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Our focus is on PR for startups and scale-ups. PR is our bread and butter, and it should be yours too. The media landscape around you is constantly changing and this is what we can deliver as a PR partner:

  • Solid media strategy to boost your brand awareness

  • Proper positioning in your target industry

  • Qualified leads in order to grow your business

  • Walk-through guide for improving PR for Startups

Reinventing PR for startups and scale-ups

Why PR for Startups?

Surrounded by companies who have well-developed marketing and PR strategies in place, you might wonder if you stand a chance as a startup or scale-up. However, no matter at which stage you are, good publicity is imperative for success in today’s fast-paced, digital world. As so many companies are fighting for a spotlight, maintaining a positive public image and gaining publicity for your product or service often requires the use of PR. Public relations encompasses a broad range of activities that largely depend on your goal.

Do you want to raise brand awareness, launch a new product, or communicate your funding news? Then you need close collaboration with a PR agency that will help you identify your goals and develop an integrated strategy. A Public Relations specialist will also set deadlines, metrics of success and identify potential challenges a startup or scale-up might be facing. A large part of what PR firms do is looking for newsworthy elements about your brand and using them to create relevant stories that will catch media’s attention.

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Why should you trust us for your PR needs?

At PRLab, we regularly work with startups and scale-ups in the tech industry and are well informed about its media landscape. Our portfolio consists of collaborations with some of the fastest-growing scaleups in the Netherlands, including Recruitee, 3DHubs, Bloomon, Impraise, WeTravel, and more.

We know that PR is different for startups and scale-ups in the tech industry and requires a unique approach. We are therefore ready to create custom-made strategies for every company. So far, not only did we get our clients featured in renowned publications such as Forbes,, EU Startups, Wired, and others, but we also helped them to come up with long-term strategies that greatly increased their visibility among their target audiences

How do we improve PR for startups?

To help you achieve results and grow your presence within your industry, we use a mix of contemporary and traditional PR.

We support you with a range of different topics that will assist in the public relations for your startup.

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1. Strategy: PR for Startups

To formulate an effective PR strategy, it is first necessary to determine what your goal is. Getting an objective view on your current state from a public relations specialist outside the organization can help you see a broader picture. Once that is done, PRLab will start in-depth research on your competitors, media coverage, and the industry to devise a communication plan. The latter is necessary to start building media lists consisting of media contacts we will pitch your content to. Working in the tech industry, PRLab has access to a wide range of editors and journalists that can strategically share your story with the right audience. We specialize in PR for tech startups.

2. Ongoing media pitching

To ensure you achieve the desired media coverage, we come up with story-pitches for journalists and editors from various publications. As a startup or scaleup, you might not be familiar with all the valuable media contacts, or they simply might be out of your reach. So collaborating with us, in this case, comes in handy.

3. Reputation management

One of the main tasks of a PR agency is to build and maintain a positive reputation of your brand in the public. Simply put, the character is who you are, but we focus on reputation – what other people think of you. Take note that nowadays communication happens largely online, therefore reputation management also happens there. PRLab uses social media marketing and SEO strategies to manage the reputation of your brand. This in turn positively influences your sales and marketing. If clients trust in your brand, they are also more likely to trust the product that you are selling.

4. Events management

As with many things, event organization is thought to be simple, but it actually has many moving parts and requires a lot of attention and studying. If carried out successfully events management can have many benefits, from increasing your brand’s professionalism, awareness, and loyalty, to being seen as an authority in your industry. Organizing large scale events, conferences, booking speaking slots requires a ton of effort – identifying the target audience, studying the brand, planning logistics, defining concepts, and coordinating many aspects. However, it can have many benefits for improving PR for startups. Luckily we at PRLab are experienced with such multi-faceted work and are able to deliver.

5. PR for Startups: thought leadership

The goals of our PR strategies include shaping our clients into thought leaders. What exactly are they? Thought leaders are companies or brands, that people, clients, referral sources, or even competitors see as an information authority in their industry. Meaning that you become the go-to in that specialization. Our goal is to position your company as the best in your niche industry. We accomplish that with a polished content marketing strategy. What is in it for you? Among other things, you increase brand awareness, add credibility to your product, attract potential clients by ensuring the quality of your product, and you will be regarded as a thought leader or authority in your industry.

