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As an EdTech PR agency operating in the educational sector, our role is to raise our client’s brand awareness and harness their reputation through thought leadership to help them reach their growth potential and strengthen their relevance for the future.

Why PRLab?

See how we've implemented our in-house developed PR model for education businesses like yours:
  • "PRLab was very hands-on, always thinking along and ready to jump in when needed. We were impressed with the flexibility and hands-on approach of our project manager."
    MobieTrain official logo, client of education PR firm
    Laurent Van Brussels
    Marketing manager at MobieTriain
  • "The purpose of the collaboration was creating awareness by generating media coverage with original content. PRLab was very hands-on, always thinking along and ready to jump in when needed."
    StuDocu official logo, client of education PR firm
    Martin Peters
    Marketing Manager in StuDocu
  • "PRLab was very hands-on, always thinking along and ready to jump in when needed. We were impressed with the flexibility and hands-on approach of our project manager."
    MobieTrain official logo, client of education PR firm
    Laurent Van Brussels
    Marketing manager at MobieTriain
  • "The purpose of the collaboration was creating awareness by generating media coverage with original content. PRLab was very hands-on, always thinking along and ready to jump in when needed."
    StuDocu official logo, client of education PR firm
    Martin Peters
    Marketing Manager in StuDocu

Thought leadership

We get you the prominence you need

New way of working

We create, not wait for the news to come

Education specialists

We know the industry and how to gain traction
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Why trust us as your education PR agency

We specialize in public relations for education
Campaign focus
Branding efforts

Research and preparation

At PRLab, we place huge value on understanding your business’s unique needs. As we start to work together, our PR professionals always ensure to take their time getting to know you. We get started by diving into your business, company values, and what your goals and expectations are. We can then provide a bespoke strategy that aligns perfectly with your wants and needs. Our experienced professionals can provide guidance and advice, ensuring that the campaigns are tailored to each client's needs.

Adaptability and delivery

Having worked with various companies in the tech space and beyond, we understand that each business has different requirements and priorities and no one size fits all. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our process, strategy, and approach to accommodate your every need. We can produce a wide array of content: from video to audio to blogs and more, and we work alongside various publications and journalists to help get you the coverage you need to grow.

Campaign focus

We have a team of experts dedicated to exceeding your expectations and delivering results that meet your specific needs. Whether your goal is to launch a new product, boost your brand's visibility, or announce a new partnership or a successful funding round, we strive to design the best campaign and create content that effectively reaches and connects with your target audience. Our passion is to help you achieve your objectives and make a lasting impact on your target audience.

Bringing your brand to life

PRLab works with companies to enhance their branding efforts. Our team works closely with clients to develop a strong brand narrative, define the unique qualities that set the brand apart, launch new brands with a clear identity, and create visually appealing assets that effectively communicate the brand message to the target audience. By providing these services, we aim to help companies achieve success and reach their desired impact through a well-crafted branding strategy. Trust us to enhance your organization's branding.

We're not a traditional EdTech PR agency

PRLab has a unique results-driven approach. We don’t start collaborations with a clear, custom-made set of KPIs that will ensure we get you the results we want
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Results-driven PR

When engaging in any public relations (PR) strategy, it is essential to measure the success of the campaigns and initiatives.

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This is carried out to ensure your goals are being met and to identify areas that need to be redirected or reinforced. Here at PRlab, we provide practical and integrated communications that can demonstrate a measurable return on investment and that our PR initiatives are adding value. Our strategy of targeted and cost-effective communications is focused on achieving measurable results.

Flexible approach

By combining our expertise with a flexible and collaborative approach, we can ensure the success of your PR campaign and help you achieve your objectives.

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That's why we prioritize getting to know our clients and their organizations, allowing us to create tailored PR strategies that are both practical and effective. Our PR approach focuses on creativity, innovation, and results, and we aim to develop educational PR campaigns specifically designed to meet each client's unique needs and goals.

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Full-service agency

PR is more than just attracting traffic to the top of the funnel; it's about creating impact and driving results through various tactics aligned with the rest of your marketing strategy.

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We offer a range of services from strategic advice and public affairs to crisis communications, positive PR, stakeholder engagement, and digital design and branding. With a team of experienced professionals in specialist fields, we have the expertize and knowledge to deliver the best of our services to education clients, helping them maximize their impact and reach.

Experience and success

Over the years, we have worked with many companies across multiple industries. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that we will provide a professional, bespoke service based on our highly successful and proven strategies.

