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Introduction to SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has played a major role in boosting digital markets in business practices. More than 50% of successful businesses invest in the help of a professional search engine optimization agency.

Although there are a lot of companies that provide natural positioning services, finding the right SEO consulting company for your business can be very overwhelming because there are a lot of different factors that must be considered.
Some businesses may be familiar with natural positioning, but unfortunately most small businesses and start-ups do not fully understand the notion of it and its importance as one of the digital marketing strategies. Why is enlisting the help of an SEO agency so important for businesses? And how can we use SEO services to give your business a leg above your competitors? The explanation in the next sections will give you deeper insights about it and its application in businesses.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, SEO is the process of improving your website to increase the quantity and quality of traffic from a search engine’s organic results. The better visibility your page has in a search result, the more attention and prospective customers you will attract.

SEO works by understanding the process used by search engines to prioritize the pages they show you when you make a query. Think of a search engine as a library, but instead of storing books, it stores web pages. When you make a query the engine browses its indexes to give you the results you need. There are thousands and sometimes millions of results related to your search, so these engines have to use an algorithm to make sure they display the most useful and relevant pages.

There are a variety of factors considered by search engines that impact a website’s performance. These factors include the quality of content and the architecture of the site, that is its load speed, security and usability. They also measure backlinks, which are links that lead to your site. The quantity and quality of these sites will have an impact on your own site’s optimization. An experienced SEO specialist will understand these multifaceted considerations, and strategize accordingly to assist you in creating and revising content that will attract more traffic to your website.
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Why are SEO services important?

Millions of people use search engines daily looking for answers and solutions. To make sure your website gets prioritized by these search engines, it is essential for it to be search engine optimized.

In fact, more than 70% of search engine users are more likely to click on the top five links, and rarely go beyond the first page, so without high performance, you won’t see much traffic.

Part of getting a well optimized website is not just in the keywords, but in creating a highly usable website. Sites that provide great usability score higher on search engines, meaning as well as just being a good experience for the user, you will have more users coming your way. Being shown higher up on search engines also increases users’ trust of the website.

Thus, SEO is important as it increases your brand’s visibility, builds consumer trust, and creates a good user experience. This will increase your traffic and earn you more leads and conversions. Without the help of an experienced SEO specialist that follows a carefully integrated strategy, it is very difficult to manage all the ins and outs of a fully integrated strategy.

The technical SEO Audit

An SEO audit is a process in which the factors that impact a website’s performance are analyzed by SEO specialists to understand how your page is performing and what you can do to improve it. This is done by looking at three different categories: the technical factors, and both on-page and off-page factors.

Keyword Research

The first step of an SEO audit is to conduct keyword research. This is the practice of researching common, industry-specific terms and phrases that are driving search traffic to search engine results pages. The purpose of this is to find which relevant phrases users are typing when they use search engines.

By understanding which questions your audience is asking, you can tailor your content to provide answers and include the keywords and phrases you have identified. Identifying keywords can help you improve your existing content, provide guidance for what subjects your future content should be about, and generally help with the copywriting of your website. Performing this as the first step is also crucial as it assists with the planning and construction of your website, giving you an indication of how you should structure and organize your pages and content.

Competitor Analysis

The very nature of search engine optimization is competitive. If you are performing better and moving up a search engine’s ranking, other websites are moving down, and vice versa. It is therefore very important to invest time in competitor research to understand the underlying factors that are affecting your ranking compared to your competition.

The keywords and phrases identified by SEO specialists in the first step allow your competitors to be identified. From your competitors, you can learn how to better optimize your own website. Firstly we can assess their on-page factors such as the quality of their content, the graphic presentation and the overall user experience. We can also analyze their off-page performance, creating a picture of their backlink profile to see the role that has in performing better than your website. By understanding how and why your competition is performing, you can form a more effective SEO strategy.

SEO Strategy

It is an important part of SEO services to also have a well-structured website, as this improves its usability, makes sure users spend more time on your website, and generally ensures increased engagement. The structure of a website is how the different pages are interlinked and presented. Having an intuitive structure is important as it allows users to navigate your site better, which improves its SEO ranking and increases conversion rates.

Search engines look at how user-friendly your website is and factor this into its ranking. Our audit will assess your site structure, look at how your content links together, what menus and buttons you have in place, and look at the hierarchy of your information and titles. With this evaluation complete, our SEO specialists will provide you with a website structure proposal for improving its performance and rankings.

SEO On Page Analysis

The next step is to look at your own on-page factors. On-page refers to the content and HTML source code of a page, instead of the links and other external signals that impact the performance of a website.

A high performing website has highly optimized content, as this is what a user is here for. But what makes it good content? Firstly, it should be meeting the demands and providing relevant and meaningful answers to the questions of the users.

As well as the text, the images and multimedia also need to be remarkable and contribute to a positive user experience. The way the content is laid out should make it easy to navigate, and it should be adaptable to different devices, so will be displayed effectively on computers, tablets and mobiles. Additionally, we conduct a tag analysis of the content of your metadata and source code, ensuring it is easily shareable across other websites.

