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Smart Robotics

Smart Robotics, a Netherlands-based company specializing in advanced warehouse automation and logistics solutions.
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  • Press Coverage of Smart Robotics
  • Press Coverage of Smart Robotics
  • Press Coverage of Smart Robotics
  • Press Coverage of Smart Robotics
  • Press Coverage of Smart Robotics
  • Press Coverage of Smart Robotics

About Smart Robotics

Smart Robotics, a Netherlands-based company specializing in advanced warehouse automation and logistics solutions, aims to optimize pick & place efficiency and productivity for fulfillment centers worldwide by engineering cutting-edge robotics solutions.

Since 2022, in partnership with PRLab, Smart Robotics has embarked on a strategic journey to enhance its brand presence and establish thought leadership across key markets, including the Global English-speaking regions, BENELUX, and DACH.

The challenge

As Smart Robotics ventured from its local foothold in the Netherlands to the global arena, it encountered the challenge of distinguishing itself among larger, established players. PRLab's intervention was critical in navigating this landscape, aiming to secure media visibility and establish a compelling narrative that highlighted Smart Robotics' unique value proposition.


PRLab's objectives for Smart Robotics were clear-cut:

  • Amplify brand awareness in key global markets, with a focus on the English-speaking regions, particularly the US and UK.
  • Cement Smart Robotics' reputation as a trustworthy and innovative leader in warehouse automation and logistics solutions.
  • Generate buzz around Smart Robotics' initiatives, attracting attention from media, stakeholders, and potential partners.
  • Position Smart Robotics as a go-to expert and preferred partner in its field, ensuring it becomes a media favorite for insights and commentary on industry advancements.

PRLab strategy

Strategic planning

Smart Robotics initiated its collaboration with PRLab in 2022, focusing primarily on enhancing brand visibility within the Global English-speaking market. The partnership hinged on a results-driven plan that identified core objectives, target audiences, and key messages, laying the groundwork for a tailored PR approach. This strategic foundation allowed for the effective coordination of PR activities, ensuring that every action was aligned with Smart Robotics' overarching business goals. The strategy was dynamic, adapting to market responses and evolving to incorporate new insights and opportunities.

Media outreach

The media outreach strategy was designed to introduce Smart Robotics to a broader audience, leveraging a mix of press releases, personal pitches to editors, and active engagement with trade media in Tier 2 categories (Logistics, Supply Chain, and Warehousing). This approach facilitated targeted communication with publications that resonated with Smart Robotics' niche, ensuring that the company's innovations were showcased to a relevant and interested audience. PRLab's expertise in crafting compelling narratives played a crucial role in capturing media attention and fostering relationships with key journalists and outlets.

Brand awareness

To elevate Smart Robotics' presence in the competitive landscape, PRLab executed a multi-faceted campaign aimed at boosting brand awareness. This included a strategic mix of digital content, thought leadership articles, and participation in industry events, which together worked to increase visibility and engagement with the brand. The efforts were concentrated not only in the company's home market but also in strategically important regions, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand message was delivered across all platforms.

Thought leadership

Establishing Smart Robotics as a thought leader became a focal point of the PR strategy, particularly within key markets such as the UK. PRLab facilitated this by identifying opportunities for Smart Robotics' experts to share their insights on industry trends, innovations, and best practices through articles, interviews, and speaking engagements. This not only reinforced the company's position as an innovator but also built a strong foundation of credibility and respect within the industry.

Expansion (PR across borders)

In March 2024, Smart Robotics expanded its PR efforts to include the BENELUX and DACH regions, signalling a significant step in its growth strategy. This expansion required a nuanced understanding of the new markets, necessitating tailored PR strategies that considered local media landscapes and business practices. PRLab's adaptability and regional expertise were instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition and effective communication in these new territories.

Long-term PR planning

Looking beyond immediate gains, PRLab and Smart Robotics focused on sustainable PR practices that would ensure long-term visibility and influence. This involved continuous media monitoring, updating press kits, and maintaining a live PR tracker for transparency and agility in PR activities. The long-term strategy was underpinned by a commitment to evolving with the industry, anticipating future trends, and positioning Smart Robotics as a forward-thinking leader in robotics innovation.

LinkedIn thought leadership

Integrating LinkedIn Thought Leadership formed a strategic component of Smart Robotics' PR campaign, aimed at amplifying its industry authority. This initiative involved curating and sharing insightful content on LinkedIn, including thought leadership articles and expert opinions. By leveraging the professional network, Smart Robotics engaged directly with its target audience, fostering meaningful interactions, and showcasing its expertise in robotics and automation to a global community of professionals and industry leaders.

PRLab results

In the course of our partnership with Smart Robotics, we've collectively achieved noteworthy milestones that have significantly elevated the brand's visibility and fortified our media relations. Highlights of our journey include:

  • Enhanced visibility across key strategic markets, including the US, UK, Netherlands, and Germany.
  • Substantial increase in brand recognition, underpinned by over 110 pieces of coverage.
  • Establishment of Smart Robotics' credibility within the industry, evidenced by an online audience of 18.2 million, a readership of 380k, and engaging 238 social interactions.

Our collaboration, though not without its challenges such as fluctuations in PR coverage, has been characterized by resilience and adaptability. These moments necessitated a reevaluation of our strategies, ensuring our goals remained aligned and our efforts continued to yield positive outcomes.

As we look to the future, PRLab remains committed and optimistic about advancing our partnership with Smart Robotics. We are geared towards achieving even greater milestones, driven by a shared vision of innovation and leadership in the robotics sector. Our ongoing collaboration is a testament to the enduring success and potential for continued accomplishments in the evolving landscape of technology and media.
Coverage in: US, UK, Netherlands, Germany

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Key takeaways

Leveraging LinkedIn for Thought Leadership: Smart Robotics' strategic use of LinkedIn has been instrumental in enhancing their industry authority and fostering strategic connections. This platform has enabled them to engage in meaningful conversations, attracting interest from prominent companies like IKEA. By consistently sharing insightful content, Smart Robotics has successfully positioned itself as a leader in the field of robotics and warehouse automation.

Catalyzing Growth through PR: The comprehensive PR campaign has contributed to Smart Robotics' growth trajectory. Increased brand visibility and credibility, coupled with strategic partnerships, have led to a surge in media exposure and social media engagement. This multifaceted approach has not only reinforced their market position but has also laid a solid foundation for future business scalability.

Strategic Preparation for Market Expansion: Smart Robotics' forward-thinking PR strategy is a cornerstone of their preparation for entering and expanding in new markets, with a particular focus on the DACH region and BENELUX. By building brand recognition and establishing key relationships in advance, Smart Robotics is well-positioned for a successful and impactful market entry, ensuring long-term growth and presence in these strategic territories.

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