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SEO Friendly Websites - WordPress Development

We provide and develop SEO friendly website solutions that serve multiple functions from the get-go. Our responsive design makes sure your site is optimized for SEO as well as UX which optimizes every visit for conversion. For this type of services, PRLab acts as a WordPress Development Agency from Amsterdam to the world.

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We deliver

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SEO Friendly Websites
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WordPress Development & Maintenance
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High performance solutions
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Responsive websites
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What is a SEO Friendly Website?

Our proposition is simple, we develop websites that cover all basic SEO needs for your website as well as a grreat user experience and speed performance. An SEO friendly website facilitates search engines to get a grasp of the structure and its content in a fast manner. Being a small busines growing at high speed, you don't have time to waste and get strained into sourcing different skills to get a fully optimized website. That's why we cover all that for you: From website speed optimization to image and copy optimization, we make sure we create websites ready to be ticked off the list of dreadful tasks you might carry out.

The best part? They're developed by our team of WordPress senior developers as well as our in-house Wordpres SEO experts. Our SEO-Friendly Website solutions, - Also called SEO development, includes basic website page optimization among other skills to make sure you get a cost-effective solution which integrates serverall skills in one.

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Why choose an SEO-ready website?

SEO-Ready websites are here to simplify your life as a CEO or small business owner. They not only increase your organic traffic and give you credibility, but they also represent the best way to to improve your website's seo performance is start with a SEO-friendly solution. By creating one, you avoid having to take the first step of any SEO campaign which involves an SEO audit, which is a critical part of doing SEO for any new website. These are also critical for an outstanding mobile performance, which is even more important when it comes to an user experience than web.

Moreover, our websites come with a white label development which means, there's NO risk of penalisation from Google in the future. Lastly, the only way to have a high detailed site optimization for Google is with a performant solution.

What can I expect of PRLab's WordPress Website?

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Mobile-friendly Solutions

You can expect our SEO development to offer mobile friendly solutions. This means your website will be optimized to ensure that it also functions and looks great on mobile devices. 76% of consumers shop on their mobile, so providing a positive experience is essential. Research also shows a mobile friendly site increases the opinion of users of your site, and means they are more likely to buy from you. Additionally, search engines have recognised the trend to browse websites on mobiles, so are also prioritizing mobile friendly websites.

Our team uses responsive web design for our SEO, which means the way the content is displayed adapts to the users device through the use of flexible layouts and media. This provides a great user experience no matter how they are viewing your content, and increases your conversion rate, leads and revenue.

The vast majority of WordPress themes have an extremely slow speed on mobile. We specialize in wordpress development, so know how to solve this common problem among any others.

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Performant Worpress PageSpeed

Website loading speed is one of the main factors for SEO rankings and one of the main SEO trends for 2021. As such it is important to design a website for both computers and mobiles that has good PageSpeed. This is a metric used by Google for how fast your content loads.

If the website is developed using a low performance theme, which is the case for many WordPress themes, there is no way to speed it up once it is online, as no matter what you do the foundation of the website will be slow. This is because these themes use too many resources.

At PRLab we use Oxygen, a perfect mix of hard coding and WordPress development that allows us to deliver the best performing websites on the market.

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SEO website Optimization

All the websites we create in WordPress have complete on page optimization. On page SEO refers to the optimization that you create and control on your page and makes it more usable and valuable to users, which improves its ranking on search engines.

As part of our service we do extensive keyword research and and analysis of your competitors to make sure your new website is competitive and performs well. There are a variety of ranking factors that all have an impact on your websites performance, we at PRLab we will take the time to optimize all of these. As well as your content, keywords and images we also optimize your URL, your meta description and ALT text.

In order for you to understand how these factors work, we will install Google Analytics and Google Search Console, with are some of the main SEO tools that you will need to monitor SEO performance on your website.

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Hosting and Infrastructure

The company you choose to host your website will have a big impact on its performance. Ignoring this factor will have negative consequences on your website by reducing its usability and accessibility, whereas optimizing it can significantly improve your traffic and conversion rates.

With PRLab you don’t have to worry about researching the best host for your website, as we take care of this for you. With WordPress being our go to software for making websites, we use SiteGround as our host, as it is easy to use and has the best quality to price ratio on the market.

