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As an SaaS PR agency, we’ve worked with more than 26 SaaS companies in the last 3 years. Our approach is developed to help SaaS companies grow faster with the power of PR.
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We consistently get our SaaS clients top tier global media coverage

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As an SaaS PR agency, we’ve worked with more than 100 SaaS companies in the last 6 years. Our approach is developed to help SaaS companies grow faster with the power of PR.

No fluff. We get results. And we can prove it.

In a competitive SaaS market, traditional press releases won't set you apart. Implement a PR strategy to establish trust with key stakeholders.

Boost your SaaS brand awareness

Differentiate yourself in the crowded SaaS sector with a strategic brand awareness campaign. Ensure key stakeholders recognize what sets you apart. Earned media in PR is crucial; our expertise lies in crafting compelling stories that capture journalists' attention.
"PRLab got us over 50 pieces of coverage around our Series A funding news, including the Wall Street Journal. This has helped us establish relationships with new partners and investors, leading up to a successful acquisition."
Steffen Maier
Co-founder, Impraise
"PRLab increased our share of voice and helped us become thought leaders in our space, which resulted in many new clients. The number of high-tier media coverage impressed us. "
Frida Fors Wallsbeck
Marketing Manager Nordics, Meltwater

SaaS thought leadership & trust building

In the fiercely competitive SaaS landscape, being an industry leader is imperative. Establish trust with investors, partners, talent, and clients through a robust thought leadership strategy. We specialize in positioning you not just as a player but as THE player in your field..

SaaS market expansion through PR

Effortlessly expand into new SaaS markets with our PR prowess. Tailor a strong PR strategy for brand expansion, solidifying awareness and thought leadership in target regions. Our global team, equipped with local experts, ensures a personalized approach, making you not just a global entity but a local brand.
"PRLab managed to help us enter the Dutch market via relevant constant media coverage. Their great content got listed frequently in key local outlets. They become part of our team, which was key."
Matthijs Onland
Country Manager, Wayflyer

Why trust us as your SaaS PR agency

We are SaaS PR firm specialized startups, scaleups and corporations on a mission to revamp a broken industry
Measurable objectives
Maximum impact

Measurable objectives

Our KPIs are SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely). We waste no time, and we won't eat your budget unnecessarily. That's why, before we start, we make sure we're aligned on what we consider as success.
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Maximum impact

At PRLab, we go beyond the traditional media hits to really understand how our results are impacting your business growth. Are you getting approached by new leads? Are you getting more referral traffic? These are some of the things we pay attention to to understand whether we’re successful.
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We pick metrics that work for you, not for us. Once we’ve got the KPIs ready, we’ll run them by you to kick off the collaboration. We remain agile throughout, so if the results we’re getting are not helping, we’ll tweak them. Transparency and collaboration are two key values we embody.
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How do our SaaS PR services work?

PRLab has a unique results-driven approach. We don’t start collaborations without a clear, custom-made set of KPIs that will ensure we get you the results we want.
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We are results driven

We only work with measurable KPIs. At PRLab, we have a strong focus on result-driven strategies. We only start collaborations if we have a clear set of metrics that will be used to analyze results.

Those metrics are discussed with you before the start and will be the guiding light of the collaboration. Examples could be the number of mentions across tiers, particularities on demographics such as views and traffic, backlinks, and keywords, among many others.
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We integrate PR with the rest of the funnel

Traditional PR sits on top of the funnel, attracting traffic. At PRLab, we go across the funnel, creating impact through different initiatives that integrate with the rest of the funnel, such as industry reports, content for lead magnets, or strategic events.

We focus on creating impact for the brand, so we act as an extension of your team to understand how our PR results affect the rest of the funnel. We remain flexible along the way to iterate and tweak the strategy depending on the impact we’re generating.
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News stories

You can be assured of noteworthy news coverage with us as your SaaS PR agency. With our skills and expertise, we turn pitches into larger news stories.

We stay up to date with industry trends and market developments to see that your media story is always ready to capitalize on newsworthy events in the SaaS industry. This is how we create media traction for your offering and gain audience reach within the tech and niche sectors.
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We’re specialized in Tech

The SaaS industry is vast and contains many service providers and rising developers. Due to this, it can be difficult to gain a prominent market position. As we have long-term reputation building in mind, we prioritize creating a communications strategy for our clients, mapping their way forward according to industry trends.

