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With the growing role the internet plays in consumer’s day-to-day activities, Software as a service (SaaS) is continuously gaining more status as a valuable service in the tech industry.

Especially for cloud-based companies, public relations for SaaS is a valuable tool for business growth. As a software PR agency, specialised in leading tech PR solutions, we understand the benefit of having a strategy in place for SaaS PR.
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We land global coverage across tiers for our clients on a weekly basis.
Below you can see some examples of outlets we normally achieve coverage in
Press Coverage obtained for HiBob, client of our saas pr firmPress Coverage obtained for PLFRM, client of our saas public relations firmPress Coverage obtained for HiBob, client of our saas public relations companyPress Coverage obtained for PLFRM, client of our saas public relations firmPress Coverage obtained for PLFRM, client of our saas public relations agencyPress Coverage obtained for HiBob, client of our saas pr firmPress Coverage obtained, client of our saas pr firmPress Coverage obtained, client of our saas pr firm
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We're NOT a traditional SaaS PR Agency

PRLab is not a traditional SaaS PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations company model is broken, click here to read all about our approach and how we’re innovating the space.
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Why Trust Your SaaS PR Agency



PR for SaaS forms part of our agency’s niche in the tech industry. We recognise the growing importance of cloud computing and the related service deliveries. Our growing client portfolio speaks for itself when considering the value we place on delivering compelling PR to uphold our industry reputation, as a top tech PR firm. Our PR expansion into the SaaS is validated by our previous success stories, working with leading tech companies.


In our public relations for SaaS practices, we are committed to continuously updating our service orientations, alongside industry developments. We think proactively, based on industry knowledge, to keep benefiting your business in the ever evolving landscape of cloud computing and software. This is why we keep expanding our industry knowledge, to bring you valuable insights and market growth opportunities first.


The SaaS industry is vast and contains many service providers and rising developers. Due to this, it can be difficult to gain a prominent markt position. As we have long term reputation building in mind, we make it a priority to create a differentiation strategy for our clients, mapping their way forward according to industry trends. We want to set you apart from the general competition, so that you can be recognised as an industry leader and keep on dominating your market sector.


With us as your SaaS PR agency, you can be assured of noteworthy news coverage. With our skills and expertise, we can take your pitch and turn it into a larger news story. We stay up to date with industry trends and market developments to see that your media story is always ready to capitalize from newsworthy events in the cloud technology industry. This is how we create media traction for your service offering and gain audience reach within the tech sector.
We combine our deep industry expertise with our talent for delivering groundbreaking PR strategies 

SaaS Public Relations Capabilities & Expertise

Here’s how we help build and shape your reputation with PR:


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Our service offerings enable you to optimally leverage from market opportunities, to maintain your competitive market position. As a leading PR for SaaS firm, we are committed to delivering meaningful PR service solutions. We do this to ensure your distinct service needs are well met and accounted for.

SaaS PR solutions

We understand that the overwhelming nature of the software industry can make it difficult to identify your specific PR criteria. That’s why, as an experienced SaaS PR agency, we help you identify your most important PR goals, based on industry insights and performance data.

Media solutions

Effective public relations for SaaS heavily depends on the relationships you build with the media. To gain valuable media connection, you need to understand your audience's media mix. As your PR partner, we ensure that you land in front of the ideal audience, employ the correct channels and that you land great coverage in trade media.


Differentiating your business can take much time. In our experience, from working with startups, we’ve come to realize that your differentiation strategy should be based on future outlooks. This means taking your current value proposition and turning it into a story for investors that demonstrates your continuous and future industry success.

PR Funding

Funding your esteemed business solutions is a priority. Even when scaling your business up, funding rounds are always valuable to announce. Since we want to help grow your business, our PR initiatives support you in securing funds from seeding to future funding rounds, so that key investors take note of you.

content creation

As a specialized software PR agency, we understand that a solid differentiation strategy requires high value personalised content. We take your selling point and craft a pitchable story. This way we ensure that your story is matched to trending topics in SaaS and able to capitalize from media opportunities.

Our SaaS Case Studies

Logo of Paazl, client of SaaS PR AgencyLogo of Channel Engine, client of SaaS PR AgencyLogo of Creative Clicks, client of SaaS PR AgencyLogo of Hello Customer, client of SaaS PR AgencyLogo of Funnel, client of SaaS PR AgencyLogo of responsibly, client of SaaS PR AgencyLogo of PLTFRM, client of SaaS PR Agency

Our SaaS PR Strategy

Client Lifecycle

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Within the first three months, with us as your SaaS PR agency, you can expect deep industry insights, the first strategic rollout and media features. Successful SaaS PR can only be achieved when expectations and deliveries align, that's why we routinely meet with you to assess the scope and direction of our next step. Next, we aim to get the “wow factor” by providing you with result-based work, including wide coverage in tier 1 media and launching an industry report.

Media Relations

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We have developed a service funnel to guide our media outreaches and to get the best press contacts for the benefit of your business. This way your story is always covered by news outlets, journalists and industry experts who carry the most relevance in gaining traction for your business. Our goal is to get you placed in tier 1 media, not always the most popular news site, but the one that holds the best success opportunity for you.

PR Planning

Successful PR for SaaS relies greatly on what’s trending in the cloud or software industry. Deep insights and data reviews help us to predict the future of trade media topics. Trend Forecasting helps us to better map the direction of your PR campaign and assists us in identifying valuable analytics to include in your PR pitch. This way, building a story with market potential is made easier. The foundation is in the data, from here the pitch just requires our expert PR craftsmanship.


Writing for tech is more complex, due to dynamics and speed against which the industry changes. There’s also the factor of balancing industry jargon against captivating brand stories. This is why public relations for SaaS needs to stay on beat at all times, to ensure strategies and tactics can succeed against industry shifts. This is why we employ our SaaS PR skill to create a future focused personality for your business. One that showcases why you’re an industry pioneer and valuable player for the future of cloud computing.

Related sectors

We're a high tech PR firm, offering you high tech public relations support. Getting published in high tech trade media can be a challenging task.
Alongside new technologies, IT is arguably the single most important field to talk about, with an unstoppable dynamic and a rapid change and an even more rapid progress.

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What is SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS) is a delivery model, within the cloud computing and software industry. It can further be understood as operating under the umbrella of the technology spectrum. SaaS, when talking about cloud-based services, means that you do not download software onto your device, but rather access an application via the internet. This software can range from office tools to payment systems. The advantages of SaaS includes, easy access, reach, compatibility across devices, systems management and great user control. The costs connected to SaaS is also much lower. For small scale businesses, this means more opportunities for disrupting existing markets and greater empowerment.

What is SaaS PR?

Technology is always on the move, so is PR. With the growth of SaaS, this industry division has become greatly crowded. That’s why SaaS PR is tasked with building awareness around your SaaS business, to creat talking points and brand recognition. The goal is to have you differentiated from the masses, so that you can be realized as the industry leader you set out to be. The emphasis is on positioning. SaaS PR is employed to effectively pitch your value proposition to investors, reporters, publicists and business prospects, so that your streamline media can grow to become the base of your market position. From here, PR builds your story to grow into a tier 1 media opportunity.

What is the problem with most PR pitches?

Despite the recognition that PR is supposed to craft an enticing story to sell the company’s personality, SaaS is still heavily focused on promoting service attributes and benefits. The problem is that the baseline workings of SaaS is more or less the same across all companies. For example, pitching “faster implementation” to a journalist is not the unique selling point that will make them want to publish you. Rather SaaS PR should aim to tie your business into greater industry news. This means to demonstrate why you’re the industry leader that adds value to the wider industry’s growth and innovations.

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