6. Media Training

Press events such as interviews and conferences are an important way to PR for startups. We specialize in training our clients to be media literate. Preparing you to answer questions and communicating with journalists. Depending on the event, whether it is an interview for a newspaper or on television we know what is the right way for people to not get stumped by the questions. Guiding how to approach the event and questions asked, how to look in the camera and how to interact with the reporters. It is extremely important that you look professional in the public eye and PRLab gives you the needed guidance.

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Case Studies



Social intranet and collaboration platform

Happeo was raising its platform and scaling up to hundreds of employees. This was news, and it was big. For something like this you want to shout in exultation from a rooftop, but a voice can only carry so far. Happeo needed this launch of funding news to reverberate and be heard globally. That is why they came to PRLab, they wanted to make waves.



Boosting the company’s Visibility amongst the top tier 1 Dutch Media

In 2019, Paazl had some big organizational changes on the horizon, most notably the hiring of a new CEO. They wanted to create media buzz surrounding the announcements, with journalistic attention to the press release. Paazl also wanted to raise the awareness of their brand as well as establish themselves as thought leaders in the e-commerce industry.



The People Enablement Platform

Impraise became PRLab Hub’s first client in 2018 and have since built a strong relationship. Thanks to PRLab’s integrated marketing approach and solid content marketing strategy, Impraise experienced exponential growth of their online and press coverage.


Before defining tech PR it is important to define PR. PR or public relations in short is informing stakeholders about an organization, while at the same time forming positive opinions about the brand by performing strategic communications. Essentially public relations is about using different media channels to form a positive image for your brand.

In that case, what is it? Tech PR is the process of using the media to create a positive image for technology and digital businesses. PR for tech startups is as necessary as for any other business. PR for startups is crucial for reputation management, but for tech startups it can resolve a number of technology specific issues. For instance, communicating innovation with stakeholders, attracting investors or talent. Public relations for startups can immensely accelerate a company’s growth.

When it comes to PR for startups the best strategy is goal orientated. Keeping in mind the growth objectives of the business. Public relations for startups is not just about getting publicity for your company or creating a positive reputation for your brand. PRLab believes that the best PR strategy keeps your business goals in mind, the strategy is adjusted in regard to those. Additionally, the best PR strategy focuses on metrics in order to achieve the best results possible.

PR for startups requires the use of the full marketing mix to achieve results in it and beyond. That means different touch-points in content marketing, social, media marketing, strategic branding, and graphic design. In short, the best strategy for startups focuses on your business’s goals which is achieved through data analysis and the integrated marketing approach.

Initially this strategy should be different for a startup compared to an established company. PR for startups should address the needs and challenges of being a new company. For starters, PR for startups will often start with a focus on generating brand awareness. Acquiring new customers, educating people about a new product, or scoping out their competition – a PR strategy for startups will have startup-specific objectives. Unlike an established company that develops its strategy based on existing strengths, weaknesses, and experiences; a startup is going to build from the ground up. Actually, in this sense a startup company has an advantage to navigate their PR strategy according to how they wish to be heard. In addition, PR for startups jump starts their path to brand awareness.

A public relations specialist can help startups find relevant media outlets to pitch their vision and business goals to the most appropriate audience. The startups world has a trial and error learning curve to it, therefore it is important to note that PR for startups should focus on finding what works for the new company and what doesn’t, rather than emulating efforts of established companies.

The reason most startups don’t get press starts at the company’s core. You have to be able to answer what you actually do. A small startup can actually get press attention without help, but it all depends on your media relations strategy. Most importantly you have to create a message – what, why, and how are you different, how do you stand out in your industry? Your message is everything and without it you are nothing. This is the first problem why many startups don’t get press.

Also, many companies have their focus in the wrong place. It s is not about hits and likes or placement. It is about your voice and finding your place in the market. Understanding these two things is crucial for getting on with the PR strategy. Startups have problems setting their priorities straight, as well as setting goals for their media campaign. Scoping out media platforms and outlets, getting on the media’s radar, and choosing the best way to voice their message when they have the media’s attention is a process that requires persistence,, a good PR strategy, meticulous attention to detail among other things. In most cases startups don’t pay attention to all steps in the process, thus they struggle with getting press attention.