We want to set you apart from the general competition so that you can be recognized as an industry leader and keep on dominating your market sector.
We are results driven
Integrate PR
News stories
We’re specialized in Tech
Logo of opal, client of PRLab

To help create noise among the Global English Media, PRLab was tasked with sharing the funding announcement. The objectives of this collaboration included helping Opal to increase their brand awareness, build credibility, and create buzz around Opal’s Series A funding round.

Success Study

We're experts in SaaS and we can prove it

"SaaS is thriving with technological advancements and mass adoption, and a strong competitive environment persists. Partner with us – having collaborated with many global SaaS brands, we understand these challenges intimately and can weave captivating narratives."

Photo of Matias Rodsevich, PR consultant specialized in Software companies
Matias Rodsevich
Founder & CEO of PRLab,
a pioneer in SaaS PR

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Technology is always on the move. Once noteworthy, cloud technology is now very common. With the growth of SaaS, this industry has become greatly crowded. That’s why SaaS PR is tasked with building awareness around your SaaS business to create talking points and brand recognition. The goal is to differentiate you from the masses so you can be realized as the industry leader you set out to be. The emphasis is on positioning. SaaS PR is employed to effectively pitch your value proposition to investors, reporters, publicists, and business prospects so that you can grow.

PR is needed to communicate to the media, clients, investors, and other important stakeholders the value of your offering, to build a positive image around it, and to raise awareness. In a competitive field, SaaS PR can make all the difference to your product’s credibility and reputation. It also works to educate audiences on its benefits and how it is used. PR can get you included in the conversations affecting your market, and shine a light on your role in improving it.

SaaS PR can be more challenging than traditional PR. For one, the industry moves at an almost lightening like pace, and with it, industry jargon. An all round knowledge of SaaS goes a long way in a heavily interconnected industry. Your SaaS PR should focus not just on the technical merits of your product but also on the adoption and training involved in its implementation. This is a concern for many customers. Any PR strategy should consider this and leverage social proof. Use customer survey data to share with journalists as part of your outreach. The nature of SaaS means your business has a wealth of data available, so your PR campaign can incorporate engaging statistics and insights, showing just what sets your brand apart.

As your audience is mainly digital, using multiple digital distribution methods for maximum impact is a good idea. Consider webinars, placements in top trade journals, online reviews, and guest posts. Anything that shows your expertise, company values and is engaging is a must. Think about why people should care about your company and choose to be loyal to it. Think what you have to offer. Doing this will help you attain coverage in those tier-1 publications that could transform your trajectory.

In our data-driven era, PR success can be measured by such metrics as impressions, sales, SEO, and backlinks. When we begin our collaboration together, we come up with a set of relevant KPIs that link to your organizational goals and marketing objectives. The effectiveness of your SaaS PR can be looked at holistically, looking at not just the amount of media placements, but also the quality and reach. This allows us a laser focus to create campaigns that help you reach your objectives, as opposed to guesswork.

The timeline for seeing tangible results from your SaaS PR campaign can vary according to various factors such as the chosen strategy (or strategies), current market trends, and goals set. More immediate results are often seen from timely and targeted press releases, media pitches, or social media campaigns. Getting your name out there and establishing your key execs as experts or thought leaders can take longer. Persistenyis key here. SEO and content marketing strategies can also be longer-term as you work to secure backlinks for authority. Brand reputation should be seen as a long-term endeavor.

As an Saas PR agency, we offer a range of services that include media relations, thought leadership, content creation, SEO, media training, PR funding, and more. Our team of experts tailor all these services to benefit your SaaS company and effectively communicate your key messages to the relevant audiences. We craft highly engaging narratives highlighting why your product has the edge in the market. Growth and startup PR is our speciality. You’ll be in great hands.

Our team has years of experience working with tech companies. Our experts understand the nuances of the SaaS industry and how to make your brand stand out from the competition. We have our finger on the pulse, know what’s newsworthy, and will not waste your time and resources. We focus on getting you ROI and optimal coverage. Whatever your narrative, update or thought piece, we can ensure it reaches the right audience for your brand and helps you achieve your goals.

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