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As an IoT PR agency, we understand the importance of having a solution-based strategy to distinguish you from the crowd. We’ve worked with plenty of companies in the field since we began. Our approach is created to help IoT firms grow even faster by harnessing the power of PR.

Why PRLab?

See how we've implemented our in-house developed PR model Retail businesses like yours:
  • "Thanks to PRLab's engagement, the client has received over 50 featured articles and press publications and acquired multiple comment slots. The team has also raised the client's brand awareness and provided backlinks to meet their business goals and expectations. They're organized and respectful."
    Logo of NuPay Technologies, client of PRLab
    SVP of Marketing
    NuPay Technologies
  • "The purpose of the collaboration was raising awareness during our Investment Series A announcement. Get featured in leading publications on the US market. We liked the proactivity and decisiveness of Matias's team."
    Logo of Happeo, client of our IoT PR firm
    Stephanie Ivanova
    Head of Brand & Creative at Happeo
  • "Thanks to PRLab's engagement, the client has received over 50 featured articles and press publications and acquired multiple comment slots. The team has also raised the client's brand awareness and provided backlinks to meet their business goals and expectations. They're organized and respectful."
    Logo of NuPay Technologies, client of PRLab
    SVP of Marketing
    NuPay Technologies
  • "The purpose of the collaboration was raising awareness during our Investment Series A announcement. Get featured in leading publications on the US market. We liked the proactivity and decisiveness of Matias's team."
    Logo of Happeo, client of our IoT PR firm
    Stephanie Ivanova
    Head of Brand & Creative at Happeo

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Why trust us as your IoT PR agency?

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Reasons to work with us

Over the years, we have built a diversified portfolio of well-respected clients. Our team of public relations experts is well accustomed to working across distinctive tech sectors and industries, as well as the dynamic environments that accompany these sectors. As an award-winning tech PR agency, we are dedicated to delivering IoT PR strategies that are of the highest quality. Our direct experience with major tech clients gives us a clear advantage in supporting businesses to leverage IoT PR.

Industry reputation

We know that the Internet of Things is complex and diverse as an industry, making getting rewarding IoT PR challenging. This is why we offer specialized services to help you achieve your PR and business growth goals. Growing your industry presence is what we specialize in. The top-tier publications we’ve secured for our clients are one reason why we’re recognized as a leading PR agency. Our reputation within the industry supports this as well.

Redefining PR

We think a lot of the old PR model is redundant. We believe in creating bespoke PR strategies for all our clients. As we extend even deeper into the IoT PR industry, we are committed to upholding the first-rate quality of our PR services. We believe in redefining the Internet of Things PR with a proactive and future-thinking mindset. This is how we utilize the full power of PR to support your business journey and differentiate you in your respective market.

Value creation

Public relations isn't only about securing media coverage and landing publications. It includes value creation for the business, its customers, and the broader industry. Suppose your goal is to become an industry leader. In that case, your IoT PR strategy should include content that communicates how and why you're adding value to the progression of your respective sector. This is also done through close monitoring of IoT trends. PR is about positive image creation, and we achieve this through business storytelling that benefits you and the market.

We're not a traditional IoT PR firm

PRLab has a unique results-driven approach. We don’t start collaborations with a clear, custom-made set of KPIs that will ensure we get you the results we want
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Tailored services

As your IoT PR agency, we're dedicated to supporting you in getting optimal media coverage and publicity to benefit your industry presence and get ahead of the competition.

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Our packages are tailored to fit your distinctive needs to gain publicity, not the other way around. We understand that no one size fits all, and the uniqueness of your public relations strategy should match that of your product. As such, we make sure to understand your industry and competitors to tailor a strategy just for you.

Content experts

In IoT PR, the quality of content plays an essential role in keeping investors and customers interested in your story. This is why engaging and relevant content is crucial.

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The content you share should speak to specific consumer needs. It's not enough to simply put out any old content - it needs to be engaging, relevant, and meaningful to your target audience. It's important to recognize that various consumers and stakeholders may be interested in your story. This is why we ensure your content keeps up with the current market.

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Our clients can confirm that we deliver on and exceed their expectations. We set realistic goals with our clients to generate the best results possible. Successful Internet of Things PR campaigns are the ones that have clear objectives.

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This could be anything from increasing sales to gaining media traction, achieving market visibility and lead generation, or establishing a thought leadership position within the industry. By taking a strategic approach to IoT PR, we can generate the best possible outcomes for our clients and help them achieve their goals.

Integrated approach

PR and marketing are now more closely linked than ever before. Storytelling is integral to integrated communications, ensuring coordination across channels and internal publications.