To make your SEO friendly website as good as it can be, we use Oxygen, a plugin for WordPress. This is used to visually design all aspects of your site so you have complete control over its look and feel. Oxygen is faster and lighter than its competitors and produces very clean code.

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WordPress Website Maintenance

PRLabs SEO website service doesn’t just build you a website from scratch, we ensure that your site stays healthy by regularly checking for issues and mistakes to keep it updated and relevant. Doing these check ups might not seem as important as immediate pressing issues, which is why working with us means we can take care of this for you to ensure your business can keep running smoothly.

We will ensure that your pages runs without errors, and the websites software and plugins remain fully updated. We make sure it is built with the best security measures in mind and can regularly review your website to make sure that nothing is out of place and that your content and design remain fully optimized.

Our WordPress maintenance service is an assurance of our website building capabilities. If you have any problems with your site you will have access to our senior WordPress developer who can help you if you find your website is down, you get hacked, and generally provides solutions to all your other typical solutions.

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Custom WordPress Websites

You can expect your website to be fully customized to your needs. If you need a place to share engaging content or an E-commerce website, PRLabs advanced WordPress development will ensure that you can achieve your business goals. We work closely with each client and guide them through the process so they understand how their website works and will be able to understand the SEO analytics in the future.

The consequences of WordPress being so accessible is you are left with millions of websites looking exactly the same, and these poorly designed pages will be spotted by both customers and Google analytics. Our professional, advanced WordPress skills can take your website to the next level and ensure it stands out from competition and performs well. We also have graphic design experts as part of our team, so can collaborate with them to guarantee a creative and modern appearance for your website.

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Why choose our WordPress Development Agency?

The best part? They're developed by our team of WordPress senior developers as well as our in-house Wordpres SEO experts. Our SEO-Friendly Website solutions, - Also called SEO development, includes basic website page optimization among other skills to make sure you get a cost-effective solution which integrates serverall skills in one.

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Which other services do we provide?

Migrating a WordPress website
WordPress Consulting Services
WordPress Site optimization
Back-up of your WordPress website
Local SEO for those that are starting

Case Studies

Photo for Framework Studio. It's a case study of SEO Friendly Website.

Framework Studio

Logo of Framework Studio, strategic branding management client of PRLab
Interior Architecture and Design Studio
In 2019, after their recent expansion into France and Ibiza, Framework Studio were facing a disconnect between their current image, and the one they wanted to project. They reached out to PRLab to achieve the right presence in other cities and brand recognition in the design industry.
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    Why do I need SEO for my website?

    Millions of people use search engines daily looking for answers and solutions. To make sure your website gets prioritized by these search engines, it is essential for it to be search engine optimized. In fact more than 70% of search engine users are more likely to click on the top five links, and rarely go beyond the first page, so without high performance, you won’t see much traffic.

    Part of getting a well optimized website is not just in the keywords, but in creating a highly usable website. Sites that provide great usability score higher on search engines, meaning as well as just being a good experience for the user, you will have more users coming your way. Being higher up on search engines also increases the users trust of the website.

    Thus you need SEO to increase your brand’s visibility, build consumer trust and create a good user experience. This will increase your traffic and earn you more leads and conversions.

    Are WordPress website slow?

    It may sometimes seem that WordPress websites are slow. However this is down the themes and plugins being used and not WordPress itself. Having a flashy theme that is heavy in features gives a lot of unnecessary scripts which makes slows down the loading speed of a website. The same goes for plugins. Every plugin adds to the workload necessary to run your website, so it is important to optimize your plugins for your business needs.

    We understand how to build a website using the being performing themes and plugins, meaning we can provide SEO friendly websites with great performance. We are also aware of how images and files on the page can slow it down, so we make they are also fully optimized for reduced loading time. It is common to have images displayed in small dimensions such as 200 x 300 pixels, but still load the original image which may be much larger. This slows the loading speed down.

    WordPress is the software used to create websites, and it may be the host is slowing down the site. Some hosts are not dedicated to WordPress, and from those that are, we are experts in WordPress development know which one is best to create a fast and well performing site.

    What are the advantage of the websites built in WordPress?

