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Are you passionate about writing, and have the urge to let your creativity and expertise flow? 

We offer the opportunity to write for us, and generate a portfolio of published work. By crafting articles for PRLab and our community, you gather the insights of the process to becoming a published writer, and polish your reputation as a content creator, making you a thought leader in your field.

The process of our editors

We go through every submission and initiate our process with proofreading your content. As in our day and time, it is important to provide readers with a story that is engaging and interesting, easy to read, relevant to the status quo, authentic, and easy to access.

Here are some vital features we lean on in the editing process:

Theoretical Accuracy

We will evaluate whether your content is backed by research and insight into the industry in order to ensure that our readers gather data-driven information on the field of interest.


We put great importance on content that is up to date and relevant within the context of the industry. Which is why outdated content will constitute little to no interest.


Our readers must be able to easily find information and navigate its way around it. Especially if the topics are specific, or cover tips and tricks. We make sure our readers’ experience is the best possible.
So you’ve decided to try it out? You have several ideas and you know what you want to write about, and how to write it. That’s great!

Guidelines for Guest Authors

Check out these guidelines and rules for the specifics related to becoming a published guest author for our PRLab blog:

Facts, Accuracy, Argumentation

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Only content that holds true facts and is backed by research will be considered. We like argumentative points that are well made and thought through.

Final Draft

Make sure what you send us is the final draft. This includes grammar, spelling, and finalized. It must be free of error and mistakes.

Interesting and Engaging

The article you send us must be made in a way that is both interesting and engaging. It should have an easy-to-read style that grabs and holds the attention of the readers, while still giving them food for thought.


We will not consider articles that are too short or feel unfinished. The minimum is 1500 words.


We only accept one follow link in the content that links to your website or blog. We retain the right to refuse a backlink if we consider you our competitor.

Plagiarism Check

We cannot publish plagiarized articles. Right your own content, we know you have what it takes! It is advisable (not mandatory) to run your content through plagiarism software.

Application for Guest Authors

When contacting us, we suggest you come up with several titles for your article ideas, and add brief descriptions for each one. This way we have a choice, and you have a higher chance of being picked. We will keep our communication via email. We strongly encourage you to check our blog before contacting us in order to get an idea of our articles and the style we aim to sustain.

Send an email to genaro@prlab.co with your name, a short description, and your title ideas + descriptions for each title. We will contact you back shortly.

We only respond to requests from authors who submit their LinkedIn account and/or website in the submission email. The more information we have about the author, the more likely he/she will be considered.
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