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About Agicap

The French startup Agicap provides real-time cash flow management and prospecting services. Following their most recent funding, which was led by Greenoaks, they reached an impressive valuation of over €415 million!

Agicap is now expanding its global services even further to help SME’s track their cash flow, generate reports and get forecast analytics without delay.

The Challenge

Since being established in 2016, Agicap has continued its venture of entering new European markets to reach a wider global audience and scale their services across boarders.

In their latest funding round led by Greenoaks, Agicap raised $100 million. In doing so, the company reached a valuation of over $500 million (€415 million). Accompanying Greenoaks, existing investors BlackFin Capital Partners and Partech also took part in the funding round.

The remarkable new capital gain is generating even more possibilities for Agicap to provide their 3 500 existing clients with extended service support and welcome new small and medium companies as clients.

With the series B funding coming at a key moment in Agicap’s business growth, PRLab was ready to celebrate the success alongside them. With a strict deadline, PRLab took on the task to make Agicap known in the Dutch market.

PRLab's Strategy

Agicap has ambitious expansion plans in place. With the drive to become Europe’s lead cashflow management service provider, Agicap approached PRLab for support in gaining publicity in the Dutch market. With only a week to execute the strategy, the PRLab team moved fast to get Agicap national reach and high circulation.

Story Creation

First, Agicap's funding announcement had to be localized for the Dutch market, with the aim to get media appeal and recognition from the Dutch market. The story creation centred around introducing Agicap as a trusted service provider who’s here to support small and medium companies in their cashflow management, regardless of the country they operate in. The success from the series B funding acted as the key point in showcasing Agicap’s growth as a company.

1. Announcing series B funding achievement

2. Localizing news for Dutch market appeal

3. Entering new markets with the latest $100M financial gain

Next to series B funding announcement, we created an eye-catching brand presence for Agicap amongst respected news outlets in the Netherlands. We utilised Agicap's unmatched fintech smarts and market navigation skills as the reason behind their latest funding performance.

Media Research

With a strict deadline, we set out to compile lists of potential news outlets, partner journalists and fintech opinion leaders who could publish Agicap and secure Dutch media presence for them.

Our research led us to compile a comprehensive list of online news outlets who specialize in fintech, as well as connections with popular financial technology journalists.

With participating journalists, we adapted Agicap’s selling story to fit the individual style of each news site and online outlet. We also structured which journalist would match which take on the story best.

Creation of the Press Release

With our secured publishers and journalists, we created a total of twelve content pieces in under a week’s time for a non-Dutch company!

The context of each piece covered Agicap’s major funding achievement, whilst tying it back to why the company is a valuable asset for the Dutch fintech market.

The publications were carried out as case studies, highlighting the numbers and data fintech experts and enthusiasts would look for.

Targeted Pitching

With our gathered research and compiled work, we contacted multiple news sites and publishers. Keeping the short deadline in mind, we had to be extra convincing to sell the story. Great care went into ensuring that our pitches were successful and that they resulted in quick publications.

Since we matched the story as best we can to the orientation of the specific news sites and journalists, we were able to gain greater than agreed upon media buy-in.


Within a week’s time, we were able to translate the press release, revise it upon feedback, compile a list of 75+ media outlets & journalists in the Netherlands and provided full local market support for Agicap. Our dedicated efforts resulted in twelve pieces of coverage against an agreed three pieces.

Take a look at these results:

  • 12 Pieces of Coverage
  • 1.19M Online Readership
  • 33K Estimated Coverage Views
  • 8 Social Shares
  • 51 Average Domain Authority (Expected 21 Domain Authority)

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