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PRLab offers startups and scaleups the detailed planning they need in order to be placed on the map. From PR planning to creative content and media relations, our Strategic Communications Agency will guide you through the entire process of increasing your company’s brand awareness. 

Especially if you’re a startup or scaling your business, PRLab is the perfect place for you to get the most unique and appropriate PR campaigns with implemented Strategic Communications.
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PR Strategy and Strategic Communications

Whatever stage you are taking your business to, you will realize, or have realized, that PR and brand exposure is a necessity. As such, you need to have a PR strategy for any achievement, news, product, service, or just information worth sharing. This is especially important. You as a business should not let news go unnoticed, and for that you need the perfect PR strategy. However, “perfect” differs from brand to brand, as each has different needs. This is why the agency you choose should understand the specific and personalized needs for a successful PR strategy.

What is Strategic Communications?

Strategic communications is a commonly used term in today’s practice of PR. It includes the development of one or more messages by implementing high-quality planning, research of audience behavior, etc., with the ultimate goal of brand promotion and brand recognition.

The way we deliver strategic communications is through our complex network of media outlets and journalists. We reach out to them, considering a range of different sources, including but not limited to press releases, social media posts, podcasts, videos, interviews, speaking events, etc. That way the story we have planned and crafted is strategically communicated to your most appropriate target audience due to the prior research and industry knowledge we develop.

Our Strategic Communications Services

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Tech Public Relations

Tech Public Relations is a specific branch of PR that focuses on all variants of the tech industry. As such, we offer intensive expertise in the industries, with our experience ranging mostly in the field of technology. The main goals here include planning and creating content in a way that explains complicated industry terms in a more comprehensive manner in order to provide an easy, entertaining, and informative read for the average user.

We excel at creating unique tech content that can set you apart from the competition by focusing on your innovative ideas, and attract the attention of the most amount of people in your target audience by focusing on industry specific media outlets.

Media Training

You want to contact journalists yourself? Media training is a part of any strategic communications plan. We teach you how to adapt your content and processes to match what journalists in your industry prefer and consider worth publishing, which helps when you reach out to media outlets (their mail is often flooded with content for publishing so you have to stand out). By studying relevant competitor content and the predominant stories in your field, we develop two important features for your business.

Firstly, we prepare you to be able to make your content likable by the most important journalists, so that your content reaches the eyes of the target audience you aim to attract.
Secondly, we focus your attention on patterns in the content of your competitors, making you aware of other options and opportunities. That way you can implement new and different strategies, and build your story in a more appealing way that stands out when you reach out to journalists.

Digital PR

Digital PR is the hottest form of PR in the status quo. It has the potential to reach audiences across the globe, filter out irrelevant target groups, and do all that with speed and efficiency.

We work to provide you with the most appropriate Digital PR campaign by using media monitoring tools to gain insights on your target audience’s behavior and common interests and values.

With our strategy, you can communicate your ideas and opinions on the industry to the most relevant audience, which also increases the chance for creating discussions. With a two-way communication method, your audience is more engaged and gets the benefits of being heard, allowing your company to adapt to their likes, dislikes and preferences.

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communication is a reactive process where we arm ourselves to mitigate the damages from a form of negative PR that your brand has unfortunately received. With prior industry knowledge and research, we focus on providing you with the channels for you to speak up and show your side of the story.

Additionally, we prepare you to focus on the values that your company holds and works towards in order to remind your target audience that whatever mistake or error has occurred does not define your brand.

If the worst has happened, we’re here for you with more information on crisis management, how to prepare and execute your plan in order to mitigate as much of the damage as possible.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is one of the strongest and most effective ways to execute strategic communications. We build a representative for your brand. A name and a face (preferably the CEO or Founder) is attached to your brand, with the brand being associated with the person and vice versa.

The goal here is to generate industry knowledge and expertise by voicing your thoughts and opinions on hot topics in order to establish trustworthiness and credibility. Your target audience will be more likely to trust your company and grow closer to its ideals and what it has to offer. The thought leader then stands as a “support” to the industry your company operates in, and provides proactive engagement with the purpose of moving forward and developing groundbreaking innovations.

We are here to make sure that happens with the most outreach, so the audience is sure to see and hear the leader.

Media Outreach

Throughout the years, we have built a complex network of relations with media outlets and other journalists in most industries out there. The established trust and continued work has made us the perfect candidate to pitch your stories.

We know what journalists like and what they consider worth publishing, and we know how to shape your unique story in a way that fits your brand image, but also fits the media requirements.

Thus, we work to the best of our ability to score you a place of visibility, where the most relevant audience will see your progress and engage with your ideas. If you have a story to share, we have the means to make that happen.

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Why is Strategic Communications Important?

Strategic Communications dictates how your audience will receive the information you have to tell them. And because it is imperative that the audience’s first impression is positive (not invasive, or negative), you need a well thought out plan that considers every detail of the process. This is how strategic communications come into play. And because of its importance in shaping the public’s opinion about your brand, it is even more important to have a global PR agency that is delegated the task of creating the plan including research on audience behavior and relevant channels for your industry. This is where PRLab comes in with a range of different services, each designed to fit into your personalized needs.

Sectors of Expertise

As mentioned before, we specialize mostly in the tech industry, which has its own branches that are fundamentally different from each other. As such, we have mastered the art of adapting to different environments, including fast-paced, dynamic, and competitive fields that require time management and deep insights.

