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Management and employee communication are integral to any company’s success and can stimulate employee motivation. As your internal communication agency, transparency will be our main aim.

Why internal communications?

Internal communications keep everyone informed, from positive news about company achievements to negative ones that need to be disclosed.

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What are internal communications?

Internal communication refers to messages management communicates with employees about the company and work-related issues. A company's internal communication includes newsletters, announcements, training guides, policies, procedures, and anything that relays company-related information.

Why do you need internal communications?

You create a sense of transparency and openness by keeping employees informed about events, policy changes, and the general state of business. You can use it to promote two-way communication and to engage people. Creating a channel for feedback and discussion is crucial to keeping people calm during a crisis.

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What is crisis communications?

An organization or individual faces a public challenge to its reputation, and crisis communication intends to protect and defend it. In crisis communications, the goal is to raise awareness of a specific type of threat, its magnitude and outcomes, and specific behaviors that can be adopted to reduce it.

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Why trust our internal communications company?

When it comes to the important task of managing your internal communications strategy, you need an experienced PR agency.
Winning communication
Tailored communication


You can rely on us to fill the communication gap so all employees know and understand your company's goals. The benefits of internal communication include engagement, trust, and productivity. You can keep employees engaged and information flowing through engaging content and expert storytelling.

Winning communication

We help you create and shape your internal messaging about strategic or organizational transformation or reacting to unexpected external events. We use the latest internal communication tools to measure effectiveness, including engagement and response metrics. Our experienced consultants can determine the best communications mix, so let us help you.

Tailored communication

Whether your employees prefer a newsletter or video, we can produce compelling, relevant content for your online and social channels. You can choose the medium that best suits your employees. With our experience, we can develop a solution that meets your needs, and we will execute it expertly.

How does our internal communications services work?

Internal communications rely on a carefully thought out communication plan where honesty and transparency are core.
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Internal communications audit

As part of our process, we conduct an audit of a company's current communications structure.

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In order to gain an understanding of the areas where improvement can be made, we conduct one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and surveys to assess the current level of employee and management satisfaction.

Identify key metrics

Following this, we figure out how to measure the future strategy's success. This includes monitoring the internal communications strategy of your organization.

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What are the levels of employee engagement with your content? Are there any persisting issues within your organization that need to be addressed through more effective communication? How can these issues be measured and improved?

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Creating a report

Using the information gathered during the initial phase, we compile a report containing the current state and recommendations for the next steps and prioritization of the key areas needing improvement.

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Using the information gathered, we create a customized timeline for your company, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Developing a strategy

Once we have assembled a guideline based on our general recommendations, we then meet with you to discuss it.

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This stage is about making sure that we are heading in the right direction before we take concrete steps, taking into account your unique perspective. You will need to determine how much you wish to be involved in the process in order to do this.

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Creating content

Using our research and your initial input, we will create any content for internal corporate communications, including meeting scripts, speaker training using “what-if” scenarios, and motivational and incentive programs.

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We will also determine which channels and formats work best for different audiences and messages.

Analyzing performance

The key performance indicators will measure our strategy once actionable steps are completed. We continuously evaluate your internal corporate communications strategy to determine if necessary changes need to be made.

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It is possible to paint a clear picture of what is working and what isn't by using measurable statistics and employee feedback.

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Some answers for the most common internal communication questions

What are internal communication?

Information management communicates with employees about the company, and work-related issues constitute internal communication. Information relayed by a company through internal communication includes newsletters, announcements, training guides, policies, procedures, and anything else related to the company. The purpose of such is to keep employees informed about the state of the organization and to share important news.

What are the 4 types of internal communication?

There are four types of internal communications that we believe every organization must apply; leadership communication (leaders within an organization communicating updates to the organization or the next steps or direction the organization to take), management to employee communication (top-down communication of information or instructions), employee-up communication (bottom-up), and peer-to-peer communication (horizontal).

What are the pillars of internal communications?

Inform, educate, and engage. Inform ​​focuses on sharing important information with employees. This includes organizational updates, news, policies, procedures, announcements, and other relevant information. The second pillar, "Educate," emphasizes providing employees with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their roles effectively. The third pillar, "Engage," focuses on fostering two-way communication and creating opportunities for employee interaction, feedback, and participation.

What is the difference between marketing and internal communications?

In a corporate context, we define communications as disseminating messages to the company's targeted internal audience to reinforce its position, and values and share important information. While marketing is "customer-centric," which is communication about the audience (whether it be the internal or external audience).

Why choose our internal communications agency?

With PRLab, you get an adaptable, personalized approach to internal communications. Each organization is different, and we develop a thorough understanding of your organization and its needs when developing a comprehensive internal communications strategy. We take the time to ensure that the initial steps are thorough, and we work with you to consider your specific needs.

What are examples of internal communication?

It is possible to communicate internally in many ways. An example of corporate-to-employee correspondence would be scripting a meeting, providing training materials, designing graphics, communicating company information in written or verbal announcements and newsletters, or organizing company events. It is the responsibility of internal corporate communication to relay all company-related information.

What are KPIs for internal communications?

These are quantifiable values that can deliver internal communication metrics and say what's working—and what's not. Some examples are employee engagement with internal communications initiatives. Higher employee engagement indicates people are actively involved and interested in internal communications efforts and that the message is being retained. Feedback and, participation, employee satisfaction are other examples of KPIs.

What makes a good internal communicator?

When communicating internally, you must mix company news, knowledge, ideas, feedback, and fun. Don't just focus on company news. You'll lose your audience. Send out some lighthearted polls or competitions, including social events, personal achievements, and fun moments around the office.

Is internal communications part of HR?

Human resources encompass various functions of managing and supporting employees, including recruitment, training, and development. Internal communications aim to share organizational messages, while HR is responsible for employee management. While the two functions overlap, internal communications are not necessarily part of HR.

What is the difference between internal communication and HR?

HR communication's role is centered on what a business needs to achieve and why an employee would be motivated to accomplish it. Employee reward programs, benefits, compensation, and so on could be used to implement this. Human resource communication focuses exclusively on employees. Internal communications consider both employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

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