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PR is crucial for a retail technology company. The industry constantly evolves with new technologies, so keeping up with the fast pace and staying relevant in the market is vital. This is our top priority as a leading Retail PR agency.
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We consistently get our Retail clients top tier global media coverage

No fluff. We get results. And we can prove it.

Traditional press releases won't set you apart in a competitive retail market. Implement a PR strategy to establish trust with key stakeholders.

Boost your Retail brand awareness

Differentiate yourself in the crowded retail sector with a strategic brand awareness campaign. Ensure key stakeholders recognize what sets you apart. Earned media in PR is crucial; our expertise is crafting compelling stories that capture journalists' attention.
"PRLab increased our share of voice and helped us become thought leaders in our space, which resulted in many new clients. The number of high-tier media coverage impressed us. "
Frida Fors Wallsbeck
Marketing Manager Nordics, Meltwater
"We needed a tech PR firm to help us build our brand awareness. By partnering with PRLab, we were able to reach new publications and audiences across the Netherlands and Belgium. As a result, now Siilo is uniquely positioned as a solution to the problem of inefficiency in clinical collaborations between doctors and patients."
Joost Bruggeman
CEO of Siilo

Retail thought leadership & trust building

In the fiercely competitive retail landscape, being an industry leader is imperative. Establish trust with investors, partners, talent, and clients through a robust thought leadership strategy. We specialize in positioning you as a key player in your field.

Why trust us as your Retail PR agency

We are a Retail PR firm specializing in startups, scaleups and corporations, and we’re on a mission to revamp the broken PR industry
Trusted results
Value creation
Industry knowledge
PR management

Trusted results

We have a proven track record of success working with various well-known companies in the tech industry, including those in SaaS and Fintech, building our reputation as an award-winning PR agency. Our experts have repeatedly succeeded in growing our clients’ industry presence. We provide Retail PR services to help you gain market visibility. We have the experience to help you reach your target audience and achieve your goals.
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Value creation

We grow your business using PR to show your industry-pioneering contributions to retail tech. PR is about communicating the value-adding benefits of your business, and we do this through content marketing and business storytelling. To become a retail tech sector leader, you must share your knowledge and market insights. For this to be successful, you'll need a top PR agency.
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Industry knowledge

Over the years, we've grown our portfolio to include many clients. As a result, we've acquired the skills and knowledge to perfect your Retail PR strategy. Due to retail tech's rapid development and dynamics, you'll need a PR agency accustomed to fast change to keep you relevant, ensuring your brand stays ahead of the curve and at the forefront of your target audience's mind.
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PR management

As technology progresses, so does how people receive and search for information. We assist you in getting into publications, speaking opportunities, thought leadership, and other media engagements. This is how we will help manage your implemented PR initiatives to ensure that you are recognized as an industry leader worthy of attention. We aim to establish a strong reputation for you as an industry leader.
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How do our Retail PR services work?

PRLab has a unique results-driven approach. We don’t start collaborations without having a clear, custom-made set of KPIs to ensure we get you the desired results.
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Personalized approach

Our expert Retail PR team will effectively showcase your products. We start by thoroughly understanding your target audience and determining the best media channels to reach them.

Our in-house services include digital PR, social media, SEO, and paid media, enabling us to design your brand's customized, data-driven strategy.

We produce impactful content that drives measurable results. In today's digital age, consumers are bombarded with information, and it's important to stand out.

Therefore, our team creates high-quality, compelling content that resonates with your target audience.
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Stronger online presence

We understand that having an online presence and being visible in search results is important. That's why we provide SEO services to help you improve your visibility and attract more organic traffic.

Additionally, we use paid media services to help you reach a wider audience and drive more sales. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, whether it's increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or building customer loyalty.
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At our PR agency, we think the most successful PR campaigns result from a strong collaboration between us and the client. We understand that every business is different and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to PR.

That's why we take the time to get to know our clients and their specific goals and objectives. We also believe in open and transparent communication. We keep our clients informed and updated throughout the entire PR process.

In addition, we believe in flexibility and adaptability.
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Market intelligence

The fast-moving consumer goods industry constantly evolves, and keeping up can be challenging. Trends change quickly, and customers are more selective than ever.

In recent years, the retail landscape has undergone a significant transformation, with more and more consumers turning to online shopping.

We have tools to analyze mentions of a brand, competitors, relevant industry keywords on social media platforms, a brand's search engine rankings, and competitors. This can provide valuable insights into what customers say about your brand and the industry.
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Omnichannel press coverage

We get you positive press in the media outlets that your audience engages with. This could include traditional newspapers, magazines, and television.

