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We are a Blockchain PR agency specializing in helping blockchain enterprises of all sizes develop effective strategies to reach the market and achieve global success.
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We consistently get our blockchain clients top tier global media coverage

No fluff. We get results. And we can prove it.

In a competitive blockchain market, traditional press releases won't set you apart. Implement a PR strategy to establish trust with key stakeholders.

Boost your blockchain brand awareness

Differentiate yourself in the crowded blockchain sector with a strategic brand awareness campaign. Ensure key stakeholders recognize what sets you apart. Earned media in PR is crucial; our expertise lies in crafting compelling stories that capture journalists' attention.
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Blockchain thought leadership & trust building

In the fiercely competitive blockchain landscape, being an industry leader is imperative. Establish trust with investors, partners, talent, and clients through a robust thought leadership strategy. We specialize in positioning you not just as a player but as THE player in your field..

Why trust us as your blockchain PR agency

We are Blockchain PR firm specialized startups, scaleups and corporations on a mission to revamp a broken industry
Get results
Effective PR
Get coverage
Specialized in blockchain

Get results

Our blockchain PR service engages companies, developers, and financial backers to get results. We highlight the role of blockchain as a major force and future shaper in society.

With bold campaigns that differentiate our clients from their competitors, PR strategies must go beyond just building awareness in a market. We aim to drive action with thought leadership and media relations through our campaigns.
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Effective PR

With PRLab, you will receive a range of media outreach approaches to meet your needs. Whether you're working with industry influencers or you'd like a larger global reach, we've got you covered!

We have several approaches to get people talking, such as sending press releases and distributing content that appeals to your target audience.
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Get coverage

As blockchain becomes increasingly competitive, organizations must stand out and be recognized as leaders. We can help you establish your business as an industry leader through our thought leadership services, including press releases and opinion pieces.

Our experts will work with you to provide the insights and strategies you need to be seen as an industry leader.
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Specialized in blockchain

Niche businesses require niche approaches. We provide clients with a highly specialized PR strategy that focuses on brand awareness within blockchain.

The blockchain industry constantly changes and updates. We understand that blockchain companies can be a driving force for good. We're passionate about working with innovators who are continually creating and pioneering.
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How do our blockchain PR services work?

PRLab has a unique results-driven approach. We don’t start collaborations without a clear, custom-made set of KPIs that ensure we get you the desired results.
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Thought leadership

As blockchain becomes increasingly competitive, organizations must stand out and be recognized as leaders. We can help you establish your business as an industry leader.

You can position your brand as a leading and influential organization within your industry through our thought leadership services, including idea development, press releases, and opinion pieces. To establish yourself as a thought leader, our team of experts will work with you to provide the insights and strategies you need to be seen as an industry leader.
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Building a brand story

Humans are naturally drawn to narratives and storylines. However, creating a story that effectively showcases your business as the solution to a wide range of needs can be challenging.

We specialize in uncovering the core of your messaging and presenting it compellingly. Our PR strategies focus on highlighting the evolution of your brand.

We understand the power of a compelling backstory and are skilled at crafting a narrative that resonates with your audience and conveys why you can meet their needs.
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Media contacts

Getting the media's attention can be a challenge. You need to work with the right people. Whatever your company's stage of development, PRlab can provide various media relations services.

When it comes to establishing brand recognition in a new market or strengthening a company's position, a lot of professional input and an understanding of market conditions are necessary.

The importance of relations when managing a crisis cannot be overstated. The brand can communicate its perspective in a difficult situation if it has solid relationships with journalists.
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Brand messaging

We seek maximum impact for your brand. Effective brand messaging is crucial for blockchain public relations because it helps to clarify the value and purpose of your company or product in the blockchain industry.

Strong brand messaging can help to differentiate your company from competitors and make a positive impression on potential customers, partners, and investors.

By helping you develop a clear and consistent brand message, you can effectively communicate your company's or product's unique benefits and stand out in the crowded blockchain market.
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Funding is an essential element in the growth of your business. Funding can be challenging due to the complexity of fintech. As a blockchain PR agency, we have the expertise to guide you through every step of your funding journey, from the initial idea to the final deadline.

Our comprehensive PR strategy covers all aspects of your campaign, including PR practices, targeted content creation, and outreach efforts.

