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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Plan

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Social media is an important part of any communications strategy and serves as a great tool for distributing your content as well as being very helpful in connecting with your audience. It’s a channel that allows for greater creativity and connectivity.

What is Social Media Marketing?

For a long time now social media has matured into much more than just a place to publish content. Since nowadays everything is moving or already has moved to social media, it has become a business tool as well. Social media marketing services are becoming more needed. Businesses are sharing their content on social media in hopes that it increases their social media reach, increases website traffic, and hopefully sales. In its core social media marketing is the use of social media channels in order to increase your website traffic, your social engagement, build your brand as well as increase sales.

Why is a Social Media Marketing plan important?

Social media is a great and simple way to reach your target audience. Loads of business every day are reaching customers through social media. Not only that, but also monitor your audience – what they like and what they hate and why? A social media marketing campaign helps you understand your audience and a correct management plan let’s you build lasting relationships with your audience. It is an easy way to reach your audience, and you can see what they fancy all in one place, so it is essential to building a good relationship with them. That brings many benefits, such as, builds brand loyalty, improves customer service, and it is a great addition to your PR strategy.

Why you should trust us with your social media marketing plan?

At PRLab we have multiple marketing and public relations specialists who can help you achieve the results you want. Our PR experts work as an extension of your team. And fortunately for you, they know the ins and outs of social media. We can help you better understand the social media landscape and point out what your competitors are doing, what are the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy, how to easily become social, improve your social media reach, and get to know your audience. Our experience across different social media platforms gives you an edge over your competitor. It is all about a consistent message throughout all channels and engaging interaction with your target audience. It is crucial to set up a social media marketing plan that is simple yet stands out from your competition. Luckily, we know exactly how to do it! Interested? Keep on reading.

How does Social Media Marketing work?

It all starts with recognizing that social media is a very valuable extension to your PR strategy. These two have to be interconnected and should exercise some of the goals listed for your PR needs. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to develop a good social media strategy. We help you do this by mapping out which platforms you want to use and why. It is also important to note that people or your audience in this case, use different media channels for different needs, therefore we help you make clear what those needs are. People have different habits and needs when using Facebook compared to Twitter, hence we assist you in developing social media strategies specially crafted for each different platform, but most importantly, keeping the main global goal in mind. After setting goals and mapping out the strategy it is time for developing the social media marketing plan – the content, posts, and schedule. Setting up a posting schedule to regularly keep your audience entertained. It is important to remember that consistency is key in social media. You have to stay up to date, there is little wiggle room you can afford to drop silent and not post. The longer you do that the risk of losing the audience you have worked so hard on is greater. Have you ever wondered why social media influencers post three or four times per day? They want to keep their audience engaged with their brand and this is a way they build their brand loyalty keeping them wanting more. Not only that, but also maintaining consistency in your social media feeds and post design is crucial. This helps you recognize what your brand stands for and what it represents. Campaign creation is another aspect that can have potentially great success with promoting events and pushing an initiative. It is also important staying on top of community management, managing interactions, and adjusting to your audience and their needs. Social media marketing is a tedious process, but it has good payoffs if executed properly. There is a huge variety of aspects you have to manage, but that is exactly why social media is capable of growing your brand.

How do we achieve this?

  • Developing a Social media strategy
  • Community management: developing and programming editorial calendars
  • Paid media strategy – the ROI on social media ads is unbeatable and sponsored posts are a great and cheap way to gain traffic
  • Social media campaign creation
  • Community building: growing your community of brand advocates

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