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We are an entertainment PR agency that can help you get recognition for whatever you specialize in. Driven by achieving results and growth, we can tackle campaigns of all sizes. You make it, and we will help promote it.

Why PRLab?

See how we've implemented our in-house developed PR model for entertainment businesses like yours:
  • "The purpose of the collaboration was to raise awareness during our Investment Series A announcement. Get featured in leading publications on the US market. We liked the proactivity and decisiveness of Matias's team."
    Logo of Happeo, client of our PR company
    Stephanie Ivanova
    Head of Brand & Creative at Happeo
  • "We had weekly status meeting going through the results from their work, using different relevant tools to follow up who had been contacted, the results, ongoing processes, the articles that were published as well as interesting themes handled by other mass media where we could follow up with our stories. "
    Logo of Skogluft, client of entertainment  PR firm
    Morten Kvam
    CEO, Skogluft AS
  • "The purpose of the collaboration was to raise awareness during our Investment Series A announcement. Get featured in leading publications on the US market. We liked the proactivity and decisiveness of Matias's team."
    Logo of Happeo, client of our PR company
    Stephanie Ivanova
    Head of Brand & Creative at Happeo
  • "We had weekly status meeting going through the results from their work, using different relevant tools to follow up who had been contacted, the results, ongoing processes, the articles that were published as well as interesting themes handled by other mass media where we could follow up with our stories. "
    Logo of Skogluft, client of entertainment  PR firm
    Morten Kvam
    CEO, Skogluft AS

Personalized approach

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Improved media coverage with our tried and tested techniques

360 PR services

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Why trust us as your entertainment PR agency?

We specialize in public relations for entertainment firms
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You need a clearly defined route to success, and we have the experience. We use a mix of traditional methods combined with the latest social PR and analytical tools to harness the power of PR and achieve results. We remain agile and adaptable throughout and use our media connections fully. Our team of professionals can land coverage for you in various outlets and publications, local or national, or in those directly relevant to your industry.

Personalized plan

We understand the need for a personalized PR strategy that meets your organization's needs. We work with you to identify the proper channels and the most effective messaging strategies to reach your target audience. Whatever your goals, whether raising brand awareness, increasing sales, or establishing your organization as a thought leader, we will create a tailor-made plan for you. We also provide regular reports so that you know how successful our strategies are in real time.

Real impact

We seek to achieve real impact and lasting results for our clients. We know that long-term sustainable success depends on more than just a temporary buzz or one flashy campaign. We believe a more data-focused and strategic approach is required. That is why we thoroughly research the market and do competitor analyses to aid our approach. We make data-supported decisions rather than intuition or guesswork; in-depth research informs our approach. We adjust tactics as we go along if needed.

Sharing your brand story

Today, it can prove a challenge to capture your target audience’s attention. This is where sharing your brand story comes in. In a crowded industry, we can help you cut through the noise and share your story. Brand narratives communicate your values and how you are different. Done well, this will resonate with your target audience and enhance your credibility, and help a long way to build trust. By doing this across all channels, you can differentiate yourselves and stand out.

We're not a traditional entertainment PR agency

PRLab has a unique results-driven approach. We don’t start collaborations with a clear, custom-made set of KPIs that will ensure we get you the results we want
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New approach

A traditional PR agency relies on an established work template in which its clients are responsible for sending news.

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Our team recognizes the importance of high-quality press releases, and we disrupt the traditional PR structure by creating news on a weekly basis for our clients. Thus, we allow our clients to concentrate on their business models and operations while we handle all PR aspects, staying ahead by creating a steady stream of high-quality content. This will help you achieve your business goals.


In contrast to the more traditional PR companies, we believe in transparency and honesty.

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We are straightforward and clear about the strengths, weaknesses, and results of PR campaigns and strategies, allowing our clients to adapt their PR efforts to the constantly changing market conditions. What works at first may not repeatedly work. Our expertise and competency in the field inform our decision-making. This approach also creates better outcomes for clients. We pride ourselves on this collaboration with clients.

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Optimal media coverage

We research and study client profiles and visions in depth to position our clients' brand names within the correct media outlets.

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Through our extensive network of contacts with media outlets and journalists, we can identify the most appropriate platforms for the content and vision your company shares. Our goal is not just to attain media coverage but also to portray and represent our clients in the corresponding media in the best light possible.

Continued relevance

After we acquire the necessary knowledge about your company and its visions, as well as your competitors and the media landscape, we will conduct solid industry research.

