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As a Legal PR agency, we recognize the importance of your reputation and that this is often more valued than the financial. We put your firm's capabilities on full display. Our PR communication strategies ensure that our clients' brand messages are conveyed effectively, increasing visibility and helping them reach their objectives.

We consistently get our litigation clients top tier global media coverage

No fluff. We get results. And we can prove it.

In a competitive legal market, traditional press releases won't set you apart. Implement a PR strategy to establish trust with key stakeholders.

Boost your legal brand awareness

With so much information on the web, consumers have plenty of options. Without a strong brand presence, your Legal firm risks being ignored. Strong brand awareness is essential to any Legal entity’s survival. You need to be top of mind.
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Legal thought leadership & trust building

You need to show you get it right. Through careful content creation and consideration of audience wants and needs, your Legal firm can position itself as a thought leader in the industry. This helps build trust over time and attract people to your company.

Why trust us as your litigation and legal PR agency

We are a legal PR firm specializing in startups, scaleups, and corporations, and we're on a mission to revamp a broken PR industry
Success factors
New business


An effective PR campaign can help build the firm's credibility. Clients hire based on reputation, and we understand this. PR facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between a firm and clients. This is done by positioning it as a credible entity.

Success factors

The competitive legal environment requires outstanding PR approaches, and we possess the experience and competence to provide them. We provide media representation that builds and underlines your competence in the field.

New business

Besides informing your existing customers about changes and news within your company, we also reach out to new audiences to highlight your strengths. This way, we can attract new high-quality clients to your firm.


Through our rich portfolio of case studies and clients from different industries, we have the expertise to cover and communicate your stories and messages professionally and effectively represent your brand.

How do our litigation and legal PR services work?

PRLab has a unique results-driven approach. We don’t start collaborations without a clear, custom-made set of KPIs that will ensure we get you the results you want.

Accurate representation

We cover your stories coherently and thoroughly, consistently communicating your message and values to your audience.

Our approach secures increased visibility and results for our clients through multiple channels and media efforts. Our services cover the whole marketing spectrum and leave no stone unturned in guiding clients and their efforts toward exceptional results. Our team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of PR in legal settings.


Our analytical tools and software provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your engagement rates, performance, and strengths and weaknesses.

You will receive reports detailing the performance rates along with solutions regarding long-term success and improvements. Transparency is at the core of our practices, and we always stay open to client suggestions and comments. Retrospection is an integral part of our PR strategy as a results-driven agency.


PRLab understands legal startups' challenges in producing news stories simultaneously while attempting to stabilize finances and expand.

We take a proactive approach and bring the news directly to audiences rather than waiting for news stories to break. Our team focuses on content creation, brand awareness, and placements to ensure that the results you desire are achieved.

SEO results

With our SEO professionals, we make sure that your online visibility is high on search engine results. Our team's expertise helps you get to the top of search engine pages by understanding and cleverly structuring these pages. As a consequence of our SEO services, our clients' brands are more widely recognized, resulting in higher conversions and new partnerships.

Our SEO services help clients achieve their goals, raise brand recognition and drive the way to success.

Well-prepared, well-executed

We strategically plan our actions and outline the supporting factors behind our decisions. After we have carried out our PR campaigns, our clients are presented with the results, revealing the key insights and results achieved. This information guides our next actions.

We execute effective thought leadership strategies to build brand awareness, win new clients, and maintain strong relationships with partners.
Accurate representation
SEO results
Legal PR

Trust PRLab to harness the power of your brand, successfully manage your reputation, and drive real growth. Get in contact now to see how we can help your firm.

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We're experts in litigation and legal PR, and we can prove it

"At PRLab, we specialize in navigating the complexities of legal communications. Our talented team ensures that our clients' messages are clear, compelling, and strategically aligned to protect and enhance their reputation."

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Matias Rodsevich
CEO of PRLab, a pioneer in litigation and legal PR

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Public relations for legal entities, such as law firms, legal professionals, and corporations facing legal issues, is a specialized field of public relations that manages their communication and reputation. Legal public relations aim to help organizations build and maintain a positive public image, navigate potentially damaging legal situations, and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

The role of legal public relations professionals varies from developing communication strategies for high-profile legal cases to managing media relations during trials and investigations, creating messaging for internal stakeholders, or providing crisis communication counsel during litigation.

In conjunction with other legal services, such as litigation support or crisis management, legal public relations requires a deep understanding of the legal system and strong communication, analytical, and strategic thinking skills.

At PRLab, we get how important effective communication is in the legal field. We understand the importance of trust and credibility. We work closely with our clients to craft messages that resonate with and get picked up by the media and other stakeholders. With our proactive approach to PR, we get news for you, not the other way around. With a proven track record working alongside various companies, we deliver results that exceed expectations.

As well as helping law firms, legal professionals, and corporations through enhanced reputations, legal public relations also helps to manage messaging and communication for external and internal stakeholders. Greater trust and transparency between all stakeholders are created. Legal public relations also helps develop content that showcases the expertise of the legal services provider, allowing them to position themselves as an industry thought leader.

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