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HypeFactory is a full-cycle marketing agency, overseeing campaigns right from creation and management.
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About HypeFactory

Founded in 2017, HypeFactory is a full-cycle marketing agency, overseeing campaigns right from creation and management, influencer selection, campaign optimisation and scaling, to post-campaign analysis and reporting. With a global network of top-performing creators, and technology powered by Artificial Intelligence, the agency creates influencer activations that deliver measurable results.


The Challenge

In order to become the first-choice partner for companies who are looking to invest in influencer marketing, HypeFactory wanted to drive and increase brand awareness, build credibility and create buzz, with a particular focus on engaging the English speaking target audiences across Europe and the USA. The agency has had previous success in the gaming sector and was now looking to branch out further across tech (e.g. SaaS, app development) to attract a greater pool of clients specializing in (B2B) tech.

One of the primary hurdles encountered by HypeFactory was the fact that influencer marketing, being a relatively new industry, often meant that potential clients did not fully grasp how to seamlessly integrate it into their marketing strategy for optimal efficiency. Therefore, HypeFactory wanted to generate demand for influencer marketing among prospective customers through their expert publications demonstrating the potential of influencer marketing in driving results.


PRLab Strategy

Brand awareness

We got to work starting with a comprehensive PR strategy for getting HypeFactory’s name out there in the Global English media landscape. Through targeted outreach, we aimed to capture the attention of key target audiences and stakeholders who were poised to contribute significantly to the brand's trajectory. We focused primarily on targeting trade media encompassing advertising, PR, influencers, and communications-oriented outlets.

Media relations

Prioritizing HypeFactory's initial media visibility (for brand awareness) to serve as a reference point was a prerequisite to establishing more meaningful connections with journalists. Once we had a more solid media base to build upon, we started incorporating this initial media exposure to further forge valuable media connections with publishers. For example, we established an active connection with Digiday.

Thought leadership

With HypeFactory gaining more visibility through a network of well-connected journalists, we were able to move beyond brand awareness and rather place emphasis on nurturing memorability and trustworthiness. By integrating thought leadership tactics such as interviews, educational and informative articles, we aimed to position HypeFactory amongst their more established competitors.

Newsjacking & commentary pitching

In our quest to elevate visibility, we strategically positioned HypeFactory at the forefront of conversations that mattered most. Throughout the duration of the collaboration, a range of fresh subjects were conceived for pitching and newsjacking. Among the well-received themes were discussions on de-influencing, the ethical aspects of influencing, AI integration, virtual influencers, and various other engaging topics.


PRLab Results

We were able to make great strides in establishing reliable media connections with top tier publicists to get HypeFactory out there. With media engagements and overall sentiment being positive, HypeFactory’s brand image has been interpreted as reputable by journalists.

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