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We offer graphic design in Amsterdam. At PRLab, we are characterized for creating design work that: Represents what your brand is about, is delivered fast, is flexible and adapts to your brand style, and Is cost-effective: You pay for what you get. Our graphic designers and motion graphic designer help us to deliver creative graphic design in Amsterdam and The Netherlands.

We know how complex our clients’ solutions can be, and from our experience with the tech industry we also know how to make them easily understandable for your audience. That’s why we make sure to have the best designers in place to follow your brand guidelines and bring visual consistency across your communications. Whether that’s an industry report or a motion graphics video, we’ve got you covered.

Graphic Design in Amsterdam


What is Graphic Design?

The process of visual communication and problem-solving through imagery – that is the most common characterization of graphic design. It is a form of visual communication and communication plays a major role in this concept. Whether that would be by means of typography or illustrations, the graphic design attempts to project ideas or communicate messages through visuals. These designs can be as simple as a logo and brand illustration or as sophisticated as a motion graphic videos.

Consider choosing PRLab as your graphic design company?

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Why is graphic design important?

Considering that the main goal of graphic design is communicating a message through visuals it has close ties to public relations. You could also consider these two actors as teammates that after working effectively can have great success on the reputation of your company. Graphic design helps create a distinct identity and build your brand awareness. This also applies to social media posts where it helps with consistency as well as events that need branded promotional attributes.

Graphic design is one of the most important things for creating an identity for your company and maintaining a consistently branded image throughout its life. Successful public relations strategies are unimaginable without graphic design.

Why should you trust our creative Graphic Design?

Getting a fresh pair of eyes to look at your brand is always good. Our graphic designers and motion graphic designers have that fresh perspective. They are experienced, efficient, and most importantly – creative. We are understanding of clients’ needs and try to adjust to them as much as possible. We hear your story and try to understand your vision to deliver the most appropriate design solutions for you.

The design created is like an outfit or accessory to your company and we want to make sure that you are the best dressed out there. Additionally, graphic design should go in hand with your PR strategy, therefore our PR experts make sure that those designs not only stand out, but tell your story in an engaging way. We collaborate with companies to provide graphic design in Amsterdam and The Netherlands.

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How does our Graphic Design process work?

It is important for us that you are up to date throughout the whole process. Our graphic designers are patiently waiting to meet you and get to know your story. The vision, the history, and the idea behind your business. That is how they know to work best in order to deliver a fully personalized and beautiful experience.

There are several scales to graphic design projects. Starting off simple with designing logos and brand illustrations that represent the essence of your brand. We offer creative logo design and brand illustrations. There is also a possibility to design your e-books and whitepapers according to your existing or new brand design. Graphic design elements cannot be inconsistent. If you think about it, the message your brand communicates also does not differ depending on the platform or situation, it stays consistent to ensure recognition, brand loyalty, and thought leadership. The same goes for graphic design, our designers make sure to pay meticulous attention to detail when it comes to maintaining consistency in designing branded messages.

We at PRLab also specialise in creating motion graphics videos. These undergo the same procedure – following your guidance and trying to represent what your brand is about. Our video marketing specialist and motion graphic designer will work with you side by side to create an effective video marketing campaign.

Equally important is the message that is being communicated through our creative graphic design, thus our PR specialists step in. The visual aspects help to comprehend the message faster and easier, therefore our designers work closely with content marketers and PR strategists to deliver the ultimate integrated communications experience. The main goal of integrated communications is to become the trend in your industry. We offer a strategic and consistent plan to make sure your communication channels, branding, and messages are all connected. For that, we make sure that the visuals act as a tool of unification. Our promise is to deliver you professional motion graphics and graphic design.

What Graphic Design services do we provide?

  • Motion graphics video

  • Industry reports

  • E-book, Whitepapers Design

  • Branding assets – brand logo design and brand illustration

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Before diving into a more detailed overview of graphic design services, let’s start with defining what is graphic design and what graphic designers do. Graphic design is the process of creating artistic visualization for printed and electronic media, such as online magazines, websites and online advertising. Graphic designers tend to have intense working schedules, during which they are involved in the multiple design processes, ranging from preparing sketches, templates and layouts to creating artwork for bigger client orders. Additionally, a graphic designer is often involved in the internal workflow of the company and participates in discussion of upcoming projects in order to take over visuals and share creative ideas with the team.

When it comes to working with clients, a graphic designer is also responsible for providing them with the best design service, which entails responding to clients’ requests, suggestions and remarks. Generally, graphic designers should demonstrate a strong knowledge of art techniques, creative software tools, people’s expectations of visual images and, of course, be aware of up to date design trends and innovations.

At PRLab, we provide various graphic design services, such as motion graphics video, industry reports, designing ebooks and whitepapers. Also, we offer the complete design of your branding assets including creating your new brand logo as well as taking care of your entire brand illustration. While delivering our online graphic design services, we are focused on representing a unique brand story and style in a cost-effective manner and in accordance with the established time frame.

In order to come up with graphic design solutions that not only refresh your company’s digital visualization, but also deliver your core brand’s message, our graphic design team collaborates with PR specialists throughout the entire process of working on particular projects. So if you choose us to lead your graphic design project or upgrade your current design solutions, we promise to provide you with a consistent plan, which will transform the power of effective visual branding into an engaging representation of your brand’s unique story.

Graphic design is a multi-stage process, which requires full devotion to the project, individual approach to the client and strong sense of responsibility. At PRLab, we value creativity, responsiveness and attention to detail as the crucial elements of successful design work. Our design process contains the following key steps, which vary depending on individual clients' requests. We highly value your full involvement into the process of implementing new design solutions and are ready to guide you through the entire experience.

To start with, it’s crucial for us to get to know a unique brand story in order to understand our clients needs. After finding out more about your brand story, we will gladly provide you with your new brand logo or brand illustration that will correspond to the essence of your brand. It’s important to note that organising the design process for each client is a unique experience and we always make sure to respond to individual expectations and preferences.

If you are looking for brand new graphic design solutions that would represent the essence of your brand’s unique story, we are here to help you through this multi-stage process through delivering excellent design service. We encourage you to choose PRLab for implementing your graphic design project in Amsterdam, and we will make sure to respond to your needs throughout the entire process of our collaboration. But first, we would like you to take a look at what stands behind our outstanding graphic design solutions.

It is our approach to communication that helps us deliver excellent design service to a client: each project is carefully examined by experienced content marketers and PR strategists, who make sure that our graphic designers deliver a comprehensive message through creative visualization ideas. Strong collaboration between communication and design departments within the company brings exceptional results, which correspond to clients expectations of design quality as well as it’s impact on the company's business performance.