mintBlue empowers individuals and organizations to take ownership of their data using blockchain technology.
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About mintBlue company

The company offers a blockchain development suite that simplifies the use of the original Bitcoin protocol (Bitcoin SV), enabling clients to focus on their solutions and business logic. mintBlue supports various industries by providing tools for building blockchain-based applications, ensuring transparency and accountability.

The challenge

mintBlue faced the challenge of establishing itself in a market where blockchain technology is often misunderstood and overshadowed by other popular blockchains like Ethereum. The company needed to differentiate itself by highlighting its unique advantages, such as immutability, traceability, interoperability, and monetization capabilities. Additionally, mintBlue aimed to raise trust in blockchain technology, debunk myths, and enhance data use and exchange quality.

To achieve these goals, mintBlue enlisted PRLab to increase brand awareness, build credibility, establish media relations, and create media buzz around upcoming news. PRLab’s mission was to position mintBlue as an authoritative voice in the blockchain space and elevate its profile in the Dutch market, attracting media attention and strengthening relations with investors and stakeholders.

Update: The PR initiatives later extended to establishing brand awareness in the global English market, with the UK and English speaking Europe being the immediate focus, followed by the US.

PRLab strategy

1. Establishing Brand Awareness and Thought Leadership in the Netherlands

To establish brand awareness and thought leadership for mintBlue in the Netherlands, we implemented a strategic PR campaign targeting key media outlets, industry influencers, and podcast hosts. We developed and distributed press releases, crafted opinion pieces, and secured interviews with top-tier media to highlight mintBlue’s unique value proposition.

By positioning mintBlue as a thought leader, we aimed to build credibility, attract media attention, and create a strong presence in the Dutch market.

2. PR Stunt "A record-breaking 50 million transactions in 24 hours: mintBlue makes blockchain history"

To generate brand hype, we assisted in executing a PR stunt highlighting mintBlue's achievement of processing over 50.53 million transactions in 24 hours. We wrote and distributed a press release emphasizing the significance of this milestone, surpassing transaction averages of mainstream blockchains like Ethereum and BTC. The press release detailed the efficiency and scalability of mintBlue’s infrastructure, which handled 35,000 transactions per minute. We showcased how mintBlue’s blockchain technology enables affordable, high-volume data ownership solutions, debunking misconceptions about blockchain inefficiency and cost. This PR stunt positioned mintBlue as a leader in blockchain innovation and capability.

3. Incorporating LinkedIn Thought Leadership

To reinforce mintBlue’s thought leadership, we leveraged LinkedIn as a platform to share insights and industry knowledge. We wrote linkedin optimized content, driving social thought leadership. By sharing valuable content, we aimed to establish mintBlue as an authoritative voice in the blockchain space. Additionally, we encouraged mintBlue’s leaders to actively engage with their followers to ensure a consistent social media presence. This is especially important when aiming to foster meaningful interactions with industry peers and potential clients. This strategy assists the overall PR strategy in building a professional network, enhancing brand credibility, and driving engagement with target audiences.

4. Global Expansion: From the Netherlands to the Global English market

To expand mintBlue’s presence from the Netherlands to the global English-speaking market, we tailored our PR strategy to target international media and audiences. We translated key content and press releases, ensuring relevance and resonance with global markets. We secured features in high-profile international publications and collaborated with influential publicists in the blockchain industry. This approach aimed to build mintBlue’s brand recognition, attract a broader audience, and position the company as a global leader in blockchain technology.

Key takeouts

The strategic PR efforts positioned mintBlue as a credible and innovative player, driving engagement and interest from the media. Through our collaboration, mintBlue successfully expanded its brand presence across key markets, including the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and United States. 

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