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At PRLab, we’re also specialists in real estate. As a Real Estate PR agency, we work with firms to help them grow and outperform the competition by using the power of PR. We’ve helped many firms do this over the years. Now let us help you.

We consistently get our real estate clients top tier global media coverage

No fluff. We get results. And we can prove it.

In a competitive real estate market, traditional press releases won't set you apart. Implement a PR strategy to establish trust with key stakeholders.

Boost your real estate brand awareness

Differentiate yourself in the crowded real estate sector with a strategic brand awareness campaign. Ensure key stakeholders recognize what sets you apart. Earned media in PR is crucial; our expertise lies in crafting compelling stories that capture journalists' attention.
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Real estate thought leadership & trust building

In the fiercely competitive real estate landscape, being an industry leader is imperative. Establish trust with investors, partners, talent, and clients through a robust thought leadership strategy. We specialize in positioning you not just as a player but as THE player in your field..

Why trust us as your real estate PR agency

We are a real estate PR firm specializing in startups, scaleups, and corporations. As an agency, we’re on a mission to revamp a broken PR industry.
We research
We adapt and deliver
Key message focus
Experience and success

In-depth research

Before we start any campaign, we make it our priority to understand your company's environment. This means conducting extensive research on your industry, competitors, and trends. We equip ourselves with the knowledge we need to make your business shine.
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Versatile content

We produce various content, from long-form written pieces to media pitches, thought leadership pieces, opinions, and newsjacking. We produce content for websites, blogs, and specific real estate publications. We pride ourselves on our bespoke service and adapting strategies with each company we work with.
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Key message focus

Real Estate and Property PR aims to persuade your target audience to make an important life decision with you. But need to focus on the message.
Whether this is brand awareness, product or service promotion, or sharing general information, it's important to get your key messages just right.
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Experience and success

We have an extensive list of happy clients. We've worked with various businesses, from Real Estate to FinTech to Renewable Energy and more.

Our success is a testament to our team's expertise. Working with us, you can be confident that we'll create the perfect content for your brand.
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How do our real estate PR services work?

PRLab has a unique results-driven approach. We don’t start collaborations without a clear, custom-made set of KPIs that ensures we get you the results you want.
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Collaborative efforts

We believe in open and honest communication. During our time together, you will know what we are working on and when. We update you throughout, keeping you part of the conversation.

If you think anything needs to be adjusted from your side, you can arrange this when needed. We value your input—in fact, we seek it. Collaboration PR is important and will increase the chances of maximum impact.
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360 PR

We consider PR to sit on top of the marketing funnel, to which all your marketing strategies are linked. Our approach is integrated with this. As an agency, we provide services that cover the entire marketing spectrum.

This way, no misalignment in your internal marketing materials could hinder your company’s objectives. It also helps you stand out in often saturated markets through the cohesive nature of storytelling about your brand and delivering a unified message.
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SMART goals

These are very important to us. When we start our collaborative journey, we use SMART goals as key performance indicators (KPIs). This helps to guarantee that any objectives we jointly set are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

This also helps us remain operationally and financially efficient, optimizing all valuable resources and time. This, combined with our expertise and industry insights, can give you the edge over competition.
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Our main driver and purpose is obtaining results for you. This is why you reached out to us. From the steering of public opinion to sales and brand awareness, we have the skills to move you forward.

There may be a few different forms this could take. It could be coverage in a certain tiered outlet, higher brand recall, or increased sales. Whatever it is, your goal becomes our goal and our main drive for action.
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Harnessing thought leadership

There's no doubting thought leadership is a winning strategy. It fosters trust and can prove very useful to your organization. It can direct industry conversation and make you a ‘go-to’ for topics of discussion related to your industry.

It positions you as an authority and gives people confidence in your brand - . Using our built-up contacts, industry expertise, and thought leadership positioning capabilities, we can help raise your voice profile within the world of real estate
Collaborative efforts
360 PR
SMART goals
Harnessing thought leadership
Logo of Realoq, client of our real estate PR agency

Realoq is one of our esteemed clients, exemplifying commitment to both innovation in real estate and customer satisfaction.

