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Key to all our services is understanding the core principles of your brand and your unique value proposition. Thanks to our media training services and PR courses you will be able to communicate it clearly to the public

What is media training?

PR media training is a key part of any public relations strategy
Receiving media training ensures that you handle interactions with journalists in a way that aligns with your company’s core values and brand identity while simultaneously providing the media with content they deem worthy of publishing
How you deliver your key messages is equally important to their content. Delivering your messages successfully takes a level of skill that we will help you master throughout our media training courses.

What will you learn?

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Formulate your brand identity

At PRLab, we operate with the idea that each startup is different and has different drives and values, needs, and goals. These values constitute the most significant part of your greater marketing and strategic communications. During our PR training, we will assist you in formulating your brand identity and identifying the distinct competencies that make you stand out from your competitors.


Our media training courses teach you how to tell your story and communicate your values, even within complex media interactions. The most critical question you need to focus on answering is why people should care about your brand and the service or product you offer, as well as the values you represent.

Evolve your messages

These key messages change over time to reflect the important events and changes within your industry. Our media training course will help you continually evolve your messages, so that your core values are always communicated to the media.

Why is media training important?

Icon for brand identity

Brand identity

Media training ensures that you are able to deliver your message and accurately portray the image that is most conducive to your brand identity
Deliver messages successfully

Deliver messages successfully

In this public relations course, our media training consultants will not only teach you how to develop strong messaging, but will also instruct you on how to deliver these messages successfully
Communicate with the media

Communicate with the media

Learning all the details to communicate with the media will polish your skills in pitching your stories, thus increasing your chances of having your content spread at the right place for the right audience to see

Developing skills

In our public relations courses, we will help you develop essential skills for communicating with the media
Body language
Core messaging
Staying on Message

Body language

One of the most important, subtle ways you can engage your audience and ensure that interviews and media interactions go smoothly is to show your openness and willingness to answer questions, even if this isn’t the case.

Eye contact, relaxed but open posturing, and strong overall energy all translate to success in your media interactions. Through our media training, we will ensure you have the proper tools to bolster your company’s key messages and contribute credibility through simple nonverbal techniques.

Developing strong core messaging

Our media training consultants will guide you in understanding how to communicate what sets your company apart, developing these distinctions into key messages and mantras that others will remember. You know better than anyone what makes your company valuable, and with our PR training, you will be able to fully demonstrate its unique value.

Staying on Message

Our media training will do more than helping you to “save face” in difficult interactions with the media. It will provide you with insight into how to manage these situations with confidence, giving you more control and creating windows to relay your desired messages if an interviewer or journalist is not creating these opportunities for you.

Our media training courses

Take a look at our media training process and PR courses
Identifying individual needs

Identifying individual needs

Our media relations training begins like all of our services: getting to know you. Our training is designed to be as dynamic as possible, and the first step of the training consists of identifying your unique and personal needs, not only for our sake, but yours as well.

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Knowing exactly where you stand and what you need will pave the way for the next steps in your process. This means you will be more aware of what you need to do exactly in order to have successful communication with the media.

Understanding your brand identity

Key to all our services is understanding the core principles of your brand and your unique value proposition. The more you understand what drives your company, what gives it value, and why people should care about it, the stronger your story will be.

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Part of our media training is gaining insight into your desired brand image and helping you relay these messages in your media interactions. The purpose of PR is to find that unique angle that can elevate your company over its competitors by communicating its unique value structure and telling stories rather than direct selling.

Understanding your brand identity
Turn your messaging into soundbites

Turn your messaging into soundbites

Once we understand the core values of your brand we will help you develop the key messages that you will seek to deliver in your media interactions.

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These key messages should address the core of what you want your target audience to hear. They should be a couple of sentences that can be both delivered and understood with ease.

Clear, to the point, informative, and engaging messages are what media representatives usually look for, which is why these features will help you score successful relationships with media outlets and journalists.

Dodging bullets

The goal of our public relations training courses is to prepare you for a variety of interactions with the press and the media.