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As experts in the PR field, we guarantee to deliver content that will have the most significant impact on your business and help you achieve your goals. We will produce and distribute the most impactful content for your business that meets your needs.

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Icon for a brand new approach

A brand new approach

Many agencies require you to sign unfavorable retainer agreements, which can be costly and provide limited results. At Prlab, we value collaboration and transparency over rigid contracts.

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Our goal is to demonstrate the impact of our work and keep you informed and updated on our progress. Unlike traditional PR agencies that rely on you to provide them with news, we take a proactive approach and actively create the news. This sets us apart and ensures that you receive the best possible results.

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Some answers for the most common education PR questions

What is EdTech PR?

EdTech refers to any innovations and tools that are of a technological nature and aid the process of learning in some way. EdTech PR is about bringing attention to the technology. It creates campaigns that shine a light on the newest technologies that can be implemented with no setbacks in the education process and spreads the word about those innovations. Additionally, it helps brands establish their expertise within the industry to gain trust, legitimacy, and authenticity when sharing their thoughts, opinions, and ideas with the public.

How can EdTech PR services help you stand out?

Due to the densely packed landscape, EdTech PR is essential for getting seen and noticed. Not only that, it can be invaluable for distinguishing you in a crowded field. PR professionals are the masters of storytelling, and this is something edtech benefits from. A compelling backstory draws people in. It's important to talk about features and show them success stories of how your product was used and its impact. You need a media outreach strategy to connect with the journalists and outlets most likely to be interested in hearing about you. Coverage gained lands your credibility, and this can do an edtech firm a world of good, building your reputation brick by brick. You can probably already think of several edtech or learning apps that are universally known.

How does EdTech PR differ from other tech sectors?

EdTech specializes in providing technology that is appropriate for and applicable to younger audiences. For that reason, more attention must be paid to the technology's flawless operation because it can affect the smooth flow of education throughout the year. It differs from other sectors in its strict timing schedules. Since the technology has to follow the structure of the education system, it must be ready for implementation at specific times, making timing within the industry all the more important.

What are some difficult PR challenges for the Education industry?

Difficult challenges that may arise in creating and executing a PR campaign in education and edtech mostly refer to timing and positioning within the industry. As mentioned, the timing of the industry is crucial, and the positioning of the current campaign that aims to spread a message, product, service, or announcement must be strategically chosen so that it generates the most publicity possible and creates a discussion. If that time is missed, the campaign has the potential of never reaching its fullest potential. It goes without saying that the market is more crowded now, and more is needed to stand out.

What is your way of working?

We begin all our client relationships by agreeing on workable KPIs. This ensures we are on the same page, makes us accountable to you, and shows the value you can expect from our end. We'll look at your company, market, competitors, and goals when we work together. We won't wait for news to come either; we'll find it from within or outside your organization, making it applicable to you. These could be stories, news items, statistics, or industry events. We will create and distribute these to those precise journalists and outlets that can best carry your message and get you the necessary coverage. If anything needs adjusting as we go along, we'll adjust away. Persistence is key.

How does PR assist in attracting investment for edtech startups?

Public relations can play an enormous role in attracting and obtaining investment from valuable business partners. Through earned media coverage, edtech firms enhance visibility among potential investors constantly looking for profitable opportunities. Third-party endorsements from credible parties or educational establishments highlight your expertise and the unique value proposition you bring thats differs from others on the market. PR can help highlight funding announcements, customer journey success, company milestones, and other key achievements. Similarly, positioning the founders as experts in their field gives investors faith that their investment is in the right hands.

Why choose PRLab as your Education PR Agency?

Across the board, we excel at producing high-quality content and campaigns, ensuring our service is tailored to your business' needs. Our specialists have a unique understanding of the edtech industry. We keep our finger on the pulse, always aware of the current trends and advancements, making us best-placed to help you share your story and tell the world just why your service or product deserves the stage.

What experience have you had in the edtech field?

We have a record of achieving success in this arena. We helped a digital skills learning company raise awareness about the importance of digital literacy for children at primary school age and double signups for their learning camps. We also helped an HR-based microlearning platform launch into the Dutch market, achieving coverage in over 20 publications and expanding its reach significantly. Our innovative approach to PR also allowed an educational platform for university students to get noticed by turning traditional university rankings upside down, grading them instead on an array of factors important to them, including safety and the dating scene.

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