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About Appspace

Founded in 2002, Appspace helps companies connect the workforce, manage workspaces, and modernize the office experience. The Appspace platform is simple to use and supports every employee across the digital and physical workplace. With offices in the US, UK, UAE, Australia, and Malaysia, Appspace’s 350 employees help customers have an exceptional and collaborative workplace, whether employees are at the office, at home, or on the go. Over 3,000 customers and 150 of the Fortune 500 trust Appspace to create a workplace that employees love.

Remote working and flexible workspaces are as important as ever. As solutions to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible are needed, Appspace is offering the only all in one platform related to all workplace related topics. Appspace is the only platform that bridges the digital and physical workplaces, using their unique technology to keep remote as well as in person teams safe, informed and productive. The company aims to revolutionize the way workplaces are connected and is already trusted by big clients internationally.

  • The benefits of working with Appspace are:
  • The platform is designed to work for companies of all sizes
  • Replacement of big variety of products all in one platform
  • Safety and security measures are always given
  • Seamless integration of important other apps

The Challenge

The company’s goal is to simplify customers' buying decisions, user experience and the streamlining of all workstreams. This is as important as ever, since remote working is common practice. Companies that can not yet offer the smooth transition to remote working are behind, and the great resignation which we are witnessing right now, is an effect of that. Working conditions and the improvement of these, the end of clutter and too many apps, programs and processes make companies' working culture unattractive.

Appspace is aiming to solve these and is already experiencing great success working together with big clients internationally. It is the goal to spread the news even more, gain brand awareness through all verticals in the English speaking media and position Appspace as the thought leader they are.

To help achieve Appspace’s goals in the global english speaking media, PRLab has been enlisted to gain more attention from the press, increase brand awareness, build credibility, establish media relations, successfully create media buzz around Appspace services, and strengthen the relations with its existing network of investors, portfolio companies, and employees, to increase life-time value and create brand ambassadors, as well as becoming sought after by the media for expert opinions.

What do we want to achieve?

  • Establish Thought Leadership
  • Create awareness and credibility
  • Create awareness about services and success of Appspace
  • Establish Appspace as the ideal solution for remote working and best practices around workplace communication and solutions

Duration: 10 months

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PRLab Strategy

PR planning

Due to our initial collaboration with Appspace only being 3 months, we had to act fast in order to achieve results. We kicked off the collaboration with an in-depth competitor analysis on the global English market, allowing us to find press opportunities for Appspace. We also greatly utilized the media list that was provided by Appspace, noting their top tier outlets to cover.

A big part of our PR strategy and planning was to analyze upcoming and current happenings, surrounding hybrid-office spaces and the new found enjoyment of remote working. These formed the opportunity for us to create relevant stories (mentioning the benefits of Appspace’s all-in-one office management platform) that sparked the interest of the media and journalists.

Creating media stories

Within the first week of collaboration, a media list was generated, targeting trade magazines - primarily focusing on tech and business. Next to this, top tier media outlets were specified to get coverage among tier 1 news outlets.

The most lucrative target audience was also specified, to ensure the correct key message is shared with the right audience.

Target audience

Appspace’s broader target audience, demographically speaking, is based in the US. PR efforts had to reach all the relevant decision makers - meaning company founders, owners, facilities departments, IT departments and HR departments. Their shared core trait is optimizing processes, workflows and the seamless integration of software supporting the turn to WFH.

Based on the target audience, the following vertical subdivisions were created for the media outreach:

  • National publications - print & online
  • Publications covering HR trends and news
  • Publications covering tech and IT related news
  • Publications covering successful startups / scale-ups
  • Publications covering Internal Communications, Corporate IT, & Corporate Real Estate
  • Podcasts, radio, and tv outlets

Which key message will be communicated to the media?

Appspace offers a one-step solution to employee communication and workplace management which streamlines the internal management process.

Content creation & thought leadership

Though the main focus centered around establishing brand awareness for Appspace, newsjacking and commenting opportunities were pursued to share Appspace’s industry knowledge as an office management tool.

Moreover, content was written from the perspective that Appspace is an innovator in workplace software. Appspace’s unique approach to both software and employee experience sets it apart from other companies in the industry. The hybrid workplace is also something which will only gain traction in the future, and this provides the opportunity to involve Appspace in thought-leadership commentary.

To execute this, both software specific media and media which focuses on employee experience and workplace productivity was targeted. This is an angle which many other competitors can’t tap into due to the fact that they lack the variety of features that Appspace offers.

Media relations

Key to achieving successful PR is to build solid media relationships. This is why we aimed to create secure bonds with various journalists who could assist in elevating Appspace’s credibility and boost their wider presence among tech-driven media.

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