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Marketing isn’t just about pushing out your message to people, it’s also about providing them with relevant information— that’s where content marketing comes in. Content marketing is a part of your earned media strategy that requires attention.

What is Content Marketing?

Marketing is clearly not possible without great content. You want to provide your customers with relevant, clearly structured, and consistent content. That is where a good content marketing strategy comes in. Content marketing is a marketing technique that creates and provides strategic content for your target audience.

Why is a good Content Marketing strategy important?

It is crucial for you to create content that is enticing and gets your customer immersed. The main goal is for your audience to consume it, rather than avoid it. Content marketing is required for any business to raise awareness and attract clients, educate them on the current situation and on possible solutions. A good content marketing strategy is absolutely necessary for your potential customers to find value in your business. By raising awareness and educating, customers are already aware of what to expect and how the process works. It helps to move them through the sales funnel and accelerates growth.

Why you should trust us your Content Marketing Strategy?

We use a mix of contemporary and traditional PR to help you achieve results, and grow your presence within your industry. We know that PR for startups and scaleups and the tech industry takes a different approach and we’re ready to match your style. PRLab can support you across a range of different topics. We use different touchpoints to develop content that your customers want to read, see, and listen to. We have worked with a variety of startups and scale-ups across different areas of business, and our content marketing strategies have proved to be very useful when positioning our clients as thought leaders. Consistent and engaging content builds brand loyalty and makes you stick out in a saturated crowd. Our content writers have experience in answering the questions that your potential customers have.

How does Content Marketing work?

What is content marketing exactly? Some people have a misunderstanding of how it works. A good content marketing strategy does not try to sell or describe the products of the company, but the goal is for the vendor to offer information of such good quality that it builds loyalty to the brand. This is usually one of those “aha” moments for many
So how to create a successful strategy?

We at PRLab customise each strategy specifically to the client and their needs. We start by formulating a PR strategy according to your objectives. We start with in-depth research on your competitors, media coverage, and the industry devise a communication plan. This is necessary so we can create specially crafted messages for your industry and audience. The main goal is to create a consistent message across all media channels. We coordinate the content you have and the content we create for you, so that it is relevant to your business, industry, and your audience. Articles, press releases, and social media posts have the same theme. The perk is that your company is seen as a valuable source of information.

A steady flow of information is catered through ongoing media pitching all in line with your PR strategy. Not only do we pitch the media, but we also provide media training for your staff to become media and content savvy. All this with securing speaking slots and coverage through events management is going to establish you as a thought leader. A prominent goal of content marketing is thought leadership. Something we accomplish through consistent, reliable, and relevant messages coming from you. Your potential customers will value that information and see you as an authority and a trusted source in your field. Content marketing is about catering to your audience. We create a content marketing strategy that is not about the brand, services, or your product, but rather about your audience and what they care about.

What are the advantages of our content marketing strategy?

  • Your customers want to read, see, and listen to
  • Answers the questions that your potential customers have
  • Builds brand loyalty
  • Boosts your SEO and thought leadership strategy
  • Makes you stick out in a saturated crowd

How do we achieve this?

  • PR Strategy
  • Ongoing media pitching
  • Reputation management
  • Events Management: securing speaking slots and coverage
  • Thought leadership
  • Media Training

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