    WordPress powers a third of the world’s websites, from small blogs to sites of major corporations. It is the software used to create a website, and while others exist, WordPress has unique features that make it the most popular content management system in use today.

    The advantage of WordPress over its competitors, is that while it has a high ceiling for creativity, it is also suitable for beginners. You can set up a website with very little understanding of coding, which other softwares tend to require. There is a intuitive and easy to manage admin board which makes it very simple to customize your websites layout and content.

    The simplicity of WordPress is what enable it to be so flexible and adaptable to changing needs. Whatever a company’s requirements, by simply using the core WordPress package as well as some basic and premium plugins, you can create a variety of websites ranging from personal blogs, E-commerce, portfolios, hosting social networks, managing small businesses or running complex sites for large multinationals.

    This customerization is enabled by a wide range of themes that are instantly available to WordPress users. There are a wide range of options to choose from and these themes can also be further customized and changed immediately, making adjustments and maintenance of WordPress sites easier. There is also a range of plugins available to install on WordPress that can add extra features beyond its basic site.

    Finally, WordPress sites rank high on search engines, and have tools and plugins available to assist with SEO. This is also helped by being very responsive to mobiles.

    Why do I need WordPress Maintenance services?

    Website maintenance is the act of regularly checking your website for any issues, and ensuring it is kept updated and relevant. It is very important to do this regularly to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth and have good SEO performance. Your business can benefit from these services as it is a time consuming process, so with PRLab maintaining your website, you can focus on running your business smoothly.

    Our WordPress maintenance services ensure that your pages runs without errors, and the websites software and plugins remain fully updated. We make sure it is built with the best security measures in mind and can regularly review your website to make sure that nothing is out of place and that your content and design remain fully optimized.

    Our maintenance service is an assurance of our website building capabilities. If you have any problems with your site you will have access to our senior WordPress developer who can help you if you find your website is down, you get hacked, and generally provides solutions to all your other typical solutions.

    What's the price of a WordPress site?

    The basic WordPress software is free to use, but there are still costs in building a website, and this cost really ranges depending on the scale and capability you desire for your website. The initial cost comes from simply hosting a website. A hosting service is what provides a home for all the files that exist on a website, and usually works on a subscription payment system. The price of this depends on the capabilities of your hosting platform, more expensive ones will offer greater speeds and performance for your website.

    The next cost is your domain name. While it is possible to have a free domain name with WordPress, you should purchase a more unique domain name in order to stand out and look professional. Keeping a domain name usually requires a yearly payment.

    A domain name and hosting are the very basic fundamentals every website needs, but to have a truly well performing website you are going to need to spend a bit more. Firstly if you are managing sensitive customer data you are going to need an SSL certificate. Additionally a an effective plugin for E-commerce is also going to contribute to the cost, and the more features you have such as feedback forms, good landing pages, and email deliverability, the higher the running costs of your website will be.

    Overall the cost of building a WordPress site suitable for running a small business is oging to cost between 1500€ to 2500€. Even with this total cost, you are only going to have a regular website and not a site that has been optimized with SEO web solutions, like the websites PRLab offers with their services.

    What is a SEO friendly website and why you need one?

    SEO is the practice of getting targeted traffic from a search engine’s organic rankings. By creating high quality content, optimizing it around key words, building backlinks and ensuring it has responsive design, SEO improves a sites rankings in the organic, that is non-paid section of search results.

    Google works by scanning their index for the best results suited to your search. They decide what pages to prioritize based upon certain factors. The first is relevancy, that is simply how closely related are pages to your search. Of course this still leaves thousands of relevant pages for your search term, which is why there is also the element of authority.

    Measuring authority is Google’s way of determining if the content is accurate and trustworthy and it measures this by looking at the number of backlinks to that page. Backlinks are how many other pages will link to that page. Finally Google looks at the usefulness and usability of the page, with pages having a better user experience performing more highly.

    Creating a website that is optimized for these factors is important because 60% of all traffic on the web starts with a Google search, and in combination with other search engines is 70& of all internet traffic. By ranking high up on search engine’s indexes, you are going to channelling this traffic onto your own website, which not only increases your own leads and conversion rates, but can generate significant revenue through advertising.

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