We're not a traditional government PR agency

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At PRLab, we are equipped to be your government and public sector PR Agency. Our staff help to create a dialogue between people and the public sector. We conduct research, plan events, and build strategies to promote government policies.

Why PRLab?

See how we've implemented our in-house developed PR model for government businesses like yours:
  • "We were impressed with the flexibility and hands-on approach of our project manager. PRlab helped us with reinforcing specific elements of our omnichannel marketing mix by successfully implementing their PR processes."
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    Laurent Van Brussels
    Marketing manager at MobieTriain
  • "The purpose of the collaboration was to raise awareness during our Investment Series A announcement. Get featured in leading publications on the US market. We liked the proactivity and decisiveness of Matias's team."
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    Stephanie Ivanova
    Head of Brand & Creative at Happeo
  • "We were impressed with the flexibility and hands-on approach of our project manager. PRlab helped us with reinforcing specific elements of our omnichannel marketing mix by successfully implementing their PR processes."
    Logo of MobieTriain
    Laurent Van Brussels
    Marketing manager at MobieTriain
  • "The purpose of the collaboration was to raise awareness during our Investment Series A announcement. Get featured in leading publications on the US market. We liked the proactivity and decisiveness of Matias's team."
    Logo of Happeo, client of our PR company
    Stephanie Ivanova
    Head of Brand & Creative at Happeo


We are the source of honest and unaltered information


To reach more people, we engage with various social platforms


We take the time to understand your goals and objectives

Why trust us as your government PR agency?

We specialize in public relations for government firms
Social presence
Client relationships
Effective PR

Social presence

The age of digital media has completely changed the way information flows. We understand this. This has given brands a unique chance to reach their audiences and build their brand. With our team’s expertize in managing social networking platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, we can help you increase the visibility of your brand message. Using the power of these channels, we can help you amplify your policies and elicit greater engagement with the public.

Measurable success

We believe in results-driven strategies that produce tangible outcomes. Before collaborating, we outline a clear road map of metrics to analyze results. We know our clients also have specific aims and objectives, and our role is to help you achieve them. Our history of working with KPIs (key performance indicators enables us to structure your progress using these metrics. Through regularly tracking the success of these, we can find areas of improvement and adjust accordingly.

Client relationships

We believe that building strong client relationships is the key to exceptional service. We invest time in truly understanding your goals and worldview. We realize that a huge part of communication is listening. As a part of that, by listening to your needs and concerns, we provide services that are tailored to your needs. Every field is different, and we are committed to treating each with the utmost sensitivity and awareness of the target audience you are aiming for.

Effective PR

Government and public sector PR are growing. If you need policymakers or the government to listen, you need a distinctive messaging strategy to get people to take notice. You also need to convey accountability and transparency. This goes a long way to getting people onboard and making them aware of your interests, improving trust and support from the public, policy makers and those who implement them. Public relations can go a long way to changing people’s lives for the better.

We're not a traditional government PR agency

PRLab has a unique results-driven approach. We don’t start collaborations with a clear, custom-made set of KPIs that will ensure we get you the results we want
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SEO strategy

It is a lesser-known fact that people work for their media. Unpaid website traffic is the result of stirring genuine interest around your campaign.

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You must create high-quality content that resonates with your audience and leverages social media to gain maximum reach and visibility. More traffic means more exposure to your message. Our SEO services will help identify keywords and phrases to help optimize your website to rank higher in searches. Our strategies will help you reach a larger audience.

Unique collaboration

We believe that collaborations are a win-win. Our unique results-driven approach means we never start a collaboration with a set of predetermined KPIs.

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We will design tailor-made goals depending on your needs. Targets are not put in place for the sake of targets but rather to achieve set objectives. We commit ourselves to meaningful outcomes. In addition, we place a big emphasis on measuring and analyzing results. By monitoring these throughout, we can adjust and amend accordingly.

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Public relations is all about influencing public opinion and the press. You need to build trust in the government and public sector. You need the right communication and to target the right audience through selected media to do this.

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You also need to control what is being communicated about you. You may sometimes need to share a negative message or educate the public on an issue. Gaining the public's support and understanding is a vital part of this. At PRLab, we are communication experts.

Proactive media

Here at PRLab, we don't just sit back and wait for you to feed us with your news. We generate news. That is what we are here for.

