Hybrigenics, originally established as a bio-pharmaceutical company in 1998, has evolved into a pivotal investment entity within the DMS Group.
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  • Hybrigenics press coverage
  • Hybrigenics press coverage
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  • Hybrigenics press coverage
  • Hybrigenics press coverage

About Hybrigenics company

Hybrigenics, originally established as a bio-pharmaceutical company in 1998, has evolved into a pivotal investment entity within the DMS Group. With a strong focus on advancing personalized medicine (PM), Hybrigenics, along with its affiliates, is pioneering in providing safer and more effective therapies tailored to individual patient needs. Leveraging a suite of proprietary molecules and innovative technologies, the company aims to redefine drug development processes, ensuring the right drug-target interactions and optimal treatment windows.


The challenge

Hybrigenics faced the challenge of enhancing its visibility and credibility within the English-speaking markets, particularly among investors, healthcare professionals, and industry decision-makers. The goal was to elevate the company's profile as a leader in personalized medicine, showcasing its innovative approach and the synergistic potential of its affiliated companies.


The partnership between Hybrigenics and PRLab spanned across 8 months, a critical period that saw the transition of Hybrigenics from a bio-pharmaceutical focus to a broader investment strategy within the health sector. The primary objective was to establish Hybrigenics as a thought leader in personalized medicine, highlighting its unique approach to drug development and its commitment to improving patient outcomes. PRLab aimed to generate awareness about Hybrigenics' services and successes, emphasizing the company's role in developing new therapies that cater to individual patient needs.


PRLab strategy

Story creation

PRLab focused on developing high-quality, non-commercial content that emphasized Hybrigenics' unique value propositions, including its state-of-the-art technologies and commitment to patient-centric therapies. The agency produced a range of materials, from press releases to thought leadership articles, that highlighted Hybrigenics' expertise and successes. This approach not only educated the target audience about the importance of personalized medicine but also positioned Hybrigenics as a leading authority in the sector, capable of providing insightful commentary and advancing the industry dialogue.

Media outreach

PRLab meticulously crafted a media outreach plan that targeted key publications within the pharmaceutical, MedTech, BioTech, and health sectors, both nationally and internationally. By identifying outlets that resonated with Hybrigenics' core audience, including investors, healthcare professionals, and industry decision-makers, PRLab ensured that the messaging would reach the most relevant and impactful platforms. The agency leveraged its extensive network and media relations to pitch thought-provoking stories and editorial pieces that showcased Hybrigenics' innovative approach to personalized medicine and its contributions to the field.

Targeted pitching

Throughout the collaboration, PRLab implemented a phased approach that allowed for flexibility and responsiveness to media trends and audience engagement. The initial phase focused on testing the waters with targeted editorial pieces to gauge interest and establish a foundation. Insights gained from this phase informed subsequent content strategies, ensuring relevance and impact. By continuously adapting their approach and leveraging opportunities for thought leadership, including speaking engagements and interviews, PRLab successfully built and maintained momentum, enhancing Hybrigenics' visibility and credibility in the market.

Key takeouts

The collaboration between Hybrigenics and PRLab marked a significant milestone in Hybrigenics' journey towards becoming a leader in personalized medicine. Through PRLab's strategic implementation of tailored media outreach, content creation, and thought leadership, Hybrigenics successfully enhanced its brand visibility and established its authority in the field.

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✔  Credibility achieved

The campaign's achievement of securing 8 pieces of thought leadership coverage in just 8 months stands as a testament to the effectiveness of PRLab's approach and the resonant message of Hybrigenics' innovative contributions to healthcare. This collaboration set a strong foundation for Hybrigenics' continued growth and influence in the personalized medicine sector.

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