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Before you start screaming from the tree-tops about your company, have you considered how you want your story to be heard? Strategic brand management plays a huge role.

A consistent, branded message is what sets you apart from your competition, builds authority in the mind of your target audience, and crafts your position in the marketplace. A strong brand strategy is also the foundation of every successful communication plan. Without either, your message won’t be heard.

Brand Management in Amsterdam

What is Strategic Brand Management?

Strategic brand management is crucial in the modern business world, not only for the reason that the brand is the trademark and face of any company, but also because in times of modern-day digital media it can be done so easily. In essence, strategic branding is the process of identifying brand values and positioning in order to establish a marketing plan that is going to help in measuring brand performance.

Strategic brand management is a long-term project that a company incorporates to develop and manage its brand.

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What does this require and how does it work?​

It means that brand strategy services require frequent updating in order to successfully add value to existing products and services. It’s a long-term plan and collection of techniques that help businesses in creating a unique brand identity strategy while maintaining it and fostering brand character and quality. So, in order to obtain sustainable monetary success, in terms of products and services, it’s necessary to think long-term.

Why is strategic brand management important?

Brand strategy services are important because they:

  • Provide your business with brand awareness and customer loyalty

  • Create a greater appeal to customers

  • Differentiate you from competitors

  • Increase employee engagement and alignment

  • Accelerate brand positioning strategy

  • Improve perceptions of products and services

  • Promote marketing and brand communication strategy

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Why should you trust our Brand Management Strategy?

Our strategic brand management services help you refine your company’s proposition and position in the marketplace, determine your target audience, and craft a message which resonates with them. It’s about getting to the core of your brand’s values, mission, and vision whilst identifying a unique purpose that crafts a community of loyal customers or clients. We offer our support and inspiration to revisit the essence of your brand’s message.

A consistent, branded message is what sets you apart from your competition, builds authority in the mind of your target audience, and crafts your position in the marketplace. A strong brand strategy is also the foundation of every successful communication plan. Without either, your message won’t be heard.

How do we achieve this?

  • Auditing your brand: A detailed analysis of your current identity and brand positioning strategy in the market seen with a pair of fresh eyes.

  • Brand positioning workshops: Together, we bring together your company’s mission, vision and values into an actionable strategy.

  • Redefining your audiences: To communicate effectively, you have to know who you’re talking to. We will help you develop your target audience and carve out your niche, so that your targeted messaging hits the bullseye and you can successfully grow your audience.

  • Crafting a brand manifesto: Our brains are programmed to digest stories. A manifesto is your brand’s story laid bare, a bridge between people and purpose.

  • Bringing alignment and consistency across all your brand communications: A continued partnership whereby PR Lab brings brand into all of your business’s public relations and communications strategy.

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Case Study


Framework Studio

Interior Architecture and Design Studio

In 2019, after their recent expansion into France and Ibiza, Framework Studio were facing a disconnect between their current image, and the one they wanted to project. They reached out to PRLab to achieve the right presence in other cities and brand recognition in the design industry.



Senior Designer

“PRLab helped us to understand who we are as a brand and how to communicate with our target audience, through the power of branding and design thinking. The team also helped to bring alignment and consistency across all our communications channels and represent our new identity by creating a brand new website for Framework. I would recommend PRLab to any company trying to bring their brand to the next level”


A brand strategy is your plan on how you and your team will create, build, and shape your brand, its style and image. It is not just the logo and recognition aspects, a brand strategy is the whole experience your customers get from start to finish.

Your brand strategy is what your company stands for and represents. It is your company’s personality. Strategic brand management is all about how your company communicates about and within your industry and market. Your potential customers judge your business by this. Therefore it is crucial to pay close attention to your brand positioning strategy.

Launching a new brand and continuously shaping its identity can be an overwhelming process. An agency can help you with strategic brand management and take a lot of weight off your shoulders. It is not easy for a business to continue developing your product and performance while still managing its brand strategy.

A strategic branding agency can help with not only creating logos and illustrations, but also branding the communication style across all media channels. A brand strategy company has experience with multiple mediums and technologies to give your company the fresh perspective it needs. It has easily accessible resources with content marketers, social media strategists, and graphic designers to give you the freedom of continuing to develop your product and services.

Clearly, a brand strategy for startups is different compared to that of a huge corporation. In its core it is about focusing and establishing on four things. What does your product do and how does it help your customers? What do your customers need, and how will you provide it? What are the values that others see in your product? And, what are the words and images associated with your startup?

Brand strategy for startups is very unique. You need to establish the core of your brand and your company. That is the only way to go further.