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As a PR agency working in transportation, we understand the industry is ever-changing. If you're looking to stay ahead of your competition, you will need to work with a PR agency with skilled professionals like ourselves.
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We consistently get our Transportation clients top tier global media coverage

No fluff. We get results. And we can prove it.

In a competitive transportation market, traditional press releases won't set you apart. Implement a PR strategy to establish trust with key stakeholders.

Boost your Transportation brand awareness

Differentiate yourself in the crowded transportation sector with a strategic brand awareness campaign. Ensure key stakeholders recognize what sets you apart. Earned media in PR is crucial; our expertise lies in crafting compelling stories that capture journalists' attention.
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Transportation thought leadership & trust building

In the fiercely competitive transportation landscape, being an industry leader is imperative. Establish trust with investors, partners, talent, and clients through a robust thought leadership strategy. We specialize in positioning you as a key player in your industry.

Why trust us as your Transportation PR agency

We are Automotive PR firm specialized in startups, scaleups and corporations, and we’re on a mission to revamp a broken PR industry
Results and impact
Value creation
Industry research
Promoting your content

Results and impact

PR entails more than just publishing content and articles. It's a powerful tool that can shape a reputation. We employ innovative PR strategies to bring results, enabling you to project an image that aligns with your values, resonates with your audience, and positions you as a leader in the industry.
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Value creation

From startups to corporates, we’ve helped produce high-value content across various sectors, highlighting each business’s unique insights and contributions to the industry. Each piece of content, and each relationship built between a business and its stakeholders creates value.
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Industry research and expertize

PRLab is committed to keeping up to date with industry trends, challenges, and the overall business landscape in the transportation world. We ensure your PR is cutting-edge, topical, relevant, and flexible to industry changes. We are well versed in current media narratives and tailor our approach to encompass all these factors.
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Promoting your content

We aim to build a narrative communicating your vision and brand message. We can help you reach the right audience. We can position you as an industry asset and thought leader. We also stay on top of industry trends and the latest innovations driving the industry.
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How do our Transportation PR services work?

PRLab has a unique results-driven approach. We don’t start collaborations without a clear, custom-made set of KPIs first to ensure we get you the desired results.
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Startup and scaleups

Transport is a constantly evolving industry. We aim to set you apart from your competition by using innovative and engaging strategies and techniques.

We understand the importance of startup PR in establishing your business's solid market position. We also combine your industry knowledge with our creativity to achieve maximum impact.

It can be challenging for startups to cut through the noise, but with our help and guidance, we can help you.
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Content specialists

We understand the type of content you need to gain traction and media exposure. We know the type of content journalists will pick up on. This could be content that lets you stand out as a leader, that involves you in a real-life situation showing a tangible impact, or an interview with you or a customer.

We are also experts at producing evergreen content—continually useful and read-worthy content. It could also be your opinion on something industry-related.
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Individualized services

We understand that your requirements may differ from those of another company in a similar field. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all PR package, and we don't treat you as such.

That is why we can offer a range of services to suit your needs in the transport industry. These include specific packages that suit your business aims and objectives. We constantly assess and tweak this so you get the most from our expertise and the required results.
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Industry awareness

The transportation space is full of bold ideas and creations, competing for customers and investment. Government or industry regulations can impact the transportation industry.

This is why we keep our ears close to the ground for the information you should know about. As a successful transport PR agency, we have the knowledge, contacts, and ability to help you succeed.

We can help you attain your goals and increase sales by fully understanding your business and stakeholders.
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Collaborative working

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our work is a two-way process of sharing ideas and solutions. We seek your input and feedback to make the campaign a success.

We work only with measurable KPIs and strongly focus on results. Those metrics are discussed with you before the start and will be the guiding light of the collaboration. Your goal could be mentions across certain tier publications, backlinks, or web traffic.
Startup and scaleups
Content specialists
Individualized services
Industry awareness
Collaborative working
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Addverb is a robotics company that delivers automation solutions to improve intralogistics operations.

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We're experts in Transportation and we can prove it

"Transportation firms increasingly see the value public relations can bring over the competition. Partner with us—we possess a deep understanding of the industry, its challenges, and the future trends and innovations most likely to impact it. We'll help develop a strong brand reputation, maintaining brand awareness among stakeholders."

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Matias Rodsevich
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a pioneer in Transportation PR

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Still have questions?

The transport and logistics sector is growing. This has sparked more competition and raises the question of how to stand out. Transport companies can use PR to gain a competitive edge. Staying ahead of the competition can help your company grow, expand into new markets, and increase revenue. PR could increase your leads, improve your marketing ROI, and allow you to build a strong, long-term reputation that will endure. PR campaigns are more effective than regular paid advertising and give you greater control. Your competitors are also doing it - so don't get left behind.

You cannot reach your destination without knowing what it is. To create a PR plan, we get to know your business and ask initial questions that help us create a customized proposal for you. We’ll do a deep dive into your market and your competitors. Together, we’ll outline the steps we will take to help your business achieve its goals. Once we set goals, we can go about achieving them. We stay agile throughout, measuring performance compared to your business objectives and changing tact as needed.

One of the big changes in the transport industry in recent years is the move towards autonomous vehicles. This technological revolution poses a massive improvement to the bottom line but comes with risks. PR can help to shape a narrative about how risk/reward planning is top of mind in your organization's mind. The move towards electric vehicles is also great for the environment and something to shout about. If you want to make the most of your green credentials, then PR can help to make a green impact.

Journalists find writing about stories based on successful projects or real-life case studies particularly appealing, so highlight these and show your impact. Journalists often cover awards transportation companies have won and benefit from live events and visual assets. Fuel efficiency and sustainability are also increasingly important areas of interest for transport journalists.

Transportation is a hugely important industry worldwide, so the media closely follows its developments. You, therefore, need to work to stand out. Transport PR involves communicating messages to various stakeholders, so it's important to tailor the messages to reach groups' interests and concerns. The sector can be highly regulated, so PR efforts should focus on showing participation and compliance with regulations and your thought leadership in policy debates. Crisis management planning is an essential component of Transport PR. Transportation companies are particularly susceptible to crises, and a response plan to address the media after an incident or event is crucial to maintaining public confidence. Attention should be drawn to any sustainability efforts, such as reducing emissions and implementing green technologies, as well as the innovative nature of any transport or transport-related products.

Measuring results is critical in any PR campaign. Evaluating results depends on the goals defined. We use a variety of analytic and monitoring tools to decide this. Success could be reflected in positive media coverage, increased sales, website traffic, likes and shares, and an uptake in general engagement. Increased customer satisfaction and the adoption of new products or initiatives you’ve implemented can also show that your PR efforts have succeeded.

Again, this depends on the nature of your goals. It also depends on the type of product or service you want to promote and your target audience. Some quick wins are nearly always possible. This could include certain coverage in certain outlets and increased engagement on social media. In contrast, others, such as revenue increases or thought leadership, can take a bit more time and require a long-term effort to get you where you want to be. At PRLab, we can increase customer engagement, bolster your reputation, and raise your brand’s visibility.

With our extensive experience working with various industries, our team of experts helps you make the impact your business deserves. We ensure to always provide a fully tailored service: our packages are adapted to suit your requirements. In working with transportation businesses, we fully understand each component in the service timeline and how to communicate your process, achievements, and unique industry insights to your audience. Working with us will turn your concepts and values into your story and allow you to share that story with the masses, providing your business with exactly what you need.

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