Our experience has spread throughout a wide variety of sectors, most of which are trending in today’s world as some of the most important sectors out there.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The SaaS industry is constantly evolving and expanding. With the world growing more and more dependent on the online space, we can see SaaS companies booming. Especially cloud-based companies, which now have multiplied both in numbers and size in order to provide the space needed for people to work, study, create, store, and share. 

Learn more about PR for SaaS companies.


Cryptocurrency emerged not long ago, and has been overtaking people’s attention ever since. With most people envisioning the industry as the “coin of the future”, all eyes are now on crypto. Additionally, there are already cases where companies have begun accepting cryptocurrencies as a legitimate payment method, which greatly increases the potential of the industry to be more and more relevant and competitive. In this dynamic context, we have found a strategic way to set you apart from the crowd.

Learn more about crypto PR.

B2B Tech

Business-to-business (B2B) technology is one of PRLab’s specialties in its specific and detailed PR strategy requirements. It consists of the consistent information exchange between professionals in different industries, meaning two things.
Firstly, it is the cornerstone of bringing two different industries together and managing the process of their cooperation and communication, and secondly, it features a dynamic and fast-paced change in nature because of the different pairs of different industries. This makes the industry stand out with its dynamic operations, and PRLab stands out as a certified guide to those operations and relations.

Learn more about tech B2B public relations.


CleanTech works towards providing eco-friendly solutions to pressing environmental issues, and does so with the utilization of progressive eco-friendly technology. The industry is accelerating not so much because of public interest as it is because of the pressing needs for it. With climate change steadily maintaining its crucial importance on a global scale, CleanTech compiles the ideas and innovations on cutting down on different environmentally-unfriendly practices, such as gas emissions, plastic use, awareness, etc.

Read more about PR for renewable energies and CleanTech.


The retail technology sector is revolutionizing the way e-commerce and the broad retail sector operate. Traditional means of shopping are becoming less and less relevant, with companies constantly improving user experience when shopping online. Due to a data-driven approach gathering insights on target audiences, retailers have now adapted to enable consumers to have a highly personalized, faster, and more convenient shopping experience. PRLab makes sure your company is able to compete with the dynamic changes and the digitization of retail, and do so in a way that you stand out from the competition.

Read more about tech retail and PR.


The industry of financial technology aims to bring people and transactions together. New and unified platforms now offer transactions across the globe, each with more ease than the previous. With companies competing to provide the best services with the most efficiency and the lowest costs, FinTech is standing out as one of the hottest global industries in today’s world.

Read more about our FinTech PR agency.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) originate from the same family as cryptocurrency, namely blockchain. This new form of digital possession (more recent than cryptocurrencies) has made its way to the top of relevance with its increased security. Due to the blockchain feature of decentralized ownership, NFTs are popular in their monetization and safe storage in the online space. And of course, needless to say, they can be bought with cryptocurrencies, making the two industries complementary and closely connected.

Read more about NFT PR and blockchain PR.


HighTech opens up the requirement for a multifaceted PR strategy plan that has options for change and diversification. The industry revolves around the most complex and recent technology in the world, which makes the content provided all the more complex. We understand the difficulties in passing down the process of how a HighTech product is created and have managed to adapt and be able to simplify the content, making it available for an engaging and informative read for the average target user.

Learn more about High Tech PR and IT PR

Global PR

Global PR refers to the notion of taking Public Relations to an international level. Whereas there is local PR that can be planned and created to take effect within a narrow target audience and market, global PR includes all things PR. Taking a story across borders implies that credibility is needed in the new markets, alongside consideration of language and cultural barriers, which need to be adapted.

This is where a global PR agency comes into play by doing detailed research on different environments and adapts the content of one international company to match and compete in different markets across the world.

Learn more about our international PR agency.

Why Choose Us As Your Strategic Communications Agency

With years and experience PRLab has transformed into an agency that understands both its clients and the respective media channels. Our best feature lies in the diverse and dynamic work we do. Our process begins with a discussion with you on the topic of how you want things done. Because we understand that each and every company has its own specific needs and goals, we have made it our first priority to adapt our work to match those specific needs, which is why we provide you with a personalized content strategy plan.

That goes for the stage of creating your content, researching your industry, competitors analysis, and the strategic communications plan.
With unique content, a creative touch, media outreach plan, and a final report (featuring a case study), we make sure that you stand out from the competition in your field of expertise by putting you on the map for the most appropriate eyes to see.

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What is an example of strategic communication?

Strategic communication is illustrated by an in-depth planning of a brand’s PR campaign for present and future by making use of past data. In this sense, industry timing and appropriate platforms are vital for the proper brand positioning of a company. An example is timing your content with the trends in the industry in a way that allows you to take the spotlight and share your information when all eyes can be on you. This, for example, works by keeping secrets from external shareholders to secure that they won’t do the same thing at the same time.

What is the role of strategic communications?

A strategic communicator creates a detailed plan to successfully communicate a brand policy, service, product, achievement, or any news-worthy content to its relevant audience. As such, strategic communications have the role of shaping that content to best accommodate industry-relevant approaches and applications. For that reason, prior research and insight is gathered on the industry itself, the company’s competitors, target audiences, and how the brand stands out from the crowd.

What are the types of strategic communication?

There are different and dynamic ways to implement strategic communications. The most noteworthy include advertising, public relations strategies, media planning and contact, brand strategy, digital PR and marketing, social media management, creative production, creative content, and more. It has a wide range of purposes, with the ability to include health, political, public, tech, environmental, and social communication, all with an industry-specific strategic purpose.

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