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Sonnen is one of the world's leading manufacturers of smart energy systems and a pioneer of clean
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About sonnen

sonnen [Group] is one of the world's leading manufacturers of smart energy systems and a pioneer of clean, decentralised and networked energy technologies, with offices in Germany, Italy, Australia, Spain, the UK, and the USA. As a rapidly growing energy tech company, they have been internationally recognized, particularly for their innovative virtual power plant. Fueled by a shared vision of accessible and eco-friendly energy for all, the sonnenCommunity unites visionaries around the world through their products and services.


The Challenge

Sonnen had expanded their footprint to Sweden two years ago. Seeking to introduce their innovative sonnenCharger, which was yet to make its debut in the Swedish market, sonnen collaborated with PRLab. The challenge was clear: to unveil the sonnenCharger in Sweden in a way that not only educates but also inspires action. With the newly launched sonnenCharger, households equipped with a photovoltaic (PV) system and a sonnenBatterie can smartly charge their EVs. This marks an important step towards the complete electrification of a household's energy needs and the seamless integration of individual renewable energy assets into one system.

The need of the hour was a PR strategy that would introduce the sonnenCharger as more than just a product – as a transformative force in the direction of a greener way of living.


PRLab Strategy

Media lists and content calendars

After thorough deliberations with the team at sonnen, we kicked off the preparations for their PR strategy by developing media lists categorised by tiers for precise targeting. At the same time, we also created content calendars to strategize messaging and compelling angles to convey sonnen’s core propositions effectively.

Building a story narrative

After setting up the PR documents and aligning on our media tiers, we focused on crafting an impactful narrative to announce the launch of sonnen’s wallbox sonnenCharger in the Swedish market. It was imperative to ​​spark intrigue around the product's introduction, while also seamlessly weaving it into the very fabric of the Swedish market.

Press release creation and distribution

Our next step was to ensure that this narrative was effectively conveyed through a well-structured and strategically planned press release, maximising its impact and reach across various media channels.

Media relations and outreach

With our personalised list of journalists across select media outlets, we went ahead and started pitching exclusives to the tier-one media outlets before the big push. We were able to establish a good rapport with them, as a good number of outlets expressed their genuine interest in writing about them in the future. Subsequently, we also reached out to a curation of highly relevant tier-two and tier-three outlets.


PRLab Results

Our precision-focused approach culminated in the successful publication of the press release across six distinguished Swedish publications within tiers two and three and generated significant interest for future collaborations from esteemed tier-one outlets. This signifies a strategic advancement in skillfully positioning our narrative and establishing a robust basis for future interactions within the media landscape.

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