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It is highly likely at some point an interviewer will ask an uncomfortable question that you either will not want or will not know how to answer. Our PR training ensures that you will be prepared for these scenarios, ensuring that even hard interviews avoid disaster.

Dodging bullets
Speaking to the media

Speaking to the media

The last step of this public relations training program is by no means any less important than the others, and this is to practice! We will help you prepare with mock Q&A scenarios, preparing you for all possibilities and any difficult question you may face.

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By focusing on these challenging situations, you will get more comfortable with answering questions and bridging the conversation back in the direction you prefer so you can always communicate with the media in a way that aligns with your brand image and key messages.

We make sure you know exactly what your values are, so when you think about an answer, you should always consider the values first, and how these values can be spread with the actions or words you intend to spread.


A technique we employ throughout our PR and marketing course is role-playing. This serves the purpose of bolstering your media skills through interactive media training.

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We successfully explore how different scenarios might play out, and prepare you for any encounters you may experience in real life.

It further polishes your speaking skills, helps you think on the spot, and gives you the confidence to be able to freely talk to the media without hesitation and with certainty in the values and work of your brand.

Matias Rodsevich founder and CEO of PRLab, media training mentor

Your media training mentor

You will be trained by Matias Rodsevich, the founder and CEO of PRLab, a leading PR Agency in Amsterdam.

With over ten years of PR and marketing experience in both B2B and B2C he is specialized in technology and product communications in corporate, startup and agency environments.

He has worked for international tech companies such as IBM and Google, before moving to Amsterdam to work for Impraise, a web-based and mobile HR tech startup.

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Some answers for the most common media training questions

What is media training?

Media training involves learning and practising the skills necessary for an individual to face the media. Within PR media training, you will learn about a distinct form of communication, answering questions from journalists, anticipating their questions, and effectively conveying your message with confidence.

By learning the techniques of media training you are best preparing yourself for when journalists and publications are coming to your business and hearing from you directly. Perhaps you are being interviewed, or publicly speaking at an event, both of which are great opportunities for communicating your business’ mission in a meaningful way and educating your target audience on your brand.

If you are not prepared your message may be miscommunicated and your brand may suffer as a result. Taking the time to prepare your key messages, and learning how to ensure they are communicated even when an interview becomes difficult ensures that you or your team can promote your brand.

How important is media training?

Media training serves the purpose of helping you understand the media landscape and what content is newsworthy. Following what you learn, you will be able to make up a great story that is written in an appropriate way, and additionally contact relevant journalists that would find your story interesting, engaging, and worth publishing. You will also gain the confidence to communicate with the media and take control of interviews, which is something that will keep growing with time and experience in your media relations.

How much does media training cost?

Fees for media training services can vary from firm to firm and client to client. Generally, fees begin around $1,500 and can go up to $20,000, or even more. There are generally several factors that determine the price, including the number of people being trained, time involved and complexity of the material. It's important to know what you are paying for.

Why is media training important?

Media skills training is important because speaking to journalists requires an entirely different skill set to that of talking to your colleagues and industry peers. While a journalist is a person just like you, conversations and interviews with journalists have a transactional nature. They want to find out information about you to create an interesting story, and you are trying to promote your brand.

This is the main reason for media training, improving your ability to effectively share your brand’s message and information that will resonate with your customers and educate a wider audience about your business. By following a PR marketing course you can learn how to clearly transmit the key messages of your business in a clear and precise way, and control the direction the interview is taking. The journalist asks the questions, but you can still steer them in the direction you wish the conversation to go.

While the skills from this public relations management course will do more than benefit your PR department, developing stronger communication skills is simply beneficial to you. You will learn to communicate in a persuasive, natural and empathetic manner which ultimately will build your confidence and add credence to your credibility.

What is a media coach?

A media coach is a person who gives feedback and instructions to someone who is in preparation to be interviewed by the media. The goal of media coaching is to improve the coaching recipient's content, branding and delivery, and teach the interviewee detailed tips and tricks on how to give a good impression and act as a representative of the brand.

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