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Retail tech PR is one of the most valuable communication tools a retail technology company could have. The industry is highly influenced by new technologies, making the pace at which retail tech evolves extremely demanding. Ensuring that your business stays relevant in the market is our main priority.

As a leading retail PR agency, our skills and strategies are sure to propel your technology PR initiatives towards business growth success.
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We're NOT a traditional Retail PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional Retail PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why choose your Retail Tech PR agency?



We’ve worked with many renowned companies in the tech industry and its respective sectors (SaaS, Fintech and more...), building our own reputation as an award winning PR agency. Our dedicated team of PR experts have succeeded in growing our clients’ industry presence time and again. We are determined to provide you with retail tech pr services that will help you gain market visibility and prominence.


We grow your business through using PR as a means by which to demonstrate your industry pioneering contributions to retail technology. PR is about communicating the value adding benefits of our business, we do this through content marketing and business storytelling. If you want to become a leader of the retail tech sector, you need to share your knowledge, positive industry contributions and market insights. For this to be successful, you’ll need a top PR agency .


We’ve worked with companies from across the tech industry and its respective sectors. Over the years we’ve grown our portfolio to include a diverse range of clients. Through working with tech clients, we’ve acquired the needed skills and knowledge to perfect your retail technology PR strategy. Due to the rapid development and dynamics of retail tech, you’ll need a PR agency that’s accustomed to fast change - in order to keep you relevant.


As technology progresses, so does the way in which people receive information and the way they search for information. For you to show up in front of your most valuable audience, you’ll have to dedicate efficient time and attention to your PR strategies. In this, for example, we assist you to get publications, speaking opportunities, thought leadership features and other media engagements. This is how we help manage your PR initiatives to ensure that you’re recognised as an industry leader, worthy of media attention.

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The Internet of Things PR is more important than ever. Tech is ever-evolving and disrupt. So it comes at no surprise that the Internet of Things (IoT) is continuously advancing how we connect.
We combine our deep industry expertise with our talent for delivering groundbreaking PR strategies 

Retail Tech Public Relations Capabilities & Expertise

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:


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Retail technology PR goes beyond deriving pure ROI. We aim to nurture and grow a positive brand image for your business. The services we provide are concerned with influencing opinions and perspectives, to the benefit of your reputation and market position. We start by selecting the right PR package to accommodate your needs, then tailor the services to speak directly to your unique goals.

Retail Tech Solutions

The retail tech spectrum is broad and diverse. This can make it difficult to identify the most lucrative audience to direct your communications at. From online marketplaces to payments and other customer experience services, the position of your business is influenced by numerous retail factors. This is why we offer PR solutions that gain brand awareness and share of voice from the right investors, buyers and industry experts to drive your success.

B2B retail PR

Retail tech PR strategies are set up to essentially make you “buyer ready”. Different from business to consumer (B2C) retail buying, the B2B purchasing process is known to be more complicated. Luckily, PR steps in to make communications smooth-flowing and highlights the value business investors will get out of transacting with you.

PR Funding

Strategically done PR funding can greatly assist in building market visibility for the brand and grab the attention of venture capitalists. From seed funding to later funding rounds, PRLab is here to support you in gaining the needed capital to develop your business idea, to scale your business and/or to expand your service offerings within retail tech. 

Growth Hacking

We utilize the power of retail tech PR to grow your business, in your niche and the wider industry. Our PR strategies are built from market data and analytics, to ensure that your initiatives are up-to-date with the latest trends and media conversations. This is how we keep your messages and communication materials relevant and newsworthy.

Our Retail Tech PR strategy

Client Lifecycle

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Although our PR process contains a few fundamentals, we prioritize collaboration and a customized PR approach. By this we mean that we focus on your distinct needs and tailor your service package to best meet your goals. With us as your retail tech PR agency, you can expect deep industry insights, the first strategic rollout and media features within the first three months.

Media Relations

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The longevity and continuation of your messages and PR initiatives are more important than a once-off press release. You want to stay relevant and newsworthy, but the diversity of the retail tech industry can make it challenging to feature regularly. As your retail tech PR agency, we manage your media relations to ensure that you gain the trust of journalists and healthy support from publishers for your news items.

PR Planning

Be it press releases, funding announcements, content marketing or crisis communications, our retail technology pr strategies are planned to the last detail. In tech retail, it is greatly important to leverage PR strategies to the full extent of staying relevant in your market. This is why we offer insightful, value-adding and measurable PR strategies to keep you relatable and relevant.

Retail PR

The ability to provide tech retailers, brands and businesses of various scales and sizes with content and messaging that speaks to their industry challenges is key. The purpose of PR is to manage your communications so that your messaging adds value to the greater industry. For retail PR, the main principle is the same. However, the PR process is more specialised in the complexity of the multi-layers of retail tech.

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Specializing in PR for tech companies and startups, our PR agency is agile in working across industry niches.
From preparing to handling risk and crisis management - we got you covered. Your reputation is secure with us.
Digital PR is the act of applying core principles of PR to a digital context or environment.
We train your team in understanding the media landscape and building relationships with media agents to own the conversation.

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What is retail tech?

Retail is evolving and operations are constantly optimized, to the benefit of service delivery and to the customers. Retail technology, or retail tech in short, is revolutionising the way in which the retail sector and e-commerce operates.

Digital tools and technological innovations are enhancing the customer experience, you can now even virtually try on clothes in some cases. Traditional means of shopping is being combined with new retail technologies, through the Internet of things, enabling consumers to have a highly personalized, faster, more convenient shopping experience.

What is a retail tech PR agency?

Retail tech PR agents specialize in managing your media contents and media relationships, so that your messages get placed in front of valuable retail tech buyers.

The retail sector is a challenging vertical of B2B tech to influence. This is why it takes meticulous planning and management from your retail tech PR agency to ensure that press releases, brand stories, funding announcements and all relevant and compelling communication materials are carried out with the purpose of benefiting business growth.

Since any tech-based industry is highly dynamic and ever changing, retail tech PR firms are among the fastest paced operations to work in.

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