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As part of our industry research, we examine the latest industry trends, your target audiences and their preferences, and the leading competitors within the industry. Unlike traditional PR approaches that follow the same strategies for years, we adapt to new developments and changes and rebuild our strategies accordingly to guarantee your relevance in your field.

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Icon for Digital space

Digital space

Unlike other PR companies, we take a much more modern approach that moves beyond print and traditional media and focuses attention on exploring the digital space.

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According to the character of the social media platforms and the client's needs, we develop and translate brand messages for our clients. Our vast knowledge of the digital landscape allows us to guide our clients toward the most appropriate platforms and outlets for their businesses. We can also monitor the success achieved on these platforms using the latest analytical tools.

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Some answers for the most common entertainment PR questions

What is Entertainment PR?

Entertainment PR is a field of public relations that promotes individuals or entities operating in some capacity within the entertainment industry. The main goal is to create a positive image and manage reputation. In addition to generating media coverage, Entertainment PR builds mutually beneficial relationships with critical media outlets and individual journalists. It can involve organizing interviews or events to showcase a client or their work to the public, managing social media, or researching how to enter a market or bring out a new product. Particular specificities of entertainment PR include event and product promotion, social media management, crisis management, handling fan communities, and product endorsements.

What are some strategies that Entertainment PR professionals make use of?

PR professionals utilize a variety of methods to get results for clients and land them coverage. These could include tailored media pitches to specific publications, press releases to share news or upcoming appearances, interviews, specialized social media campaigns, photoshoots, magazine appearances, partnerships with influencers or with other firms, charity events, TV, radio, and podcast appearances, book signings, fan-organized events, or publicity stunts. It’s all about connecting with audiences to increase engagement and achieve positive publicity.

How do we measure the success of Entertainment PR?

One way to measure the success of PR in the entertainment industry is by analyzing the positive coverage given to you. This includes all forms of media, from traditional forms such as newspapers, TV, or magazines to social media. Social media is a great way to measure audience engagement in the entertainment industry. Website visits, likes, comments, and shares can also shine a light on how effective you’ve been and can be measured by tracking changes in public opinion, monitoring online reviews received across various channels, and analyzing your brand sentiment. Attendees at events and sales are also good ways to measure PR campaign results.

How does your agency handle a crisis?

Negative publicity is never good and can be a disaster in the entertainment industry. Nowadays, the real time impact of social media is a big deal. Our PR agency can work to prevent a crisis from arising and can cover you from all angles if it does. It gets harder to handle a crisis as time passes, so having a crisis communications plan for various scenarios is important. Addressing any bad press head-on means you get to tell your side of the story before anyone else and control the narrative. It also shows you care what your audience thinks and puts you in a good position to answer questions, handle negative comments, and restore your reputation.

Why is Entertainment PR important?

Public relations in the entertainment field is necessary for brands and figures to nurture a positive reputation, cultivate a following, boost visibility, and communicate effectively to audiences. PR puts an entity or person in the driving seat when it comes to shaping public perception, and works to foster meaningful connections. It can place you right in the public eye via news coverage, interviews, or specific events. Good PR will create a buzz and help you reach your desired audiences.

What are some of the latest specificities in PR for entertainment companies?

As more traditional publications decline, specialized digital platforms have grown, and landing coverage is becoming harder. Data-driven approaches will become more applicable as audiences get more selective. While traditional forms of media may give way to digital, these present new and exciting opportunities for clients. Storytelling is becoming increasingly important, as personalized stories deliver higher value for audiences, so your content will more likely get picked up. Lead times are also lengthening, so considering longer timelines when attaining coverage or planning events is also important. Partnerships are becoming increasingly paramount, and partnering with a brand outside the entertainment sector can benefit reach and reputation building.

Why should we choose PRLab as our Entertainment PR agency?

At PRLab, we’re committed to achieving desirable outcomes with our highly effective, results-driven approach. Our strategies are tailored to your individual goals and requirements, meaning you get a better ROI for your buck and won’t spend unnecessarily on generic methods that won’t bring you the results you want. Your mission becomes our mission. We’re highly proactive at getting our clients in front of the right media, helping to raise you above others in the industry. Contact us today to see what our multi-talented team can do for you.

How can Entertainment PR protect your brand?

Public relations can help you avoid potential crises through media monitoring platforms that can pick up on any negative sentiment toward the brand that could adversely impact it. It can listen in on the latest trends in news cycles and calculate tomorrow's trends and the next greatest thing. This proactive approach means you stay ahead of relevant trends and industry talking points and can plan strategies for guarding against crises, negative comments, or poor brand sentiment.

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