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We are experts at ensuring your PR strategy hits the mark and gains the trust and visibility it needs. With new developments occurring faster than ever, you need a Manufacturing PR agency that can express the industry's intricacies, importance, and far-reaching impact.
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We consistently get our Manufacturing & Industrial clients top tier global media coverage

No fluff. We get results. And we can prove it.

In a competitive manufacturing market, traditional press releases won't set you apart. Implement a PR strategy to establish trust with key stakeholders.

Boost your manufacturing brand awareness

Standing out is key. Our strategic brand awareness campaigns help you do just that. We ensure that key stakeholders not only recognize your brand but also understand what sets you apart. Earned media is crucial in PR, and our expertise lies in crafting compelling stories that capture journalists' attention.
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Manufacturing thought leadership & trust building

Being an industry leader is imperative in the fiercely competitive manufacturing landscape. Establish trust with investors, partners, talent, and clients through a robust thought leadership strategy. We specialize in positioning you as a major player in the field.

Why trust us as your manufacturing PR agency?

We are a manufacturing PR firm specializing in helping startups, scaleups and corporations, and we're on a mission to revamp a broken PR industry.
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We create value
Industry knowledge
Content marketing

Our results

Our expert team knows that PR is more than just content and publications.

We are passionate about helping you evolve your brand, project a trusted image, and reap a top-quality PR strategy's short—and long-term benefits. We aim to place you on the map as a critical player, elevating you above your competition.
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We create value

We have worked with businesses of all sizes in various industries, including manufacturing and tech sectors. We help you to create value through engaging content and strategic communication. We also create value through strong collaborations with you and relevant media outlets. We will tailor your articles, press releases and social media posts to the current manufacturing industry.
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Industry knowledge

Our team knows the importance of keeping updated with industry events, trends, and advancements. We keep our ears close to the ground. Our commitment is about more than just providing timely and relevant content. It's about understanding your unique insights and aligning them with current happenings in manufacturing. This allows you to stay relevant and remain a key player.
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Content marketing

We believe in more than just creating high-quality, impactful content; we believe in careful and strategic planning when releasing it to the world. Our experts create a comprehensive narrative, communicating your vision and values to manufacturing and positioning you as a leader. We ensure your content is updated alongside the current trends and narratives.
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How do our manufacturing PR services work?

PRLab has a unique results-driven approach. We don’t start collaborations without a clear, custom-made set of KPIs that ensures you get the results you want.
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Tailored solutions

Particularly in B2B communications, it’s critical to be strategic about when to release content to give you the greatest visibility possible. Using tailored solutions, we develop customized strategies for our clients based on their business objectives, target audience, and key messages they want to deliver.

The benefit of working with our manufacturing PR agency is that our expert team can obtain optimal impact for you by releasing content precisely, timing it perfectly with the newscycle and industry events and developments.

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Startups specialists

The manufacturing sector is among the most competitive and evolving in the world. As a well-established agency with a team of experts, we aim to raise your profile and make you stand out in the industry, establishing a global, impactful reach.

This includes identifying the best channels and tactics to reach the target audience and developing messaging that resonates with them. Focusing on quality, long-lasting relationships, we help our clients establish a strong reputation in the industry.
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All round solutions

We offer a wide range of integrated PR campaigns and communication services, including media relations, content creation, social media management, event planning, and crisis communication. We help businesses communicate their brand message, establish credibility, and differentiate themselves.

We also use analytics to monitor the success of a particular campaign. We also offer crisis communication services should an unexpected event happen and a threat needs to be handled.
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Not a traditional agency

We do not follow the traditional PR model as a modern PR agency. The old model is typically centered around clients giving agencies constant news. This is not how we work. We believe in a proactive approach.

We find the news for you. With our clients, we build communication strategies focused on relationships and engagement. Using the latest technology and strategies, we help our clients connect with target audiences through email marketing, content marketing, and thought leadership content
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Part of the team

Our approach is based on collaboration. We offer valuable insights to get you the coverage and results you need. We help you gain a competitive advantage in the market. Count on us for media coverage.

Our team communicates regularly with you and keeps you up-to-date. We pride ourselves on transparency, and unlike other PR agencies, we can tell you precisely what we are doing, when, and why.
Tailored solutions
Startups specialists
All round solutions
Not a traditional agency
Part of the team
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To help achieve Addverb’s goals in the English-speaking media, PRLab was enlisted to gain more attention from the press, increase brand awareness...