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Your brand narrative needs to be connected across all platforms. This has made PR an essential component of any marketing strategy - especially when creating dynamic and engaging content related to a brand. PR teams must have excellent communication skills. Creating engaging stories and creating relevant content is essential for successful public relations. This is where we come in.

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Media contacts

Achieving results can be challenging unless you are an industry veteran with the resources to invest in publicity. It takes time to build relationships with the media.

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Therefore, we help you get the recognition and promotion you deserve and to get you off the ground. Thanks to our media connections, we can quickly help you get the coverage you need without waiting years for results. Utilizing our experience and resources, we help you get the traction you need from your desired media outlets.

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Some answers for the most common IoT PR questions

What is IoT?

IoT is short for the Internet of Things. IoT consists of physical objects, software, new technologies, and other connected devices that exchange data with each other and other systems over the internet or communication networks. Over several years, the IoT industry has boomed. The industry holds a plethora of opportunities; the question is, how do you plan on making your brand stand out in an ever-growing market? The IoT industry is made up of many different verticals, such as connected appliances, smart home technology, wearable health devices, and wireless internet. You need to define your niche in the market and stay focused on developing it.

What are some of the specifics of IoT PR?

IoT PR needs to address concerns about data security and privacy. With this technology's growth, firms must assure users that their data remains secure. Don’t worry. This is something PRLab can help with. Through a carefully planned outreach strategy to build trust, you can show how your products are safe and reliable. Thought leadership can also highlight your overall expertise in the space and confidence in the subject matter. Participation in panel discussions and speaking engagements can be valuable tools for raising credibility. You should establish a strong brand identity with compelling brand narratives.

What are some useful tactics and strategies in IoT PR?

In a data-rich industry, you can cash in by providing journalists with access to data resources. This can add credibility and more meaning to their writing and make you the star. Offer a unique point of view. Also, share real customer success stories where your product was the solution - and the impact this made. Feature interviews and case studies where possible. The case studies should show the benefit to your customer and, where possible, their customer. This increases audience relevancy and allows you to reach more people. Journalists are frequently looking for insights on big discussion points in the industry. Thought leadership offers the chance for this. You can even incorporate data here to demonstrate your view and inform industry audiences. Think about using a single spokesperson for increased authority and Google relevancy.

What are some IoT trends that could impact public relations strategies?

IoT technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), can create more immersive experiences for people, enhancing product launches and positively impacting sales. The expectations people have of smart devices will increase. Some IoT home wearables and devices can be leveraged for more direct user engagement and greater targeting. IoT looks set to increase the amount of Big Data available for marketing and PR teams. Concerns about data security will remain paramount, and companies should address these. Also, expect AI and machine learning (ML) to combine with IoT to enhance the customer experience.

Why use an IoT PR agency?

Although a more connected world benefits society, it holds great challenges for B2B and B2C companies to communicate their value proposition effectively. This is partly because there’s more news circling and fewer opportunities to stand out in a crowded market space. This is where an IoT PR agency steps in. Internet of Things PR firms specialize in IoT communications. They monitor the media and stay up to date with IoT news to build their clients’ PR strategy around current events and make them relevant in the market - keeping them up with trends and securing prominent market positions.

How can you make IoT technology content more accessible to audiences?

It can be a good idea to start with an audit to review your existing content for quality and audience relevancy. Then, endeavor to show a product's real-world value. You should aim to make IoT technology content accessible and engaging, showing how seamless the technology can be and how it directly improves people's lives. Use simple everyday language to explain things and think about adding educational blogs. Naturally, it's a good idea to analyze how content performs to make improvements and to inform future strategies.

What happens at the start of the collaboration?

In order to create a PR plan tailored to your business and its needs, our first step is to learn more about you, your team, and your company in detail and identify the key goals you want to achieve. Book a call or fill out our form. Tell us what success looks like and what your goals are. This puts us in a good position to advise you on what strategies could work for you. We’ll also explain how our team structure will be implemented for your benefit. From there, we create tailored IoT PR strategies to attain your goals. In fact, we won’t begin until we have these. We aim to put you in front of the right people.

Why choose PRLab?

By unleashing the power of public relations, you can raise your brand’s profile in the market, establish thought leadership, and build meaningful relationships with your target audience. We focus on your USPs, highlighting the strengths of your technology and what you bring to the industry. We’ll devise a customized PR plan designed for growth and reputation building. Our team works to get you placements in top-tier outlets that will make a difference in your PR game, showcasing your solutions, problem-solving capabilities, and trusted presence in the space. Let us help get you to the next level.

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