Additional factors will affect your website’s performance, including its adherence to Google’s Core Web Vitals. The first of the Core Web Vitals consist of LCP, or largest contentful paint, which measures loading performance. The second is FID, or first input delay, which measures interactivity. The third is CLS, or cumulative layout shift, which measures visual stability.

SEO Off Page Analysis

Off-page analysis examines the factors that occur outside of your website that have an impact on its search engine performance. This involves improving search engine results and user perception of a site’s authority, relevance and trustworthiness. This is accomplished by having other reputable sites link to yours, effectively vouching for your credibility.

These links are also known as backlinks, and search engines use them as an indicator of quality. Factors that affect the equity of these links are the linking site’s popularity, the ‘freshness’ of the link, the anchor text used in the linking site, and the trustworthiness and authority of the linking domain and page. SEO specialists will also look at any other online presence you have through guest blogs and social media marketing.

Apply the Changes

After completing the SEO audit and analyzing your websites on-page and off-page content, doing keyword research and assessing your competitors, PRLab’s SEO specialists will provide you with a document of all the changes that should be made to optimize your site.

As an SEO consulting agency, our SEO services are primarily focused on developing an effective strategy to improve your rankings. However, in some cases we can also help you implement the changes, particularly if it is a WordPress site as this is our specialization. In some cases, particularly if it is an old website, it may be simpler to build a search engine optimized site from scratch, as this will also give you more control in the future. If this is the case, you should check out our SEO Friendly Website service, where our SEO specialists build a fully optimized site for you.

Our SEO specialists

Our SEO specialists here at PRLab will offer quality services, ensuring fast loading times for websites and mobile-friendliness, as well as using descriptive, keyword-rich meta-tags and making sure your website is easy to navigate.

Our experts always avoid black hat SEO tactics, which include keyword stuffing, link manipulation, and duplicate content that may get your site penalized or even banned from search engines.

Our leading SEO specialist in Amsterdam, Genaro Palma, has 5 years of experience working in SEO and web development. Always ensuring that his practices follow the terms and conditions of major search engines, Genaro will use his analytical skills and expertise in business growth to improve your website’s search rankings using organic, effective strategies.

Photo of Genaro Palma, top SEO specialist in Amsterdam.

Affordable and Professional SEO Services

Our SEO services are in-depth, consisting of a full audit and assessment of your current website. By analyzing all the factors that affect your website’s performance, we provide you with all the information you need for search engine optimization.

As well as providing you with a report, our SEO specialists will continue to work with you to improve your content within search rankings and ensure that all your improvements follow the best and latest Google practices. Depending on your needs, we can offer different services, such as helping you with WordPress, boosting local SEO, or even building a website from scratch if need be. You can trust our SEO services to be professional, affordable, and attentive to your unique and individual needs.

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The SEO Process. Step by step.

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SEO Audit

The first step of PRLab’s process is to conduct an SEO audit. This itself has several steps, the first being to conduct keyword research to find what keywords and phrases are being commonly searched for in your industry. Then our SEO specialists conduct an analysis of your competitors, scrutinizing how their pages are optimized.

In the next stages of the audit, we look at both the on-page and off-page factors, assessing the content on your website and looking at the authority and references to your site occurring elsewhere. We then provide you with all the information you need to optimize your website and improve its search engine performance.

UX Consulting

During the audit, there is also the option for UX consulting. Website performance is not only decided by keywords and link building, but by the elements of user experience. The way Google measures this is through their algorithm RankBrain.

RankBrain is a machine-learning algorithm that helps Google measure how people interact with results. It assesses factors such as organic click-through rate, the users dwell time and bounce rate, which is the percentage of visitors leaving a site without taking any action. Websites that perform well are considered to have a better user experience as users are more engaged with the site. PRLab’s SEO specialists can instruct you on how to optimize your website design to see improved engagement and conversion rate.

Improve your content

Our SEO specialists use our extensive research from the audit to create a report for your website. This report will contain all the suggestions regarding where and how you can improve your content for SEO , and actionable advice for making sure your page is fully optimized both on and off-page and can contend with your competitors. This report will be completely customized to fully optimize all the pages on your site.

Measuring and Reporting

Once you have implemented all the changes to your website, SEO specialists will also monitor your site in the following months to measure and track its success. We track your engagement metrics to see how people are behaving on your site and what effect the optimization tactics are having.

The most popular metrics include conversion rate, the time spent on your page, and the users’ bounce rate and scroll depth. We set goals for the end of each month, and will then see which tactics are working and what can be done to improve content. Google analytics has vast amounts of data that can be used to measure and understand these metrics.

Advanced SEO techniques

After all the changes from the audit have been implemented, with the content being tracked and its performance measured, it is time to move on to some more advanced techniques.

One of the latest evolutions in SEO is SCHEMA markup. A powerful, but under-used technique, this optimization tool involves putting code on your website that helps search engines return more informative results for users. This code tells search engines not just what the data on your website says, but what it means, meaning that your website can be indexed better and will be more relevant for users.