Our enthusiasm and expertise can help you reach your funding goals and further your brand's reach.
Thought leadership
Building a brand story
Media contacts
Brand messaging
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The key challenge NuPay aims to address is gaining a better global media presence, specifically in the US, UK, and across Europe. NuPay’s current goal is to create name recognition and to share their mission.

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We're experts in Blockchain PR and we can prove it

"In the dynamic blockchain landscape, PR is needed to build a credible reputation. We're here to help you amplify your message. We share your vision, ensuring your project is not just seen, but understood and embraced. We'll create narratives that inform and inspire. Partner with us - with our Blockchain PR experience, we'll raise your profile within the sector."

Matias Rodsevich, expert in Public Relations for Blockchain Companies
Matias Rodsevich
Founder & CEO of PRLab,
a pioneer in Blockchain PR

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Still have questions?

Blockchainis an incredibly exciting industry with endless potential. However, blockchain has a PR problem. The average consumer does not widely understand it. PR can help explain the concept of blockchain to a wider audience, outlining the benefits of investing in blockchain, and positioning your blockchain business as a trustworthy industry player. Blockchain PR aims to help you reach your wider business goals. Whether positioning your brand as a thought leader, introducing new audiences to blockchain, or increasing your social media presence, the right PR campaign can give your blockchain business the coverage you need to gain trusting investors and help grow the movement.

PR strategies must ensure to position blockchain as not only a viable option but the most accessible, innovative one available. Moving blockchain into the mainstream narrative by engaging with more consumers is imperative in growing its reach. Its decentralized nature means there are huge online communities to target. Blockchain must ensure to effectively build credibility by clearly communicating how it works and can create a new future. Working with the right blockchain PR firm will ensure that your audience not only understands the intricacies of blockchain, but also just how impactful it can be for them, encouraging consumers to invest in your brand.

A common mistake is either targeting everyone instead of the specific groups most likely to be responsive to their product or service or solely focusing on those already immersed in it. People also need to hear less about it being a wonder and instead how blockchain can benefit them. The community tends to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable, so treat them as such. Be transparent about your product (the whole point of blockchain is transparency) and your company in general. State who's involved in your firm, the founders, and your mission. Thought leadership is important in blockchain. It doesn't just show your expertise, but it can show your goals and where you're going. It's also useful for educating people while battling the stigma surrounding it.

There are a few things to consider before choosing a partnership. Firstly, does the agency have experience in the blockchain sector? It's a niche sector with some unique requirements. You need an agency that understands how to reach and communicate effectively with such an audience. At PRLab, we’ve secured valuable coverage for blockchain companies we’ve worked with. An agency with no direct blockchain experience may lack the skills and expertise to effectively get your name out there and raise your profile. Our experience means we can turn your stories into news in the blockchain world and get you coverage.

We will take the time to get to know your company, asking the right questions to understand the challenges you face, and to understand the unique opportunities you have. We provide a wide range of PR services at PRLab based on your company's needs. To create a custom PR strategy that builds brand awareness and achieves your goals, we get to know everything about your firm. The way we do this is to create engaging content that will genuinely interest your target audience. We’ll conduct media outreach to get customers and PR funding. Aside from media training, we also provide crisis management services for when a crisis in some form can threaten the health of your business.

We believe success rests on a collaborative effort, so we pride ourselves on transparency in everything we do. We won’t eat up your budget with invaluable activities that make us look busy. Whatever your goals, whether tier-1 media coverage, connecting you with investment partners, or continual reputation building over time, we’re committed to whatever it takes to succeed. Through careful research on your market, we’ll devise a bespoke strategy just for you. We then use realistic KPIs to come up with measurable and tangible results. That’ll be our focus.

Our SEO services will help you rank higher on search results. We can help you rank for the keywords your customer base is searching for. By ranking higher, you’ll receive more web traffic from those with higher intent and, therefore, an increased chance of conversions. High search engine rankings is key to long-term visibility. We can audit your website, make it more user-friendly, create content, and help increase your authority with effective link building to your site, thus driving further traffic.

It all depends on your goals. Success can be gauged through various metrics. The amount and quality of media coverage is one way to track success. This could be in specific blockchain sites and blogs, and other forms of media. Brand mentions and strong community engagement is another. Look at the frequency of interactions about your brand, as well as on social media. Increased engagement could show your PR efforts are gaining traction and you’re on the right track. As well as direct conversions, metrics such as website traffic, bounce rate, and session duration can shed light on campaign success.

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