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The digitalisation of PR is presenting a new scenario requiring brands to go beyond earned media content, a.k.a publicity. Today’s PR landscape involves automatisation, the adoption of new tools, growth marketing and solutions to boost our efforts and meet ever-changing demands.

In order to keep up with the constant evolution of the industry, PRLab, a community of PR & Marketing professionals in the Netherlands gets together on a bi-monthly basis to discuss innovation in the field. In addition to discussing innovation in PR, we also explore relevant areas such as neuromarketing, growth marketing, data analysis, and implement those insights into our PR strategies to generate the impact that we want.

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We’re always looking for great venues, so if you’d like to provide yours for the next meetup please shoot us a message at hello@prlab.co.

Past Meetups

  • Subject: We contacted some of the leading marketing and PR personalities to discuss some challenges and trends facing the industry today.  From startups to corporate– we made sure there was a wide range of insights to examine and new solutions to

  • Subject: Creating and maintaining a successful brand requires it to be positioned accurately. During this session, we learned everything about how to define branding strategies that set the path for effective positioning within your target industry. Speakers: Diogo Pinheiro, Senior Brand Strategist &

  • Subject: The rise of brand activism and purpose-driven marketing is transforming the way we perceive brands. In this session, we explored how to develop, evolve and spread our brand’s purpose with two experts in the field. Speakers: Adam Stones, founder of A’DAM CommunicationsAlette

  • Subject: The power of Strategic PR and the must-haves in your PR strategy that will bring the results you want. Speakers at PRLab's event: Ronald van der Aart, senior PR strategist at PR agency Roger’s Communication.Elfstedenzwemtocht: How to raise 5 million euro for

  • Subject: The topic of innovative Content Marketing. More and more PR professionals are leading content marketing strategies. Speakers: Fernando Angulo, head of international partnerships at Semrush.Gilles de Clerck, head of growth at The Growth Revolution and organizer of The Growth Conference.Kirsty Sharman, Growth Marketing

  • Subject: How to deal with the media in a crisis situation Speakers: Arne van der Wal,research journalist and co-founder of journalist platform Follow the Money.Ward van Beek, founder PR agency Whizpr and communications agency Itsarep.Peter Smit, former director of crisis communications atglobal PR-agency Burson Marsteller.Boris

  • Subject: A panel discussion with 3 renowned journalists who will share tips from the other side of the story on how to approach them, how to write an engaging pitch, and everything related to the journalistic world. Speakers: Jeroen Goeman Borgesius, Executive Director

  • Subject: For our survival, we must go beyond earned media content, aka publicity. PR work today may involve automatisation, the adoption of new tools and solutions to boost our efforts and increasingly generating on-demand content based on same-day data analysis for