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Employee communication are integral to any company’s success and can stimulate employee motivation. As your internal communication agency, our aim is to deliver smart internal communication.
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"Covid-19 disrupted communication with 8,000 employees across 30 markets. To foster global motivation, we launched the 'LeasePlan runs to the Moon' campaign. PRLab's crucial support, creative ideas, and effective collaboration resulted in surpassing the Moon target ahead of schedule, showcasing the success of our communication strategy."
Tanya Pakhuta
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Internal communications & employee experience

Transparency and openness are values that employees demand nowadays. Read further about how we make them part of your culture.

Transformational change

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, said "change is life's only constant." To succeed, enthuse all in your organization, guiding and educating them to understand the change's nature, benefits, and their role.
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Internal communications

Internal communication is crucial for organizations, ensuring employees are informed about company goals and plans. Despite its apparent simplicity, the process involves careful consideration in choosing the right channels for information delivery to guarantee effective communication.


Fostering employee wellbeing involves clear communications on seeking assistance, covering physical and mental health, emotional well-being, work-life balance, and purpose. Effective communication contributes to a caring, supportive work environment.
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Why trust our internal communications agency?

We are a group of skilled individuals prepared to consistently deliver on our commitments.
Winning communication
Tailored communication


You can rely on us to fill the communication gap so all employees know and understand your company's goals. The benefits of internal communication include engagement, trust, and productivity. You can keep employees engaged and information flowing through engaging content and expert storytelling.
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Winning communication

We help you create and shape your internal messaging about strategic or organizational transformation or reacting to unexpected external events. We use the latest internal communication tools to measure effectiveness, including engagement and response metrics. Our experienced consultants can determine the best communications mix, so let us help you.
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Tailored communication

Whether your employees prefer a newsletter or video, we can produce compelling, relevant content for your online and social channels. You can choose the medium that best suits your employees. With our experience, we can develop a solution that meets your needs, and we will execute it expertly.
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How does our internal communications services work?

Internal communications rely on a carefully thought out communication plan where honesty and transparency are core.
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Internal communications audit

As part of our process, we conduct an audit of a company's current communications structure. 

In order to gain an understanding of the areas where improvement can be made, we conduct one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and surveys to assess the current level of employee and management satisfaction.
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Identify key metrics

Following this, we figure out how to measure the future strategy's success. This includes monitoring the internal communications strategy of your organization. 

What are the levels of employee engagement with your content? Are there any persisting issues within your organization that need to be addressed through more effective communication? 

How can these issues be measured and improved?
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Creating a report

Using the information gathered during the initial phase, we compile a report containing the current state and recommendations for the next steps and prioritization of the key areas needing improvement. 

Using the information gathered, we create a customized timeline for your company, ensuring maximum efficiency.
Photo for the step 4: Developing a internal communications strategy

Developing a strategy

Once we have assembled a guideline based on our general recommendations, we then meet with you to discuss it. 

This stage is about making sure that we are heading in the right direction before we take concrete steps, taking into account your unique perspective. 

You will need to determine how much you wish to be involved in the process in order to do this.
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Creating content

Using our research and your initial input, we will create any content for internal corporate communications, including meeting scripts, speaker training using “what-if” scenarios, and motivational and incentive programs. 

We will also determine which channels and formats work best for different audiences and messages.
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Analyzing performance

The key performance indicators will measure our strategy once actionable steps are completed. 

We continuously evaluate your internal corporate communications strategy to determine if necessary changes need to be made. 

It is possible to paint a clear picture of what is working and what isn't by using measurable statistics and employee feedback.
Internal communications audit
Identify key metrics
Creating a report
Developing a strategy
Creating content
Analyzing performance
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See how Leaseplan improved internal communications with our services and increased employee engagement in return.

Success Study

Your uniqueness unveils impactful, resonant messages

"I understand that each organization is entirely distinct from others. While similarities and trends exist, challenges have particularities that define any internal comms strategy. However, the true success of internal communication emerges when we explore and appreciate the unique and nuanced character of a company."

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Matias Rodsevich
Founder & CEO of PRLab

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Still have questions?

Internal communication is the communication with employees about the organization and any work-related info. Internal communication can be done through newsletters, official company announcements, training guides, and the company intranet, to name a few. The purpose is to keep employees informed about the organization, keep them motivated, and share important news.

There are four types of internal communications that we believe every organization must apply: leadership communication (leaders within an organization communicating updates to the organization or the next steps or direction the organization to take), management to employee communication (top-down communication of information or instructions), employee-up communication (bottom-up), and peer-to-peer communication (horizontal).

Internal comms should be more than just for management to shout orders once in a blue moon. Regular and varied internal comms bind your workforce, keeps them in the loop and makes them feel part of the conversation. Your employees should not be left in the dark when it comes to the direction of the company. Internal comms makes people feel valued and motivates them to give their best. Gone are the days when all communication is top-down, and employees are only given minimal information.

There are many challenges involved in ensuring effective internal comms. Employees are often on the receiving end of a lot of info. But not all is relevant. It’s important to share information based on people’s roles and responsibilities. With the rise of remote working, bringing everyone into the fold has become challenging. Internal comms must foster unity, engagement, and a sense of collaboration. It needs to go beyond time zones and cultural differences. It needs to be audience-relevant, in tune with the content's message, and written in a way that engages and motivates. Furthermore, in times of change, people can feel uneasy. Internal comms should bring unity during such times.

With PRLab, you get an adaptable, personalized approach to internal communications. Each organization is different, and we develop a thorough understanding of your organization and its needs when developing a tailored internal communications strategy. We take the time to ensure that your internal communication strategy is right for your organization and speaks to your employees in a way that motivates and informs them, all while maintaining your organization’s identity and purpose.

With any kind of PR activity, you need to be able to measure its effectiveness. Quantifiable values can deliver internal communication metrics and say what's working—and what's not. Some examples are employee engagement with internal communications initiatives or specific knowledge and understanding of an initiative. Happiness and satisfaction at the workplace are other key metrics you want to measure as part of your internal communication PR strategy.

Higher employee engagement indicates people are actively involved and interested in internal communications efforts and that the message is being retained. Feedback, participation, and employee satisfaction are other KPIs that show your company is on track to achieve its overall aims.

Not necessarily. Human resources encompasses various functions of managing and supporting employees, including recruitment, training, and development. While HR is responsible for employee management, Internal communications share organizational messages. While the two functions overlap, internal communications are not necessarily part of HR. HR is centered on what a business needs to achieve and why an employee should be motivated to achieve it. Employee reward programs, benefits, compensation, and so on could be used to implement this. Human resource communication focuses exclusively on employees. Internal communications consider employee engagement and outside customer satisfaction as a result of this engagement.

Each organization is different. We pride ourselves on driving engagement and adoption. It's important to be aware of your audience and adapt communication accordingly. Think about the best channels to reach people. Use a mix of emails, meetings, and the intranet to reach everyone with regular updates and be clear and consistent across all channels. You must be purpose-driven to get people on board. For successful reach, take the time to plan and develop an internal communications calendar that sets out key dates and communications. Involve leaders in this. It’s important to monitor your strategy and chosen methods to assess your impact and reach and consider what could improve it. Feedback mechanisms can help a lot here.

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