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We're experts in manufacturing PR and we can prove it

"At the heart of manufacturing PR lies the ability to transform complex processes into compelling stories. We aim to position you at the forefront of innovation, ensuring your achievements are recognised and celebrated. Partner with usWe're here to help you navigate the intricate world of media relations with strategies that raise your profile."

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CEO of PRLab, a pioneer in manufacturing PR

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Still have questions?

The manufacturing industry concentrates on implementing operational systems for the production of goods. Because this industry largely focuses on the technicalities behind engineering, sharing these complex processes and creating a brand image for manufacturing companies can be challenging. With the help of PR, you can invest in the external exposure of your company to expand your sales. In regards to the specific manufacturing service, including construction, environmental, health and safety, and electronics, among others, PR helps amplify value to target clients using specialized methods. This way, manufacturing companies can focus on operations while PR can handle boosting sales and globalizing the brand image for maximum exposure.

As technical as the manufacturing industry may be, PR’s job is to showcase these technicalities to customers by creating brand awareness, building credibility, and creating consistent crisis management plans. PR uses media relations to create a face for your brand. This entails showing off your quality and transforming complex technical specs into unique selling propositions for potential clients. Rather than diluting the complexities of manufacturing, PR can translate its specialized solutions through branding and outreach. Alongside this, PR consistency builds a reputation within the industry through data-driven strategies such as press releases, media exposure, testimonials, and industry reports.

While strategies for manufacturing are reliant on the specific type of sectors and services, these involve amplifying brand credibility and communicating its expertise through quality traffic. For the manufacturing industry, this requires getting mentions in high-rated publications which builds trust within the industry. This way, companies can benefit from quality mentions for sources that make it effortless for clients to find them online. Another tactic PR uses for manufacturing is media relations. This involves creating quality content for industry publications, social media monitoring on LinkedIn and Twitter, and participating in industry trade shows, among others. These specialized PR strategies can expand and promote the identity of a manufacturing organization.

The key difference between B2B and B2C is in using PR to target the right kind of audience.

PR for manufacturing companies with B2B involves setting up a creative and analytic brand image through building relationships within the niche, retaining a loyal clientele base, and targeting trade publications. Since businesses are usually looking for long-term manufacturing partnerships, the emphasis is on reliability and value of service. This involves creating content that will expand your visibility within the industry. PR for B2B requires a blend of creativity and analytical branding.

Alongside B2B, there is now a need for more specialized PR for manufacturing companies in B2C marketing for better business growth. PR for B2C entails fulfilling short-term transactional sales that require less time and consideration on the part of the customer. It is essential for manufacturing companies focusing on B2C to emphasize brand values such as customer service, quick delivery, and enhanced marketplaces. This involves better social media exposure, effective media lists, and increased website traffic.

Manufacturing and Industrial sectors are more likely to fall under scrutiny when it comes to environmental impact, labor practices, and safety concerns. Despite advances in these areas, the industry has found it harder to go beyond these labels. When crises arise, PR can help manage negative publicity. PR strategies address these challenges using specialized crisis management plans and pitching positive stories to form a favorable public image. Alongside these challenges, PR mitigates crisis through proactive commitment through corporate social responsibility initiatives that address societal concerns often associated with manufacturing and industrial companies.

PR for manufacturing companies is a favorable investment. With the intricacies that encompass this industry, PR decodes the complexity of the manufacturing industry by translating industry technicalities for better client connections. Whether your clientele is B2B or B2C, investing in PR will expose your services to the businesses, customers, and the industry at large, and compel them to commit to your services in the long term.

PRLab’s expertise lies in expanding brand awareness and thought leadership with precise PR strategies suited to individual needs within the manufacturing industry. So whether your company has already dabbled in a bit of PR or is entirely starting from scratch, you are guaranteed to get a higher return on your PR investments. Additionally, our agency has knowledge and experience in the manufacturing industry in terms of the mindset and perspectives around what customers and businesses are looking for. Armed with this knowledge, we customize PR strategies to take you beyond industry metrics.

Start by heading over to our contact page and tell us a bit about yourself. To see if we’re well suited for your company, we’ll start by guiding you through an overview of our PR process and strategies for the goals you want to achieve, alongside any questions you may have. Then we will start discussing in-depth long-term goals, challenges, and technical elements such as media monitoring, metric analysis, and more.

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