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CoreZero PaaS platform measures the impact of all waste prevention and generate carbon credits.
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  • Press Coverage of CoreZero
  • Press Coverage of CoreZero
  • Press Coverage of CoreZero
  • Press Coverage of CoreZero
  • Press Coverage of CoreZero
  • Press Coverage of CoreZero
  • Press Coverage of CoreZero
  • Press Coverage of CoreZero
  • Press Coverage of CoreZero
  • Press Coverage of CoreZero

About CoreZero

CoreZero is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that seamlessly integrates into your organization’s operations to measure the impact of all waste prevention and minimization initiatives, generating carbon credits through proprietary and third-party approved methodologies. As a climate-tech company committed to accelerating the path to net zero, CoreZero enables food rescue, upcycling, waste-to-energy, and composting projects to measure their environmental benefit and monetize it through carbon credits.


The challenge

Operating within the realm of the waste intelligence agenda poses unique challenges, particularly considering its relatively lesser establishment and fewer track records compared to fields like reforestation or renewable energy. Moreover, being a young company can also threaten the perception of credit quality.

CoreZero teamed up with PRLab to enhance brand awareness in the English-speaking market and solidify their position as climate innovation drivers within the global landscape of sustainability- a company at the forefront of transforming waste into both financial and social value.

PRLab strategy

Brand awareness

PRLab hit the ground running with a well thought out PR strategy, anchoring the key messages. Subsequently, we devised a comprehensive content calendar built around diverse content pillars like technology, sustainability, waste, and carbon credits, directing our efforts primarily towards sustainability, greentech, and startup media outlets.

Media relations

We curated a personalized list of journalists across outlets and developed media lists, categorized by tiers for precise targeting. Effectively establishing more meaningful connections with journalists necessitated prioritizing CoreZero's initial media visibility, serving as a foundational reference point for brand awareness.

Thought leadership

With the goal of spotlighting CoreZero as an expert in their industry and establishing credibility, we placed thought leadership at the heart of our strategy. From pitches proposing to feature CoreZero’s CEO, Jean Pierre Azañedo, for interviews and podcasts to pitching thought leadership articles on topics such as food waste and carbon offsetting, our outreach efforts aimed to establish a solid media presence for the company while reaching the desired audience effectively.

Newsjacking & Commentary pitching

In our endeavor to position CoreZero as a timely and insightful contributor to relevant conversations, we actively jumped into discussions that included topics like plastic-eating fungi, the rise in US surplus food, and significant reports like the IPCC findings, establishing CoreZero as a timely and insightful contributor.

LinkedIn strategy

We curated a content calendar for CoreZero's LinkedIn profile, featuring weekly posts that centered around commentary on recent articles and relevant topics, thematic posts aligned with occasions such as stop food waste day or earth day, recaps from relevant events that the CoreZero team attended and so on.


PRLab results

Despite the media landscape being difficult to break into due to its stringent ethical standards and limited acceptance of guest posts by numerous publications, PRLab succeeded in securing relevant features for CoreZero in esteemed platforms such as Sustainability Magazine, Food Logistics, and Carbon Credits.

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