We're experts in Real Estate PR and we can prove it

"We excel in managing and increasing reputations within the real estate and property sectors. We go beyond traditional approaches to create compelling narratives that stand out among audiences and gain their trust. Our results-driven approach will provide a strong return on investment."

Photo of Matias Rodsevich, PR consultant specialized in Real Estate companies
Matias Rodsevich
CEO of PRLab, a pioneer in Real Estate PR

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As an industry based on economic changes, real estate PR covers developments in the housing and leasing markets and the management of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. With the rules of real estate changing with rising living costs, lifestyle changes, and increased mortgage rates, real estate firms must constantly modify their outlook on getting client and industry exposure. Public relations is key in aligning firms with industry trends and changes. Investing in PR means investing in visibility and better branding for your business so relevant clients can find your services. Using customized media relations for unique real estate businesses, PR helps you define your narrative and niche within the market.

As a fluctuating market affected by economic uncertainty, the real estate industry’s growth depends on location, cost of living, neighborhood appeal, and other region-specific factors. Global trends in the real estate industry in recent years include sustainability, outsourcing property management, and higher expectations for customer service. Rising living costs mean trends such as energy efficient spaces, shared living, and users, as opposed to ownership, are becoming the new standard. These changes are further driven by technology trends with software for property management, virtual tours, and optimized customer service. PR comes in when you want to improve and expedite the process of keeping up with these changes to develop a smoother workflow while obtaining new clients and becoming an industry leader.

Key challenges in the real estate industry depend on the type of market. For commercial real estate, global market instability is the primary factor, whereas home affordability is among the top factors for residential markets. These markets' successes and failures depend on key challenges that real estate agents face, such as competition, difficulty finding a sales process, and falling short of utilizing referrals. PR for real estate includes specialized plans for real estate companies for commercial clients and residential. PR helps companies stay ahead in terms of challenges through methods like competitor analysis, defining USPs, and creating powerful narratives that create an established positive sentiment around your business.

Considering factors like market situation and project scale, initial PR outcomes can take anywhere from three months or longer for real estate firms. Short-term expected timeframes are usually reported through monthly and quarterly meetings while long-term timeframes are reported through yearly or campaign-specific reports. However, the main thing to remember is that PR is a long game. While short-term goals are constantly being achieved through media relations and optimizing metrics and KPIs, larger projects like campaigns, events, and building contacts can take time. The good news is that these projects are usually the most fruitful and allow for better engagements between potential long-term clients and your business.

PR for B2B and B2C requires alternate strategies to target different clients but can also be used together depending on a company’s goals and scale. PR for real estate firms focusing on B2B clients includes increasing business visibility and credibility through industry publications, trends, and opportunities for quick responses to the changing market. Alongside this, PR maintains a stable engagement with the media by building relationships with relevant journalists and bloggers in the real estate industry. PR for real estate firms with B2C or residential clients involves acquiring and retaining short-term clients with increased customer satisfaction. Strategies for these clients include monitoring media metrics, content creation, sentiment analysis, and strategies to increase customer referrals.

Making real estate accessible to clients involves using PR strategies to define your target audience. Once PR has carved out your niche within the industry, we focus on customer segmentation and brand exposure for better accessibility of your services to clients. Building on this exposure, we hone down on referrals and client testimonials for authentic social proof that will compel newcomers to your business. Beyond this, we also focus on maintaining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as maintaining customer satisfaction while focusing on active coverage, share of voice, and social engagement.

In our view, yes. This is because the varying market changes and competition in the real estate industry make it harder to sustain strong brand exposure and reputation management, which hugely impacts sales and customer retention. PR for real estate firms emerges as a fruitful solution to the external challenges faced by real estate firms. PR can continuously adjust strategies depending on audience engagement and industry trends, proving PR as an instrumental solution for the long-term development of your business.

At PRLab, we have expertise and experience in helping real estate companies surpass their business goals. We rely on data strategies and integrated marketing based on your unique business model and objectives to help clients become confident in your brand. Our team's curated strategies will help you build contacts and gain referrals for B2B and B2C clients for long-term success and better client satisfaction. This, coupled with a strong focus on reach and thought leadership within the industry, will take your brand to the next level.

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