It goes without saying that digital outlets such as blogs and social media platforms play a crucial role in influencing consumer perception.

By building relationships with these outlets and consistently providing them with high-quality content and information about your business, you can increase the likelihood that they will cover your company in a positive light.
Personalized approach
Stronger online presence
Market intelligence
Omnichannel press coverage

In 2020, MobieTrain remotely entered the Dutch market and launched its first Corporate Learning Benchmark...

Success Study

We're experts in Retail and we can prove it

"Retail tech is growing as tech developments provide the driving force in the ever-evolving retail sector. Retail tech firms need public relations to stand out in a crowded market and secure positive outcomes that translate into genuine business growth"

Photo of Matias Rodsevich, PR consultant specialized in Retail companies
Matias Rodsevich
Founder & CEO of PRLab,
a pioneer in Retail PR

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Still have questions?

The retail industry consists of businesses that sell goods or services through online marketplaces, physical stores, and e-commerce platforms. Because a vast network of businesses fits into the category, carving out a niche within a sub-industry is not enough. Creating a unique brand identity that differs from the competition is crucial. This is where public relations comes in. PR for retail focuses on defining your company's unique selling points (UPS) so your products and services stand out against competitors. The principal objective of PR is to use data-driven and goal-based strategies to help brands build exposure and authenticity and encourage conversions. Internally, PR also propels businesses to achieve by motivating employees to carry out your brand’s mission as best they can.

With the increase in online marketplaces and online virality, retail companies must work to forge a strong brand identity. In today's retail market, when customer expectations are not met, it is much easier to seek out another brand. PR addresses this challenge using proactive strategies such as building media lists of journalists and influencers who can help disperse your brand to their audience. Additionally, focusing on customers, PR uses media monitoring and content creation for optimal engagement with existing and potential audiences. Well-executed PR strategies such as storytelling and thought leadership are the best way to stay relevant for the long term.

PR teams assist in building partnerships for retail brands by partnering with relevant journalists, bloggers, and influencers. These partnerships don’t need to have a particularly large following to get your brand out there. Loyal audiences are more likely to take recommendations from micro-influencers and bloggers with niche audiences as opposed to large influences who have a broader audience range. Above this, PR strategies are also designed for digital presence so your brand can benefit from local and international audiences. All these strategies are grounded in media metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure accuracy and precision when it comes to impact.

PR considers specificities such as location, audience segmentation, and market trends to expand reach. Since most e-commerce marketplaces are not tied down by location, they have the advantage of a global or national target audience. This is why PR for e-commerce-based retail companies focuses heavily on a strong digital presence with a brand narrative. At the base level, PR teams conduct audience research to define a brand niche and plan relevant social media and brand content such as newsletters and blogs to engage with communities. This combined with data-driven campaigns will drive success for B2C e-commerce retail companies.

The retail industry has seen trends revolving around customer expectations in the past four years. Technological developments have changed how customers find and interact with retail companies due to social commerce and the increasing use of reviews, ratings, recommendations, and online virality. In addition, small businesses increasingly rely on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok shop to sell goods. This indicates a buying habit where customers don’t need to leave social media apps to purchase items. To keep up with these trends, PR stays on top of social media mentions with comprehensive monitoring of key metrics that help indicate brand sentiments, customer satisfaction, and mentions. Using these metrics, PR professionals create strategies to increase reach and exposure on social media, engaging with consumers where they spend most of their time.

Rather than paying for advertisements without clear objectives on audience reach, PR is a more cost-effective marketing strategy to follow. It is a well-rounded service that focuses on a company's overall outreach and exposure. This way, companies can focus their efforts on creating innovative solutions and quality products, while PR can manage everything else that comes with handling a business, including internal crisis reputation management and reputation management. In creating plans and strategies for better sentiment, PR brings in more customers and engagement by focusing on multifaceted entry points where potential customers can discover your brand.

Our team at PRLab has experience and expertise in managing exposure and reputation for retail companies. We don’t overlook the uniqueness of each brand. We focus our outlook on how we can showcase the value of your specific company using data-driven angles. Our focus is to create custom plans and strategies based on target audience, location, and brand values so you get tangible proof of the quality of your goods or services. Ultimately, PRLab’s goal is to contribute to expanding your revenue by increasing engagements with potential customers in traditional and online spaces.

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