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At PRLab we believe push to be great for our clients, and in order to do that, we need to be great for ourselves.
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PRLab is a public relations agency, based in Amsterdam and Stockholm. We specialize in PR and marketing services for tech startups, scale-ups and corporates. Our services are tailored according to an array of tech verticals, for example FinTech, SaaS and Telecommunications.

The challenge

After successfully growing the PRLab community from Amsterdam, PRLab CEO Matias made the move to establish the agile PR agency we have here today. After assembling a team of PR experts, content marketers and SEO specialists, it was time to apply our own expertise to our own website, completing an SEO audit and creating content that is informed by extensive keyword research and analysis.

The purpose of optimizing the PRLab website was to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase organic traffic on our website
  • Improve our ranking on Google search results
  • Generate more leads through our website
Matias Rodsevich

PRLab strategy

SEO audit

The first step of the SEO audit is keyword research. This is a very indepth process, and involves researching common industry-specific words and phrases that are driving search traffic to search engine results pages. We needed to find what phrases people were searching for in relation to the services offered by PRLab.

By understanding the questions being asked by our audience, we could tailor our content to provide answers and include the keywords that people are searching for. From this research we could see what existing content we needed to change, as well as what content to create in the future.

Create a new structure

Armed with this knowledge of keywords, we could identify who our competitors were and analyze the SEO factors on their page. Because SEO is competitive, we needed to know how PRLab was performing in relation to other websites, and see how they had optimized their content, helping us develop our own SEO strategy and make improvements in the right places.

The keywords and the analysis of the on-page and off-page factors of our competitors informed how we would need to change and improve the structure of the PRLab website. We developed a new structure for the website that would have increased functionality and therefore a better overall user experience.

Optimize home page

One of the most important pages to optimize is the homepage. As the landing site for potential leads, the usability and loading speed of the website is very important in keeping them on the website, so we made improvements to the layout and optimized the links between our pages, making it easier for users to navigate the website.

Create new service pages

With our gathered research and compiled work, we pitched to multiple news sites and publishers. Keeping a strict deadline in mind, we had to be convincing in our approach. Great care went into ensuring that our pitches were successful and that they resulted in quick publications.

Since we matched the story as best we can to the orientation of the specific news sites and journalists, we were able to gain greater than agreed upon media buy-in.

Create new blog articles

We created PR blog articles for a few reasons. Firstly, articles provide opportunities for the appearance of relevant keywords. This contributes to our websites indexing in search engines like Google, which ranks us higher as our content is highly relevant and useful to the audience of our industry.

Articles are also a great source of information for our audience, and offering relevant answers to their pain points increases the overall value of PRLab, growing our brand authority. As well as optimizing our previous articles, we created many articles from scratch, producing extensive guides and useful content that will help our readers understand our value and to assist with their own PR efforts.

Monthly follow-up

SEO is an ongoing process, and after making the changes the work is only half done. We then use analytics to track our progress, monitoring how our Google ranking changes for each keyword and any changes in organic traffic. If we notice that certain keywords aren't performing as well, we go back and further optimize the content and continually check if there are any changes.

The follow ups for SEO is a continuous process, as months after the changes there could be a need for more big changes, as both the competition and Google's algorithm are constantly changing, meaning updates to SEO are always needed to remain at the top.

Organic traffic
Screenshot of Google Analytics, that shows our organic traffic growth. 
Growth in organic traffic
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"We have been working with Genaro for almost two years now. I am very happy with the SEO program for our company. Genaro has been an amazing SEO Consultant and developer and PRLab is certainly enjoying the added market presence gained from our improved website"
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Matias Rodsevich
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