Another method of advanced optimization is AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is using code to improve the speed of websites on mobile devices, and helps ensure the best user experience possible on mobile. PRLab’s SEO specialists will use these methods and others to continue to optimize your website even after our report.

Link Building + Quality Content

After we have fully optimized all of your on-page factors, improved your content and streamlined the user experience, the next step within our SEO services is to look at the off-page factors. Here, our SEO specialists begin to build high-quality links to your website. Link Building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.

Search engines use links to crawl the web. They crawl the links between the individual pages on your website, as well as crawling the links between entire websites. This is how they discover new web pages and determine how well a page should rank in their results. It is very beneficial for your website as it generates more traffic and builds relationships with other websites during the process.

Local SEO, perfect for local business

Another service we can offer you is local SEO. This is a strategy that helps your business become more visible in local search results on Google and other search engines. Any business with a physical location or that serves a specific geographical area can benefit from local SEO.

After analyzing the behaviour of users, Google realized that when it came to people seeking out certain types of businesses, they were looking for results from their immediate area. This is why Google now takes the user’s location into account, and gives results based on proximity even if the user didn’t include location in their search.

PRLab’s SEO specialists use a number of important techniques to improve your website’s performance in local searches. These include optimizing keywords aimed at local audiences to help you take advantage of location-based factors, such as business listings and review signals.

Pieses of Coverage 

WordPress SEO Optimization

At PRLab, our SEO specialists are knowledgeable in WordPress SEO as well as for hardcoded websites. In addition to the other on-page, off-page, and technical factors that are important in regular search engine optimization, there are a few extra considerations for when doing SEO on a WordPress site.

The most important difference with SEO on WordPress is the theme of the website. The theme determines the website’s appearance and layout, which has an impact on your website’s usability and the user’s engagement. The theme has a significant impact on the loading speed of a page, optimize Core Web Vitals on WordPress and certain themes will have a limitation on how fast they can run, particularly if the site has heavy plugins.
Our SEO specialists can select and develop a theme that has a clean code and fast loading speed, which is vital to having good performance. We will also help manage and prioritize the plugins on your website, which will also increase loading speed. If your website and code are hitting a ceiling for loading speed, we also offer a service of building a fully SEO-friendly from scratch.

Case studies

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Logo of PRLab, client of our international SEO firm in Amsterdam
Logo of Volta, client of PRLab

Check our FAQ

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of getting targeted traffic from a search engine’s organic rankings. By creating high quality content, optimizing it around key words, building backlinks and ensuring it has responsive design, SEO improves a site’s rankings in the organic, that is, non-paid section of search results.

Google works by scanning their index for the best results suited to your search. They decide what pages to prioritize based upon certain factors. The first is relevancy; that is, simply how closely related pages are to your search. Of course, this still leaves thousands of relevant pages for your search term, which is why there is also the element of authority.

Measuring authority is Google’s way of determining if the content is accurate and trustworthy and it measures this by looking at the number of backlinks to that page. Backlinks are how many other pages will link to that page. Finally Google looks at the usefulness and usability of the page, with pages having a better user experience performing more highly.

Why is SEO important?

Millions of people use search engines daily looking for answers and solutions. To make sure your website gets prioritized by these search engines, it is essential for it to be search engine optimized. In fact more than 70% of search engine users are more likely to click on the top five links, and rarely go beyond the first page, so without high performance, you won’t see much traffic.

Part of getting a well optimized website is not just in the keywords, but in creating a highly usable website. Sites that provide great usability score higher on search engines, meaning as well as just being a good experience for the user, you will have more users coming your way. Being higher up on search engines also increases the users trust of the website.

Thus SEO is important because it increases your brand’s visibility, builds consumer trust and creates a good user experience. This will increase your traffic and earn you more leads and conversions.

How to do SEO on WordPress?

Optimizing SEO for WordPress sites works in the same way as other website platforms. It looks at the on-page, off-page and technical factors of your website’s performance. It still aims to build your website around keywords and create relevant and meaningful content, and to develop an authoritative network of external backlinks to your page.

The main difference from other platforms is in the technical factors. The theme of WordPress and the plugins you use have a big impact on the speed of a website. To speed it up, it is key to select and build themes with clean code and to prioritize the use of plugins, only using what is necessary. In some cases, WordPress websites are limited in how fast then run, and in that case it may be simpler to look into our other service of SEO Friendly Websites, where we can build a fully optimized website from scratch. This also means your site is guaranteed to have a hosting platform that is specifically designed to work with WordPress.

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a process in which the factors that impact a website’s performance are analyzed to understand how your page is performing and what you can do to improve it. This is done by looking at three different categories, the technical factors, and both on-page and off-page factors.

Technical factors are aspects such as hosting, indexing and load speed. On-page factors are the quality and relevance of the site content, target keywords and their related terms. Off-page factors are the backlinks and outside references to your page. A very important part of an audit is also assessing a website’s responsive design, so how well it performs on mobiles and other devices.


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