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We are experienced in creating press releases, writing news articles, and generating campaigns that help you realize your goal. Through audience research, we can create content that stirs the pot and engages with your target audience. With an extensive network of media contacts, PRLab can help you to get your story far and wide.

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We’ve worked with a range of clients. We understand the importance of delivering important information, persuading people or getting information from them, and the ability to think creatively for public sector audiences.

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It is important to get the balance right between being emotive, being transparent, and being factual. All this must be done while preparing for negative publicity, a potential crisis, and navigating public opinion. At PRLab, we are experts in tailoring communication and recognize your accountability toward your audience.

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Some answers for the most common government PR questions

What is Government and Public Sector PR?

Government and Public Sector PR is the management of communication between government or public-related organizations and the general public. Government PR acts almost like a mediator between the government and the public. It shares information, new policy initiatives, news, and promotes trust, honesty and transparency, builds positive relationships between people and authorities, and solves crises.

What are the specificities of Government and Public Sector PR?

It is important to note that government and public sector bodies are legally accountable to the public they serve. Public relations must, therefore, be accurate and transparent in its aims. It is important to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, national or local. Gaining the public’s trust is vital, and any PR must focus on developing relations with the public, listening to concerns, and responding to their needs. PR must share complex information while making it easily understood. It is also imperative that these organizations include other stakeholders to achieve their common goals. You may also need to answer questions from various stakeholders along the way.

What should a Government or Public Sector PR strategy consider in the planning phase?

Considering the interests and concerns of your audience is critical. This helps ensure your message and how you deliver it has the most impact on your audience. You need to think about what you want to achieve. Do you want your audience to do something or participate in a particular civil obligation? Well, you need to communicate the value of your proposition and plan how you intend to reach them. Planning your resources is essential to ensure any initiatives are implemented correctly. Timing is also key.

What are some tactics employed in Government and Public Sector PR?

It is vital to establish honest and transparent relationships with the media. Providing accurate and timely information to media sources is key to establishing trust and credibility. Press releases are super important. They act as your official statement on matters, especailly those related to health and safety. People regularly check social media for important updates. So, these platforms offer the chance to relay information instantly, keeping lines of communication updated and open. In-person meetings such as town hall sessions are great for information sharing and promoting openness. Avoid using complicated language. Clarity leads to enhanced engagement. Consider using anecdotes or real life examples to make the message relatable and relevant, and paint the bigger picture. Preparing an exhaustive list of FAQs and their answers to put on your website is also a good idea.

Why is Government and Public Sector PR important?

Public relations is important for building trust and confidence in government institutions. It does this by helping them communicate their transparency and commitment to accountability to the public. PR is also key to promoting new initiatives and policies that could impact people’s everyday lives, getting their participation in certain activities, and selling positive environmental and social outcomes. There may also be times when public sector public relations is needed to help deliver bad news, handle crises or manage certain expectations about services.

What are some of the challenges in Government and Public Sector PR?

Different stakeholders have different or competing interests, and with Government PR, so you must navigate these. Negative public opinion can pose challenges. This could be in the form of recent changes in policy decisions or unpopular new initiatives. Government PR must seek to address these perceptions in an effective and transparent manner to keep or increase public confidence and persuade stakeholders of the merits of any changes or new initiatives. It also needs to manage expectations regarding delivery times.

Do you offer media training for government agencies?

Media training is for anyone who needs to communicate with the media, be it your designated spokesperson or someone else you assign. Our media training services can help your government organization communicate important key messages to the public and confidently field any tough questions. Media training is essential for confident delivery, upholding your reputation, and sharing messages clearly. How you communicate here impacts your future announcements and ability to elicit the desired actions. Media training also prepares you for any crisis scenarios so you can handle these situations smoothly.

How do you measure PR success in Public and Government Relations?

Measuring the success of PR campaigns has always been tricky. However, Government and Public Sector PR can pose some extra challenges. This is because some of the more usual measurement methods do not always apply to these sectors. For instance, measuring share of voice or sales is less relevant to local government initiatives or aims. It is possible, however, to measure web traffic, social engagement, changes in public sentiment, signup rates, etc. These can then form the basis for measuring Public Sector PR success and guide you to make necessary improvements.

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