data-driven Campaigns and Graphic Content

Last but not least, a data-driven campaign is a great way to communicate the expert knowledge you have of the industry. Because of its nature of taking into consideration past information and insights, we are able to generate unexpected news that gets you coverage and media attention. In addition to that, your brand visibility is likely to increase, leading the target audience to the certainty that you know what you talk about when you speak.

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What is Digital PR?

Digital PR serves to introduce tactics for link building, simultaneously involving interactions with the press. Digital PR specialists are here to help brands earn backlinks for their website, which is done by creating and placing newsworthy content in relevant publications, often within the news sphere.

Why is Digital PR important?

Digital PR is important to brands for a number of reasons, including:

- Earning new links that take users to your website, which increases organic traffic and boosts SEO performance.

- Communicating expert knowledge to the general public as well as search engines, which is possible due to relevant placements of your thoughts and opinions on journalists’ research articles.

- Building a community through thought-out and planned on-site assets and engagement.

Is PRLab a Digital PR agency?

Yes. We excel at generating creative content in different formats that can be accommodated anywhere on the online space. We help you through the customization of your content for specific online blogs, online journals and articles, social media platforms, and more. Additionally, our network of journalists that we have built and secured strong relationships with, are here to make sure your content is released in the most relevant platforms that are specific to your industry of interest.

Why use a Digital PR agency for media outreach?

Legacy has a long track record dealing with media outlets and gaining valuable exposure for brands. Combine this traditional PR foundation with a Digital PR mindset and you've got a winning focus.

How does digital PR impact SEO?

Digital PR impacts SEO by earning new links to a brand’s website. Links serve as a proxy for ‘votes’ and the websites with the most votes will appear highest up the search results, simply speaking. But, not all votes are equal so savvy PRs will seek to earn links from high quality, highly relevant websites.

Why should I hire a Digital PR agency?

A Digital PR agency will combine all of the power of traditional PR with measurable metrics that can boost all marketing channels.

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